Jam of the Day/Janet Jackson/”Rock with U”

Out of all of Ms. Janet Jackson‘s deliciously underrated grooves (“Got Til it’s Gone,” “Son of a Gun,” anything post-Nipplegate), perhaps none are as silky smooth as “Rock with U,” the second single served up off her ’08 Discipline record.

Cooked up by Ne-Yo, Jermaine Dupri and Eric Stamile, Ms. J’s strobe-lit sonnet was only received as a “bubbling under” chart success, but was welcomed with open headphones due to its oh, so sexy video. Directed by Saam Farahmand and provided with extraordinary choreography by Gil Duldulao, the bright, bold video features dazzling futuristic costumes and a buffet of on point dance moves that we’re still trying to copy. But what makes this video extra special is that it was shot in just one long take. which easily puts in the ranks of being one of Janet’s most creatively satisfying and dance-worthy clips right alongside “If,” “Miss You Much,” “Rhythm Nation” and “All For You.” 

Those out there who’ve reveled in every step of the video for “Rock with U,” know exactly what we’re talking about here, and for those of you who haven’t, well, you’re certainly in for a real treat as we begin to set sail into 4th of July weekend. 

Ready, set, rock. 

Be sure to rock it out with Philly Mixtape on…….

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Rewerk Wednesday/Sharam

Perhaps mostly regarded on the dance music scene as one half of the renowned club/dance duo Deep Dish (“Dreams” for life), Sharam Tayebi seemingly never sought to go out on his own being that he was completely devoted on collaborating with his DD band mate Ali “Dubfire” Shirazinia.

However, in 2006 Sharam decided to just go for it and took the solo plunge, and pretty much straight of the music gate, he hit the big time due to the to the wild success from the release of the double-disc Dubai, which was served up as part of the popular ongoing Global Underground series.

Further down the road, the overseas dance music kingpin released his debut single,  “She Came Along,” a collaboration with Kid Cudi, which charted for 15 weeks on the Bulgaria Singles Top 40. This would also lead the DJ to cook up “PATT,” a pulsating club banger that magically takes Eddie Murphy’s ’80s anthem, “Party All the Time” to shimmering new levels of the dance music sea. The same can also be said for his collection of various speaker destroyers including, “Get Wild, “Taxi,” “August House” and “On & On,” as well as pretty much any remix he’s whipped up for overseas dance music moguls Richard Grey, Cedric Gervais and also Ms. Shakira, in which the DJ gave her hit “Waka Waka” the complete rewerk treatment. 

Last month, Sharam released his sophomore album Retroactive, a deep, dark dance music love affair that features collaborations with Giorgio Moroder, Ahousheh Khalili (a long time collaborator of Deep Dish), Daniel Bedingfield, and Chance Caspian, which you can check it all out right here. 

For much, much more on Sharam, get your groove on to his official website and be sure to step to his show at Coda tomorrow night. 





5 Entertainers You Should Show Your Philly Love to Right Now

What do a singer, a songstress, a sassy show runner, a theatrical trainer and a red-hot performance artist all have in common? They’re each starring in another incredible round of 5 Entertainers You Should Show Your Philly Love to Right Now, which is exactly what you’re about to do once you revel in their talents and read about what being a Philly entertainer means to each of them. 

Show them your Philly love below! 

ArGii Singer/Songwriter/Multi-Instrumentalist 


One of the busiest Philly entertainers on the local scene, ArGii (real name-Andrew Johns) has had one goal and one goal only ever since he arrived on in Philly just a few years back–to cook up some of the most chilled out music vibes that your headphones have ever embraced.

Whether he’s laying down tracks, slaying his songwriting skills or mastering his guitar prowess, ArGii has certainly accomplished that goal and then some. First with his former band, Life on the Horizon, as well as guitarist and vocalist in Third Period French. But perhaps his biggest accomplishment came just last month when himself along with Philly singer/songwriter Jo Stones embarked on a successful U.S. tour with stints that included San Francisco, Chattanooga, with a final stop in Philly just a few weeks ago. While he may not know what his future holds, there’s no denying that ArGii’s already accomplished so much in just a short time. 

What being a Philly entertainer means to him…“Being an entertainer here, you have to wade through the bullshit. know your self-worth and respect it. It’s easy to get sucked into the scenes since there’s no one really guiding them, friends promoting friends is great but it is easy to go in circles, and there will be hundreds of people who will break their promises and your heart. On the upswing there is so much opportunity to grow, network, and collaborate, and the fans you make are endlessly dedicated and loyal. Be yourself, be kind, be proud, promote/expand your horizons, and have an open mind. That one show that only 2 people showed for, that one event that seemed bonkers, those peers of yours you think are nuts, those are the people / moments that might just catapult your career.”

Peter Andrew Danzig  Dancer/Actor/Theatrical Trainer 


An extraordinary talented young gentleman with a knack for pretty much all of the entertainment arts, Mr. Danzig earned his  B.A. in Theater Arts with a focus on Acting through Temple University, where shortly after graduation, he began working regionally as an actor and vocalist. From there, he began headlining his own cabaret performances, as well as performing in the many regional houses of Philadelphia.

He’s also not a stranger to the T.V. world (seriously, is there anything he can’t do?), having landed roles on One Life to Live and Pan AM, among others, which would lead him to becoming an official member of both SAG and AFTRA, as well as the Actors Equity Association. If that’s not enough local entertainment heat for you,  Mr. Danzig has also performed at the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts where he opened for legendary playwright, Mr. Stephen Sondheim. Currently, Peter is part of the esteemed THEATRICAL TRAINER, a Philly based organization that specializes in training and conditioning actors, dancers, circus performers and performance artists to help train them in their respective entertainment professions. 

