5 Ways to Prepare Yourself for Tonight’s Duran Duran/Nile Rodgers Takeover at BB & T Pavilion

Spray in the Aqua Net, squeeze into those jeans, sew in the extra tall shoulder pads and shine those disco because tonight’s Duran Duran & Nile Rodgers takeover at BB & T Pavilion is about to bring even more heat into what’s already going to be a toasty summer evening. 

While we can never full brace ourselves to be taken in by all that music and all that artist legendary that will be owning that stage tonight, what we can do is do our very best to prepare ourselves for whatever is about to be delightfully unleashed into the sticky summer live music sky.

Of course, when it comes to concert of this caliber you need to be more than ready  (as we’ve seen with past Philly visitors Paul McCartney, Beyonce, Bruce Springsteen0, so here are 5 ways you can fully prepare yourself for the iconic music magic that will takeover BB & T Pavilion in just a short while. 

All you need to do is repeat steps one through five and not only will it make you forget about the $45 beer and Crab Fries combo you’re about to pay for, but it will you more than get you amped and ready (as if that was possible) for another handful of legendary music artists who are showing their music love in the City of Brotherly Love. 

Now, let’s groove. 

1.Dive straight into Duran’s Duran’s latest ferocious album, Paper Gods.. While anyone attending tonight’s concert can be sure than Mr. Simon Le Bon and his DD boys will be taking you through all of their hits (calm down, we’ll get to those in a second), much of the tour is in support of their fourteenth (!!) studio album, Paper Gods. Packed with plenty of punch, sexy synths and big ol’ plugged in guitar riffs, the swirling set takes you all the way in from start to finish, all while making you work on the dance floor of this thing called…life. 

Standouts include the clap-happy “Danceaphobia,” the delightfully spooky title track, the Kiesza owned “Last Night in the City,” and when Janelle Monae and Nile Rodgers show up on the riveting, “Pressure Off,” you can bet that’s what the tantalizing track success in doing.

Let’s f#$king dance.

2.Prepare to get lost on the dance floor with CHIC and Mr. Rodgers…  Since you’ve already got those tickets for tonight’s show (if not, go, right now), there’s no need to explain the many, many ways that CHIC and Nile Rodgers changed the dance music landscape, well, pretty much forever.

Whether it was on their shimmering disco hits, “Le Freak,” “Dance, Dance, Dance,” “Good Times,” “I Want Your Love” (the Gaga rewerk is also to die for), or Mr. Nile’s work with Daft Punk a few years back (we’ll be sooo lucky if we get to hear “Get Lucky”), that one-of-a-kind CHIC sound will always be a force to be reckoned with.

And those basslines? Well, if you look up the word “classic” is the dictionary, they are the epitome of what it all means. Enough said. 

3.Get all up in the early ’90s Duran Duran love… Okay, so while everyone and their mother knows all of Duran Duran’s classic ’80s hits like “Rio,” “Hungry Like the Wolf,” “Girls on Film,” “Notorious,” A View to a Kill,” “The Wild Boys,” “Is There Something I Should Know?” and “The Reflex,” we must always show love to their ’93 self-titled set, (dubbed The Wedding Album), which not only introduced the English Breakfast tea sipping super group into a whole new fan base, but it gave them a pair of Billboard Top 20 hits–“Ordinary World” and “Come Undone” that sound just as ting-ly and ready as they did back when they were pumping through our Sony Walkman headphones back-in-the-day. 

And for that matter, we can also toss in their ’95 cover of Grandmaster Flash’s ’84 anthem, “White Lines” because….life. 

4.Get ready to dance, dance, dance like it’s nobody’s business… Since both of these iconic music acts take pride in having you (yes, you) get up to move and groove for all of music eternity, that’s exactly what you need to get ready for. So, please while you’re attending tonight’s funked up festivities, don’t be one of those people at a concert who just sits there (there’s one at every show) and does nothing while the music artists up on that stage are doing it all for you. At the end of the disco day, all you need to do is get the f#$k up and get down like it’s nobody’s god damn business….because it most certainly isn’t. Go. 

5.Just prepare to live it up… Life is short and there’s no further explanation needed….especially when it comes to this show. Ready? 

Cover photo courtesy of Idolator

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