Dear Live Entertainment, Thank You for (Somewhat) Restoring My Faith in Humanity

Last night I joyfully attended the Gwen Stefani and Eve concert at BB & T Pavilion, and besides being an all around good time in which both gals simply served us with all us with all of their music truth we could handle, there was one thing that I took away from it that was a gleaming reminder of why we we’re all there in the first place–to witness in the wonder of what live entertainment can do for your god damn soul. 

Without spilling all the tea here (it would take…forever…sigh), there’s certainly no need to argue that we’re all up in some bonkers life changing times right now, and with a monumental election headed our way that seems to grabbing headlines every second of every hour (ahem, Ms. Trump), it seems we’re still very far out in finding our personal truths…and really, who knows if we ever will. 

But see, that’s the thing with live entertainment. The performers on those Philly stages and beyond aren’t there to add to the mayhem;they’re there to take you away to another place in which they hope to make you (and I mean you) forget about all of this shit that we’re forced to wade in every day. 

Another element in this glorious power that we should always bow down to is the fact that there’s always just so much wonderful nostalgia involved with mostly any show you go see.  While newer artists who’ve visited Philly like Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas, Lion Babe and Zella Day are still building their catalogs, established music acts like Paul McCartney, Dave Matthews Band, Bob Dylan, Hall & Oates, Bruce Springsteen and Guns ‘N Roses, pack their shows with so, so much timeless nostalgia…that’s it’s sort of wonderfully ridiculous and therapeutic. Hell, even Ms. JoJo when she delivered a powerful rendition of her ’04 smash “Leave” (Get Out)” at Coda last fall was straight-up-like Paula-life..and that’s some serious shit. 

And you can bet that whichever drag show you attend in Philly, there’s always that fresh painted fierce queen who serves you with that Britney, that Whitney, that Rihanna jam that you know you wanted to see live-and-in-diva. Yas, gurl. 

Tomorrow night’s extraordinary Philly4Pulse fundraiser for Orlando is another shining example of just how powerful the art of live entertainment is and always will be as the gayborhood is set to a hold an event of epic entertainment proportions that will certainly take us into another dimension of live entertainment love.

While the event’s main agenda is to raise funds for Equality Florida and to remember our 49 brothers and sisters we lost at Pulse Night Club a little over a month ago, it’s other main focus is so we can put aside the rage and come together to show our love for a few hours while getting lost in a feast of fierce drag, salsa dancing, burlesque or whatever your local entertainment fancy may be to help take you……there. And these days, we all know where there is because it’s more work than ever to actually get there…and tomorrow night’s Philly lovefest will certainly help. 

At the end of the day you haven’t checked your life until you’ve witnessed Gwen and Eve literally blowing our minds with their current takes on “Rich Girl” and “Let Me Blow Ya Mind.” We certainly all lived like it was ’96-04 all over again in just under two hours….and it was fucking amazing.

But the best part is that we all went back to that place and time together as one. So, more of that, please. 

And while Philly has already hosted a number of extraordinary concerts this year, Duran Duran, Coldplay, 311, Yes, Heart, Joan Jett, Beyonce, Counting Crows, The Bangles, Black Sabbath and Adele are still on their way and you ( know they’re more than ready to take you on the most entertainingly nostalgic ride of your life.

So this is my advice to everyone out there right now–First up, get out there and show your love for Orlando at just one (or all) of the events at Philly4Pulse tomorrow night because you should always support your local entertainment troupe….always.

Second, get out there and go see a live show. Whether it’s a local entertainment artist or a living legend, grab that moment. In a world that is deemed certified more crazy than Britney in ’07, we must remember that through all of the hate and the shade, we hold the power to snatch these little tidbits in time that no one can take away from us…and that’s the most powerful part of it all. 

Let’s face it, we need these precious moments now more than ever, and while our faith in humanity may not ever be restored in this lifetime, live entertainment succeeds in maybe, hopefully getting us a little closer to the truth of it all like Gwen. 

Besides, who doesn’t want to sing “Queer” alongside Shirley Manson at the Fillmore at the end of the month like it’s the year of the JNCO/chain wallet combo all over again? 

Enough said. 













Jam of the Day/Roxette/”It Must Have Been Love”

There’s a bit of sadness in the comedy air today as we’re all reeling from the sad news that iconic movie director and producer Garry Marshall died late last night at the age of 81. The Hollywood legend passed away from complications of pneumonia following a stroke, which was in a statement released by Marshall’s long-time publicist, Michelle Bega. 

