Groove of the Day/Janet/Kanye West/”My Baby”

Any true Janet Jackson fan knows that when it comes to her 2004 Damita Jo set there’s only one word to truly describe it…underrated. 

Released amidst the flurry of all of that Nipplegate mess, the sultry, steamy, record (her eighth at the time) started off strong on the charts, selling 381, 000 copies its first week out. But because the world was still throwing shade like the mighty oak toward Janet’s way, radio followed suit as well leaving the album to quickly fall from the charts and from everyone’s minds….and it’s a damn shame. 

Besides starring a Ms. Jackson who was cool, calm, relaxed and oh, so sexy, the record is stacked with delicious ditties like “Just a Little While” (one of her most grooviest singles), the dance floor ready “SloLove,” the tantalizing “Like You Don’t Love Me,” and of course “All Nite(Don’t Stop)” is loaded with all sorts of Janet truth. 

Of course, with producers Scott Storch, Sean Garrett, Dallas Austin, Cathy Dennis (!!) John Legend and Jackson’s longtime collaborators Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis all on board, how could it not be one of the best albums that you (yes, you) clearly don’t listen to enough of. 

But perhaps one of the album’s strongest points is when a fresh on the scene Kanye West stops by to lend his flair on two tracks–the Jay Z sampling “Strawberry Bounce” and the coo-ey, “My Baby” where he serves up a fiery guest spit

Now, there might be a few of you kids out there who’ll have to wait, um, just a little while longer to see Mr. West after he postponed his show tonight at the Wells Fargo Center (he’ll be back in Philly on Dec 13th) to be with Kim after, well, you know, but after one romp with the savory flow of “My Baby” and a quick reminisce with Kanye when he wasn’t quite Kanye yet, you’ll be just fine. 

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