5 Reasons Why You Should Be Living That Kaytranada Music Life

Born in Haiti as Louis Kevin Celestin, twenty-three year old DJ and music producer Kaytranada got hooked on that music life after his family moved to Montreal when he was a teenager. First performing under the name Kaytradamus, the underground music titan quickly made a name for himself on the nightlife scene because of his uncanny knack for serving up an arsenal of spaced out ebbs and flows that veered from J Dilla-influenced hip-hop tracks to delirious deep house grooves. 

With a collection of music that truly sounds like no other music artist in the game right now, it wasn’t long before Kaytranada was signed to overseas label XL Recordings (Adele…enough said) and began pumping out remixes left and right for music artists all over the globe, all while getting the chance to produce jams for some of his personal music heroes, including Mobb Deep on the gritty groove,”My Block.” 

Now with his hot-to-headphones debut album, 99.9%, on everyone’s radar, it’s no wonder that Kaytranada’s music reign is just getting started, which is most likely the reason why last month he got the courage to come out to the world in an inspiring music tea with The Fader, which is just one of Philly Mixtape‘s loud and colorful reasons why you (yas, you) should be living that Kaytranada music life….right now. 

1.He’s a master in the touring game… Although Kaytranada is widely known for his large collection of deep-house-meets-hip-hop-meets-life grooves that span over forty remixes and over a dozen solo projects, the trunk ready music producer has made quite the name for himself on the touring scene. Besides owning  (and selling out) stages in more than 50 Canadian, American, European and Australian cities, Kaytranada also opened Madonna’s massively successful Rebel Heart Tour on a handful dates in both the U.S. in Canada. While we wished that he would’ve toured with the Material Girl on every single date, the fact that she noticed his talents and gave him an esteemed shot (because we all know how she is), says that he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, it’s all the more reason to get excited when he slays his spot at the annual Roots Picnic on June 4th. Get ready. 

2.This Janet Jackson remix…. While some might consider remixing Janet’s sexually charged ’93 smash, “If,” too difficult a task because it’s perfect the way it is, the young music star stepped up to the challenge and delivered a humpin’ around rewerk that hits that spot every time. Whether in the bedroom or on the dance floor of life, his iced out remix of “If” will get you saying his name and asking who it belongs to in no time…just listen. 

3.And all of those other remixes….Of course,  “If” is just one in a beat buffet of dance floor fires that Kaytranada has cooked up since he began blowing speakers out around the world, taking already blazing bangers from The Fugees and A Tribe Called Quest’s “Rumble in the Jungle,” Beyonce and Mr. 3000’s “Party,” Amerie’s “Why Don’t We Fall in Love,” Disclosure’s “January,” and many, many more that you can get lost in below. But first, his remix of Modjo’s classic ’90s club anthem, “Lady,” is always a good idea because…life. Go. 

4.He’s coming to terms with his inner rainbow…Perhaps Kaytranada’s proudest personal accomplishment (besides owning the music world, of course) came just last month when he made the brave decision to come out in an interview with The Fader, telling the mag, “I feel better than I ever have, you know?” he says. “I’ve been sad my whole life, but fuck that. I know I have good things ahead. I don’t know honestly if I’m fully, 100 percent happy, but I’m starting to get there.” Also in the spillage, the rising music star breaks mugs about how his mother and brother took the news and also reveals how his goal in life is “Just to be less awkward with people. It’s so wack [to lie]. This is another step in my life. I haven’t changed since high school. I’m ready to move on.” To take a seat at Kaytranada’s music tea table, get ready to be inspired and then head right here. 

5.His debut set, 99.9% is the perfect way to ring in summer ’16…. With bikini-and-stilettos season fast approaching, now is the perfect time to begin getting those sun-kissed playlists into formation, and lucky for us, Kaytranada has delivered a scorching debut set worthy of your summer headphones. A life ready record packed with synth-fully whacked deep beats with the right touch of hip-hop truth, Mr. Kay’s first set is an exuberant ride that doesn’t stop until the last beats of album closer, “Bullets” wear off. Taking his music production game to the next level, each track contains just the right amount of “umph,” all while guest stars Craig David (“Got it Good”), Anderson Paak (“Glowed Up”), SYD (“You’re the One”) and AlunaGeorge and GoldLink who appear on a personal favorite, the clap-tastic, “Together,” deliver their special music flair. 

One listen to all of it and you won’t need anymore reasons why you should be living that Kaytranada music life…because you’ll simply be there. 

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