On his long, long list of accomplishments, Marshall directed and produced a slew of iconic T.V. shows including The Odd Couple, Mork & Mindy, Happy Days and Laverne & Shirley, which famously co-starred Marshalls’s younger sister, Penny. He also maintained a marvelous film career that includes 18 films, among them BeachesOverboard, Runaway BrideValentine’s Day, Frankie & Johnny, Georgia Rule and this year’s Mother’s Day

But perhaps his most notable achievement (it’s a close finish with The Fonz) came in 1990 when we were welcomed into the fabulous world of a little film called Pretty Woman. Not only did the movie break all kinds of bank at the box office, but it made an A list star out of its leading lady Julia Roberts, and it welcomed (sigh) Richard Gere back into the Hollywood game after the actor was caught up in a string of box office duds in the late ’80s. 

Of course, without Marshall’s theatrical genius, our Sony Walkman headphones wouldn’t have blessed with the accompanying 5 times platinum Pretty Woman soundtrack, which contains all the hits including’s Roy Orbison’s iconic title track, the late Natalie Cole’s “Wild Woman Do,” Go West’s “King of Wishful Thinking” and Roxette’s classic rock ballad, “It Must Have Been Love,” which cried it out all the way to the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100. 

In a year that’s already been oh, so quickly filled with a long list of iconic Hollywood deaths, Marshall is yet another famed figure we lost too soon. However, although he may not no longer be with us, his angelic spirit will certainly carry on (as well as on Netflix forever), and will also grace the stage next year as it was confirmed by Bega that Marshall had just finished a rewrite for a Broadway-bound musical version of Pretty Woman.

Those of us who’ve lived for every Garry Marshall pop culture moment in time know that his brilliance was in a comedy class of its very own and had one goal and one goal only–to take the viewer away into a happy place, all puns intended. So if you are one of those out there today who may be hearing his name for the first time, take a little time to get lost in some of his greatest work and experience his magic, because if you don’t you’ll be making a big mistake…huge. 

Rest in Peace, Mr. Garry Marshall. 





20 Philly Events Worth Your Entertainment While This Week & Beyond

While we’re certainly careening towards the end of July in record speed, there’s still plenty of summer left to guide us through those impending dog days. 

This week is no exception as Gwen Stefani, Eve, Kurt Vile, K. Michelle and Philly’s hilarious comedy diva BEV are all set to take over the local stages Also, tomorrow night we will all come together at Philly4Pulse, a historic Orlando fundraiser that will be taking over the gayborhood, and from the glances of the latest details provided by PhillyVoice, this is one event that you and your drag mother certainly don’t want to miss out on. 

Now, spread the love and get to work on these upcoming Philly events that are worth every bit of your local and legendary entertainment while. 

Philly4Pulse/Thursday/All Over the Gayborhood and Beyond Tomorrow night every single one of your favorite rainbow smooched hot spots in the gayborhood (and a few outside…hey there, Charlie Was a Sinner and Stir) will be joining forces for PHILLY4PULSE, an already historic fundraiser that will be constructed as a one night only massive event for the victims and families of the tragic shooting that took place at Pulse Nightclub a month ago last week. 

Kicking things off at 7 pm, you’ll be able to find guest bartenders from City and State government offices all up in the Skittles-hued hood, including Rue Landau, Councilman Squilla, Councilwoman Gym, Congressman Brady, Captain Jack Ryan of the 6th District, Senator Farnese, and Officers from GOAL. In was also recently spilled that Fox 29’s Mike Jerrick and Alex Holley, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney, Pennsylvania State Representative Brian Sims and Philadelphia’s Director of LGBT Affairs Nellie Fitzpatrick will also lend their prowess in this incredible event that will certainly be one to remember.

But let’s talk about the tremendous local entertainment that’s about to put on quite a few shows that will make us never forget our 49 brothers and sisters we lost in Orlando last month. Along the oh, so gay and fabulous way, Pissi Myles, BEV, Sutton Fearce and many, many more queens will be taking over the Voyeur stage with a dazzling drag show. Valanni’s Noel Zayas and Madison Kennedy Matthews will be fabulously hosting the cabaret kissed ArtPop4Pulse, Woody’s will be serving up a Latin flavored dance party and Franky Bradley’s stunning drag troupe Franky’s Foxes will be whipping up something along with DJ Chris Urban that will make all of your love-filled evening dreams come true and then some. And if that’s not enough local entertainment love for you, it was just announced that Boxers will be hosting a sexy bachelor auction featuring a buffet of fine gayborhood gentlemen, one of whom might be your next summer romance. Guess you’ll never know unless you go, right? 