What being a Philly entertainer means to him…“Philadelphia is a unique and wonderful city; a place where artistry is fostered by community. Being an artist and an entertainer in Philly for me, means being open to the notion of taking bold chances with my work and allowing the community to help me develop further. Your art is a precious thing, but so are the audiences that consume it. I find that being an artist means that I’m providing a necessary and crucial service to my community, because regardless of the time- be it a time of peace or crisis- art is what people turn to (music, visual art, theater, dance, film) for their release from the world. Art for me means influencing and changing lives through a looking-glass; if people can watch a show I’m acting in and find that it reflects some notion of their own lives, or if they can escape into the world I’m playing in, with me, then I have done my job. I take that job very seriously. Sharing in the experience is my greatest joy when it comes to theater because it’s such a collaborative effort; we need our audiences, they energize us. I’m grateful to be part of a community that supports my efforts and allows me to grow my artistry through my life experiences.”

Nicole Fatima Showrunner at Franky Bradley’s 


Sexy, shy, sweet and absolutely hilarious. Those are the words that anyone would say when they are graced with the fabulous presence of Franky Bradley’s show runner, the lovely Nicole Fatima. It’s no secret that FB’s has truly made a fiery name for itself ever since it took over for Sisters last winter, and Nicole (along with the fabulous David Morreale) is one of the reasons as to why the venue is on the top of the Philly entertainment map. Using her creative well-being to create the stunning drag troupe Franky’s Foxes (among many, many, other well received events), Nicole has what it takes to truly separate Franky Bradley’s from the competition.

Also, last week Ms. Fatima put together an incredible fundraiser called LoveIsLove, which brought in over $3000 for Planting Peace, a wonderful organization that has been dedicated to helping the families of the victims of the shooting at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando last month. 

But, wait, there’s more…when she’s not running them curtains and everything else, Nicole’s second home is Philly’s fast -rising studio, Pole Haus, who were just featured in Galore Mag, which you can slide down to right here after you show Ms. Nicole your Philly love below. 

What being a Philly entertainer means to her…“Philly has been my home for almost 9 years. Since moving here, I’ve been introduced to and have been befriended by the most impressive talent around the city. More specifically, the Gayborhood. While it’ll take me a couple of years/whiskeys to muster the courage to grace a stage, I’ve found a love for providing a platform for the ever-growing talent in Philly. I’m fairly new to producing shows but have been very excited by the response of Franky’s Foxes with Dave Morreale and most recently, the LoveIsLove Fundraiser for the Victims of Pulse Nightclub with Sean Green. I’m truly grateful for the opportunities that Franky Bradley’s has given me and to be surrounded by wildly talented people I can call family.”

Lisa Parks  Singer/Karaoke DJ 


Getting her start in singing as a young child, the incredibly talented Ms. Lisa Parks jumped right into it not ever having a vocal lesson and never learned how to read music. However, it all paid off because over the years, she’s lent her window shattering vocal prowess to many events, including singing the National Anthem at the Special Olympics, as well in ceremonies for Veterans on Memorial Day. She was also lucky enough to perform as a backup singer for Philly’s own Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes where it was from that wonderful experience she married Lloyd Parks, one of the original Blue Notes, and the multi-talented pair now have a beautiful daughter named Ellie.  

Another big part of Lisa’s music life is lending her karaoke and singing skills at St. John’s Hospice Homeless Shelter, where she volunteers not just her time, but her big heart to help spread the never-ending power of music, because we truly need it more than ever, and Ms. Parks is one of those kind souls who will help get us there. 

What being a Philly entertainer means to her…“I love entertaining in Philly because the audience truly appreciates music and in turn, appreciates the entertainer. I have been embraced by so many audiences and that feeling is priceless. To look into a crowd and know you have touched them with your performance is something that feeds your soul and you can’t ever get enough of it!!”

Pilar Salt Rising Drag Performance Artist 


Although she’s only been on the Philly entertainment scene for a short time, the delightfully whacky, yet truthful drag antics of Pilar Salt (real name-Bastion Carboni) have caught everybody’s attention. In fact, at last month’s Golden Tassel Jawns honoring Philly’s Burlesque community, the rising star took home the tassel for “Most Woke,” in which tonight, she will absolutely wake you up when you catch her performing alongside her performance bestie, the fabulous, HoneyTree EvilEye, at Franky Bradley’s in another round of her fiery Agitated! show.

And if that’s not enough Pilar Salt real for you, the diva will put her performance art skills to the test at ICandy this September when her play An Obviously Foggot, takes the stage as an esteemed part of this year’s Fringe Arts festival…and word on the local entertainment street already is that this is one show that you won’t want to miss out on. 

What being a Philly entertainer means to her...”I think one of the best things about making art in Philly is the adventurousness of the audiences. Here the notion of “dumbing down cuz everyone is drunk” (which is such a disspiriting and common trope in the drag community) gets smacked across its smug, defeatist face. I am finding that people are hungry for challenging work that engages and converses with them, and that has been so liberating. Without the encouragement of Philly audiences I probably wouldn’t have made Pilar into what she is. She was originally just a way for me to get a bar in Austin to let me make my play AN OBVIOUSLY FOGGOT there, and I was always told I treated drag too much like theatre and that “people don’ t wanna see that”. I felt really constricted by the rules that we’re foisted at me, and when I came to Philly with the intention of producing AN OBVIOUSLY FOGGOT I sort of gun-shyly started the process over again. “

“Apparently I really just needed to move. Thank you, Philly. From the bottom of my querrelous, opinionated heart.”

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Peter Andrew Danzing:Dave Sarrafian 

Nicole Fatima:Brian Lauer 

Lisa Parks:Lisa Parks

Pilar Salt:Alexander John