20 Philly Events Taking Over Your Weekend & Beyond

Ready….set….here comes the weekend! 

Got plans? You most certainly do now. Check it out. 

Sing Your Life Karaoke/All Over Philly Just when you thought she couldn’t take over anymore of your karaoke lives, Philly’s reigning Sing Your Life Karaoke Queen, the fabulous Ms. Sara Sherr has some new gigs listed below that are prime and ready for your song butchering pleasure all basic bitch season long. Sun, 9-2, Bob and Barbara’s, 1509 South Street Tues, 9-2, 12 Steps Down, 9th and Christian Thurs, 9-2 W/N W/N 931 Spring Garden, Fri, 9-1 Southhouse, 2535 S. 13th St. Saturday, 9-1:45 Les & Doreen’s Happy Tap,1301 E Susquehanna Ave. Every last Wed of the month, The Trestle Inn, 339 N. 11th St. 9-2

2016 FringeArts Festival/Tonight-Sept 24th With Gunnar Montana’s Wroughtland, a parody mock opera of Gilbert & Sullivan’s Switched and Bastion Carboni’s An Obviously Foggot just a few of the shows and events making waves at this year’s twentieth annual FringeArts Festival, you better hurry up and grab your tickets for all of it, because with just a week left to go, they’ll be flying faster than any one of the amazing aerial artists who are also taking over the festival. Meaning…go. 

All the Drag Tea w/Brittany Lynn What happens when you let Philly Drag Mafia goddess Brittany Lynn click some keys and break some mugs on all of the local drag happenings in Philly? You get all the drag tea, in which she spills, like, all of it and gives you the real on fierce upcoming events including BEV’s Bitchfest, Agitated!, Showgirl and the one-and-only Miss’d America Pageant in Atlantic City. All purse first, of course. 

Rodgers & Hammersteins South Pacific/Walnut Street Theatre/Tonight-Oct23rd What could be a better way to keep those sun-kissed vibes afloat all fall other than stepping on the South Pacific with the cast and crew of this beloved musical? Absolutely nothing. Now, get those tickets. 

The Eric Jaffe Show/Tavern on Camac/Tonight Those end-of-summer blues got you all the way down? Well, let Mr. Eric Jaffe and his insatiable ukulele skills along with special guests Jakeya, Julia Young, Leo Gonzalez Ben Deane and Rob Anthony pick you all the way up and help keep those friendly tan lines around just a little bit longer. 

Tigerlily/Premier Nightclub/Tonight Since you’re still in denial that summer is (gasp!) coming to an end, why not head down to AC to, um, revel, in their latest hot spot while soaking up the vibes served up by Ms. Tigerlily. Post-bikini bliss. 

Jocks vs. Nerds Part Deux/Tabu Lounge & Sports Bar/Tonight The sexiest, yet nerdiest (nah, nerds are sexy, too) party to hit the Gayborhood is back. No further explanation needed. Well, except that it’s for all a good cause which makes this event that much more fabulous, bitch. 

Victor Calderone/Coda/Tonight What do Madonna, Britney Spears and Destiny’s Child all have in common? They’ve all been masterfully remixed by the legendary Mr. Calderone, meaning, get ready to dance your f#$king ass off when he takes over Coda tonight. 

Welcome Back Party/Field House/Saturday Philly’s favorite sports bar, Field House, is pulling out all of the stops to welcome you into a most funkdafied fall season with a blowout party filled with lots of food, fun, and loaded with all sorts of music vibes, courtesy of DJ N9NE. Let’s go. 

WXPN Welcomes Book of Love/World Cafe Live!/Saturday As if hard working legendary local DJ Robert Drake at the music helm wasn’t enough new wave heat for you, Philly’s own Book of Love is performing a special concert to coincide with the release of their new album MMXVI – Book of Love, which celebrates thirty years of them all up in this local music business. Meaning, pass the Aqua Net and let’s dance. 

Local Music Love/The Tusk/Saturday Are you a local music lover? Really, who isn’t? Then you must get your Tusk life on and head on over this weekend to see Adam Fried, Keely Sibilia, Super Sonic Octopus, Vessna Scheff and Genevieve Marie Fareira dazzle you with their many, many, many musical talents. 

Jason Aldean/BB&T Pavilion/Saturday Giddy on up and grab those tickets because that insatiable Aldean swoon is headed our way in twenty-four hours…sigh…

The Kidz Bop Kids/Life of the Party/BB&T Pavilion/Sunday Because a little hair o’ the dog along with some Kidz Bop action goes a long way on a Sunday Funday, right? 

“Not Your Basic” Brunch/Pennsylvania 6 Philly/Sunday Although we’re still an excruciating two days away from the jungled up grand return of Penn 6 Philly’s bitchin’ “Not Your Basic” Brunch par-tay, what you can do is fully prepare yourself right here for all of the shenanigans that are about to ensue not just on Sunday, but for all #NYBB season long. Ready? Because you most certainly should be. 

The Funny Gals/Tattoed Mom/Sunday Yas, kween, life is tough sometimes. But when you’ve got fierce and f#$king hilarious local drag divas BEV, Mimi Imfurst, Astala Lavista and Sutton Fearce to bring us cheer and laughter all damn day long, what could go wrong? Everything…which is why you should go to Tattooed Mom this weekend and show these local drag ladies your love. 

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Chicago Bears/Monday night/Sports! 

Industry Night at Positano Coast/Every Monday The bottom line is this…if you’re living that industry life…head over to PC every Monday night and just dance it out like Monday’s your Friday…oh, wait…it is. 

Full Front Street/The Victoria Freehouse/Monday Looking to keep that post-weekend sin going on for just another day or twelve? Then side step it to The Victoria Freehouse and let the insatiable HoneyTree Evil Eye along with very sexy and special guests Sway Bradbury, Grampy Knockers and Tiel do their tassels shakin’ thang just for you…yes, you. 

Bradley’s Bucks ‘Jungle’/Sept 20th So, what happens when you take a fine herd of University of the Arts trained dancing gentlemen who create an incredible artistic jungle and put it right in the middle of this year’s FringeArts festival? You’re about to find out this Tuesday night at Franky Bradley’s. Meaning…be there…and here’s how. 

Listen to Music/Every Damn Day of Your Life No explanation needed. Now, let’s take it back to a littler old school MC Lyte for your weekend. Enjoy! 




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