Dear Live Entertainment, Thank You for (Somewhat) Restoring My Faith in Humanity

Last night I joyfully attended the Gwen Stefani and Eve concert at BB & T Pavilion, and besides being an all around good time in which both gals simply served us with all us with all of their music truth we could handle, there was one thing that I took away from it that was a gleaming reminder of why we we’re all there in the first place–to witness in the wonder of what live entertainment can do for your god damn soul. 

Without spilling all the tea here (it would take…forever…sigh), there’s certainly no need to argue that we’re all up in some bonkers life changing times right now, and with a monumental election headed our way that seems to grabbing headlines every second of every hour (ahem, Ms. Trump), it seems we’re still very far out in finding our personal truths…and really, who knows if we ever will. 

But see, that’s the thing with live entertainment. The performers on those Philly stages and beyond aren’t there to add to the mayhem;they’re there to take you away to another place in which they hope to make you (and I mean you) forget about all of this shit that we’re forced to wade in every day. 

Another element in this glorious power that we should always bow down to is the fact that there’s always just so much wonderful nostalgia involved with mostly any show you go see.  While newer artists who’ve visited Philly like Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas, Lion Babe and Zella Day are still building their catalogs, established music acts like Paul McCartney, Dave Matthews Band, Bob Dylan, Hall & Oates, Bruce Springsteen and Guns ‘N Roses, pack their shows with so, so much timeless nostalgia…that’s it’s sort of wonderfully ridiculous and therapeutic. Hell, even Ms. JoJo when she delivered a powerful rendition of her ’04 smash “Leave” (Get Out)” at Coda last fall was straight-up-like Paula-life..and that’s some serious shit. 

And you can bet that whichever drag show you attend in Philly, there’s always that fresh painted fierce queen who serves you with that Britney, that Whitney, that Rihanna jam that you know you wanted to see live-and-in-diva. Yas, gurl. 

Tomorrow night’s extraordinary Philly4Pulse fundraiser for Orlando is another shining example of just how powerful the art of live entertainment is and always will be as the gayborhood is set to a hold an event of epic entertainment proportions that will certainly take us into another dimension of live entertainment love.

While the event’s main agenda is to raise funds for Equality Florida and to remember our 49 brothers and sisters we lost at Pulse Night Club a little over a month ago, it’s other main focus is so we can put aside the rage and come together to show our love for a few hours while getting lost in a feast of fierce drag, salsa dancing, burlesque or whatever your local entertainment fancy may be to help take you……there. And these days, we all know where there is because it’s more work than ever to actually get there…and tomorrow night’s Philly lovefest will certainly help. 

At the end of the day you haven’t checked your life until you’ve witnessed Gwen and Eve literally blowing our minds with their current takes on “Rich Girl” and “Let Me Blow Ya Mind.” We certainly all lived like it was ’96-04 all over again in just under two hours….and it was fucking amazing.

But the best part is that we all went back to that place and time together as one. So, more of that, please. 

And while Philly has already hosted a number of extraordinary concerts this year, Duran Duran, Coldplay, 311, Yes, Heart, Joan Jett, Beyonce, Counting Crows, The Bangles, Black Sabbath and Adele are still on their way and you ( know they’re more than ready to take you on the most entertainingly nostalgic ride of your life.

So this is my advice to everyone out there right now–First up, get out there and show your love for Orlando at just one (or all) of the events at Philly4Pulse tomorrow night because you should always support your local entertainment troupe….always.

Second, get out there and go see a live show. Whether it’s a local entertainment artist or a living legend, grab that moment. In a world that is deemed certified more crazy than Britney in ’07, we must remember that through all of the hate and the shade, we hold the power to snatch these little tidbits in time that no one can take away from us…and that’s the most powerful part of it all. 

Let’s face it, we need these precious moments now more than ever, and while our faith in humanity may not ever be restored in this lifetime, live entertainment succeeds in maybe, hopefully getting us a little closer to the truth of it all like Gwen. 

Besides, who doesn’t want to sing “Queer” alongside Shirley Manson at the Fillmore at the end of the month like it’s the year of the JNCO/chain wallet combo all over again? 

Enough said. 












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