Groove of the Day/Katy Perry/”Walking on Air”

Out of the oh, so few enjoyable music moments off of Katy Perry’s 2013 Prism record (sigh…there truly were…take a seat, “Birthday”), one of them is undeniably the ’90s deep house romp that is “Walking on Air.” 

Armed with a delicious MTV Party to Go groove laced with CeCe Peniston inspired vocal werk with a tinge of gospel to go along with….it all, you have to wonder why the tantalizing track was never released as an official single.

While we could sit and ponder that notion all day long (also…where’s that new album,boo?), the weather is about to own our late October lives once again and this Kitty Purry groove is all you need to make the day that much more sweeter. 

As if that were possible. Now, dance. 


This month’s grooves sound like….

Walk on local and legendary entertainment air and follow Philly Mixtape right here…

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