Jam of the Day/Demi Lovato/”Body Say”

In case you haven’t noticed (looking at how its currently sitting at number 141 on the iTunes 100 Singles Chart…you sort of haven’t), Ms. Demi Lovato recently served us with not just one of the best singles of her music career, but of the summer. 

The slinky, sexy “Body Say” is the best baby makin’ beat that we could’ve ever wanted from the former Camp Rock diva, mostly because it showcases a smokier, sexier, more restrained vocal set (“Heart Attack” this ain’t..yikes!) placed on top of a sexually synth-ed up production that will just make you want to take it all off right here and right now. Seriously, you should see what I’m wearing right now just by giving it a romp this morning…nothing. 

Another reason you should press yas on Ms. Lovato’s bedroom romp is that the slow, steady feel of it is all (red) laced as part of a “slow pop movement” that’s rapidly taking over mainstream radio, thanks to the likes of some our favorite current leading radio ladies including Britney Spears, Rihanna, Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande, all of whom have been more than putting in that, um, work to get us thinking about doing the nasty all damn day long. 

So, try on (or take it off) “Body Say” because until we get an official video (by the way, where is it?), we’re just going to have use our imaginations, but when it comes to Ms. Demi’s underrated summer groove, you’ll be thinking about a little sex in the summer in no time at all. 


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