For much, much, more on this truly one-of-a-kind event, get your rainbow on right here and check out this incredible guide by Brandon Baker of Philly Voice which has everything you need to know about tomorrow night’s fierce activities. 

And the best part? It’s all about love. 

Sing Your Life Karaoke/All Over Philly Now that summer is in full sun-scorched swing, lather up your vocal chords and head out to show your love to the fabulous Ms. Sara Sherr, Philly’s one-and-only Sing Your Life Karaoke queen, who has a collection of grooves that are guaranteed to make all of your song butchering dreams come true. You can catch her on any one of these nights tending to every single one of your musically sunburned needs. Sun, 9-2, Bob and Barbara’s, 1509 South Street Tues, 9-2, 12 Steps Down, 9th and Christian Thurs, 9-2, Sarah’s Place, 1216 N. 29th Street Fri, 9-1 Southhouse, 2535 S. 13th St.

Monarch Philly/All Summer Long By now, you’re well dipped in just about everything Monarch Philly (formerly North Shore Beach Club) has to offer, including their wet-n-wild Industry Tuesday nights, as well as their action packed weekend night swim, which always features a revolving roster of guest DJs from around the Philly club scene. For much more, including all the truth on how you don’t have to break your bank every time you take a dip in their pools, you should absolutely cannonball it up right here.

The Addams Family/Now through August 7th/The Ritz Theatre Production Company What’s creepy, kooky and all things delightfully spooky wooky? That would be the cast of The Ritz’s The Addams Family, and this year they’ve got some Philly love as resident Brittany Marie is literally slaying in the coveted role of oldest child Wednesday. But since this is a limited run, you better hurry up and get those tickets before they snap, snap out of your life forever. 

DJ Chris Urban at L’Etage/Every Saturday Night Celebrate your summer dance floor fire by getting all up in the delicious grooves provided by of one of Philly’s hottest DJs.

Yanni/Tonight/The Kimmel Center Because we always say “yas” to Yanni, especially when he’s only in town for a quick stop. 

Janes Addiction/The Fillmore/Wednesday Because you still hope you get caught stealing one of these days. 

The Chris Paterno Band/Single Release Party/Bourbon & Branch/Thursday Philly’s own Chris Paterno is taking his merry band of musicians to the stage at B&B this week where they will be more than ready to give you a taste of what their new music sounds like off of their hotly anticipated debut set. 

Duran Duran/Nile Rodgers/BB & T Pavilion/Thursday No explanation needed, and if you do need one, you’re certainly not worthy of those tickets. 

Ryan Adams/Kurt Vile & The Violaters/The Shining/BB & T Pavilion/Friday There’s no need to argue that Mr. Vile will be delivering that one-of-a-kind Philly music love, all while his stage companion come together for a night of rock music that’s sure to blow your summer mind. 

Halloween in July/The Barbary/Saturday Mr. Eric Jaffe and his scarily hilarious Haus of Ham will be taking over the The Barbary for some Halloween fun that your ghoul or guy will remember until the day they die. Enough said. 

BEV’s Bitchfest!/Tabu Lounge & Sports Bar/Saturday Ms. BEV is back and bitchier than ever, and this month she’s got RPDR’s Mimi Imfurst, gayborhood singer Dan Callahan and the pettiest bitch in town, Mr. Ricardo Ayala by her fiercely padded side to get the bitchin’ started from the moment you walk in the door. 

Victor Niglio/Coda/Saturday/Let’s just f#$king dance, shall we? 

Chikn’s XXXmas in July/Saturday/L’Etage Because what could be better than a little Naughty St. Nick action in the summer in the form of boylesque, genderfuck, cabaret and drag? Absolutely nothing. 

Gary Clark Jr/Alabama Shakes/BB & T Pavilion/Saturday Giddy on up right here and get those tickets while you still can. 

The Golden Gurlz/Tabu Lounge & Sports Bar/August Because Pissi Myles, Brittany Lynn, Bella Cane and Connor Michalek equals a big ol’ yaaaaas, you sassy golden kween. 

Listen to Music/Every Damn Day of Your Life Because it just works on every angle…always.