5 Reasons Why You Should Immediately Show Your Local Drag Love to Ms. Pissi Myles

I’m just going to come right out and say it….if you’re not aware of the raw, real comedic presence and gleaming stage werk of local drag entertainer Pissi Myles, you’re truly missing out on…life. 

Since winning the fourth cycle of Philly’s Drag Wars, Myles has not just proven herself to be a true winner, but has gone on to poise herself in a place where’s she’s created not just a name, but a bright, bold brand, all while lighting a match to a local entertainment fire that is just getting started. 

However, the most noble part of Ms. Myles (besides all of it) is that underneath the sharp as f#$k wit and fabulous costumes, is a humble gentlemen named Joe D’Angio, who is enjoying every part of his current roller coaster of a red-hot and rising like-a-drag-souffle-life, all while making sure his personal wig is on straight, even when it all can be a little…much. And our Lord Cher knows that it most certainly can be. 

But that’s just one of the reasons why you should recognize the brand, the name, the square biz of all that Pissi Myles has to offer, and here’s five more that prove the local drag  hypothesis as to why you should be chantay-ing her way….right now. 

1.Because she’s currently owning the Philly stages in Charles Busch’s Psycho Beach Party. In the Helen Hunt-worthy twister that is her schedule of slay, Pissi somehow found the time to like, learn lines and stuff and is currently owning the stage at Walnut Street Theatre’s Studio 5  in a “fun, campy” adaption of Charles Busch’s Psycho Beach Party, (a gender-bendered up retelling of the Hitchock classic) starring alongside the equally fabulous, Bella Cane.

I got the chance to chat with Pissi about the cast (she even let some straight boys in!) and those on-stage nerves that sometimes take over, and the radiant performer was confident with all of it because theatre is actually her first love. 

“Acting is what I went to school for, so I guess I have more of the feeling of home when I’m slipping into this kind of role, and course, I’ve always loved this play! It’s just so fun. Ms. Bella Cane and the rest of the cast have been incredible to work with. This truly feels like a family, which is what makes all those nerves step to the side.” 

Got your tickets? If you go here right now you do. 

2.Because her L’Etage residency, What Makes Me Pissi is simply bringing it all, gurl. In case you’ve been living under a basic rock for the past year, every second Saturday of every month, Ms. Myles takes a hold of the L’Etage stage for What Makes Me Pissi, a raw-like-sushi fresh-faced stage spectacle that has firmly established in being unlike any other drag show that’s gracing Philly spotlights right now.

Besides being all wrapped in that one-of-a-kind Pissi flavor, the local drag goddess has been oh, so consistent in bringing some of the fiercest NYC queens to the Philly stages, building a Jenga like list that has included the legendary Lady Bunny, Peaches Christ, Miz Cracker, Ms. Peppermint, Judy Darling, and recent Rupaul’s Drag Race slayer, Bob the Drag Queen….and that was just one night. 

But of course, we all know that no fabulous queen is fit without a red-hot local DJ to back her padded a$$ up, and in the music case of What Makes Me Pissi, Philly DJ Chris Urban has been her head headphones owning savior through… it all. “Oh…my….God. Chris Urban. I don’t even know what to say, He’s so together, so organized, so professional and has this way of keeping all of his shit together. It makes me a little envious because I don’t know how the fuck he does it. I love him for that.”

And just who is she bringing for another delightfully ratchet round next time? Guess you’ll have to go to L’Etage on Saturday June 11th to find out. #shamelessplug 

3.Because she can school anyone on how to create that brand, honey. Anyone that’s followed the explosive local drag career of Ms. Myles since she won the Philly Drag Wars crown knows that right from that very wig snatching moment,  Pissi has evolved into not just a well-respected local entertainer, but is making big wigged waves as one fierce business bitch.

Whether it’s on the acting stages or residencies in Asbury Park playing Queens Against Humanity at Georgie’s Bar or serving RDR hostess real his past season at Paradise or coming back to Philly to slay it again at Smokin’ Betty’s for the annual Broads, Beers and Queens fundraiser, the name Pissi Myles has quickly become a brand and a fabulous all-up-in-your-face business that is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. 

Oh, yas, how can we forget? Ms. Myles also also owned Drag Con in San Diego a few weeks ago. Enough said. 

4.Because she has no clue how she gets it all done….she just does. “I have no idea,” spilled Myles when I asked her how she keeps track of everything she has going on. “But what I do know is that I’ll have at least that one a day a week where I’m completely off from it all and I can just be Joe and take a step back from it to keep my sanity. And of course, Chipotle always helps.” 

When I broke mugs with Myles about how she pulls it all together on those struggle is f#$king real kind of days (we all have them), she had nothing but gratitude for her creative partner in crime, Mr. David Ayllon (who, by the way, shot this gleaming cover for Next magazine after Bob won the RDR crown a few weeks ago). “I don’t know what I would do without him. Underneath it all, I’m actually a very shy, quiet person, and he knows just how to always keep my spirits up, even on the struggle days. He’s been such an important part of this journey, and  I truly can’t say enough wonderful things about him.” 

5.Because of this Huffington Post article…. If the above reasons aren’t enough to have you bowing down to Ms. Myles (and if they’re not, she knows where you live and is coming for you…btw…is that the doorbell?), maybe this strutting Huffington Post piece will put your wig in place…

A few days after Ms. Bob rightfully snatched the crown, Huffington Post contributor Michael Cook (or “Cookie” as many, many of you out there know him), served up an article called, Top 10 New York City Girls for Drag Race,  in which he spilled on which NYC drag divas he thinks deserve to own a contestant spot on the next merry-go-around of Ms. Ru’s smash series. 

On a chantay ready list that rightfully includes Ms. Myles, as well as her What Makes Me Pissi co-stars Judy Darling, Sutton Lee Seymour, the local drag superstar easily fits right in, and even further tells us that her local drag story just might be starting a brand new chapter….so you better be prepare to get read and be ready. 

Because Pissi Myles certainly is. 




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