Groove of the Day/Nite-Funk/”Let Me Be Me”

The after hours disco brainchild of L.A. based music artists Nite Jewel and Dam-Funk, Nite Funk are just getting started when it comes to serving up delicious ditties on top of silky smooth grooves that’ll make you put in that werk either on the floor or in the bedroom

Strobe lit music case in point, you’ll absolutely want to get down to any one of the whirling numbers from their hot-to-headphones self-titled E.P., including “Don’t Play Games,” “Love x2” and today’s sexy groove, “Let Me Be Me,” a synth-fully tasty ride that’s guaranteed to add just the right amount of fire to this chilly hump day. 

Let’s party. 

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This month’s grooves sound like….




24 Presidential Election Pop Culture Moments We’ll Never Forget (Part One)

Okay, so let’s all spill about this election and who we’re all voting for in two weeks…

Yeah, right. 

But we can do is break presidential mugs all day (looks like we’re getting kicked out of the White House already) and spill about how every single election year brings us some of the greatest pop culture moments that have ever stepped into our lives, including….Madonna’s Rock the Vote campaign, Sarah Palin as Tina Fey, Bob Dole’s obsession with Britney, anything and everything from SNL, and many, many more as they’re all here as we inch just a bit closer to…..the day

Hey, it’s a stressful world out there, so let’s all laugh (or maybe laugh some more) together at part one of 24 of the most entertaining election pop culture moments….ever. Right, George Dub-Ya? 

1.Katie Couric interviews Sarah Palin as Tina Fey…. So, everyone knows who former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin is, right? Seriously…how could we ever fucking forget. But perhaps the best part of her whole John McCain-ified existence in 2008 was when she stopped by SNL and did the best Tina Fey impersonation anyone’s ever seen and went up against Amy Poehler’s spot on (or should we say blinked on) impression of Katie Couric during all of those CBS Evening News interviews where the only thing that we truly learned was that Palin was certain she could see Russia from her house and that she didn’t know a god damn thing. Sigh…

Go right here for this….


2.Bill Clinton never stopped…thanks to Fleetwood Mac. Picture it–1993. A freshly inaugurated Bill Clinton was in his prime to begin serving his first term as President of the United States. Of course, no true first baller is complete without the perfect inauguration jam, which is why Fleetwood Mac’s “Don’t Stop” was the perfect tune to be by his pre-Monica side. Not only did the classic banger get stuck in everyone’s heads once again, but it also put Fleetwood Mac back into mainstream territory where they would embark on a successful reunion tour that would no doubt further cement them as true rock legends. Of course, we’ll also be reminiscing on Mr. Clinton’s sax-y Arsenio Hall stop in part two, but for now, don’t you ever stop because (the) Clinton(s) never did.  Oh, and Michael Jackson was there, too. Classic. 

3.Hillary & Val…. There’s really nothing to say here except watch the future Madame President of the United States (we hope..and stop the fucking shade already) play “Val the Bartender take on herself (aka the god damn brilliant Kate McKinnon) and put on a performance that’s fun, loose, candid and everything we hope Hill will be once she snatches the oval office up in a few weeks. 

4.Bob Dole really loves Britney…. Although U.S. Senator Bob Dole lost against Bill Clinton in 1996, he certainly won in 2000 when he popped up in Ms. Britney Spears now legendary Pepsi commercial. Bah…bah..bah…bah..bah…the joy of it all, indeed. 

5.Will & Grace really love Hillary….Karen, not so much….A few months back before it all began, Will & Grace stars Debra Messing (Grace), Eric McCormack (Will), Megan Mullally (Karen) and Sean Hayes(Jack) teased our red, white and werk lives by announcing they were about to do…something once again. Little did we know that it would be a short skit urging everyone to get out and vote for Hillary, honey, right, Ms. Walker? Just watch. 


7.And this…. Go on, Ms. Aretha…and your fabulous hat (?), too…

8.Obama gives Donald Trump debate advice… Just another one of the 675, 431 reasons to still be completely obsessed with Mr. Jimmy Fallon. 

9.Anytime Will Ferrell took on George Dub-Ya… If there was one impression that SNL legend Will Ferrell had down and then some, it was his portrayal of former President George Dub-Ya Bush that hit home for….all of us. If you’ll remember (another one we can’t fucking forget), Ferrell had it all down, including a fine roster of all of the dumb shit Bush used to say out loud, case in point, this global warming spoof video where Bush was, you know, just playing golf on his Texas ranch with Condee and Cheney. Watch. 


11.Dana Carvey as Ross Perot and George Bush Sr……. Everything and everything on both (almost) presidential accounts. Think about it…

12. This pretty much sums it all up….


Groove of the Day/Cathy Dennis/”Falling”

Although there’s certainly to be a few of you kids out there just wondering who the f#$k Cathy Dennis is, that’s certain to change before you dive headphones into her blissful banger, “Falling” and a playlist of her greatest werk that’s sure to warm up this chilly Tuesday. 

Getting her start in the early ’90s as front diva to UK dance collaboration, D-Mob (“C’Mon and Get My Love” all damn day), Ms. Dennis would then go to strike out on her own strobe lit accord, serving us on the dance floor with two studio albums–Move to This & Into The Skyline which would become  home to moderate Billboard chart hits, “Just Another Dream,” “You Lied to Me,” “Too Many Walls” and “Irresistible.” And of course, we simply can’t leave out “Why,” her offering to the critically acclaimed Beverly Hills 90210 soundtrack, in which she also appeared in an episode where she stopped by to perform the delicious ditty at The Peach Pit. Remember? Of course you do, Brenda. 

But perhaps Ms. Dennis’ greatest charting diva accomplishment came in ’91 with Move to This smash second single “Touch Me (All Night Long),” which took over the Billboard charts and put our girl on the music map. Originally recorded by R&B singer Fonda Rae, “Tuch” (as it was originally spelled), became a minor hit for her and her backup band Wish in 1984 and get this…..was actually featured in A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge, which of course you can watch below. 

However, although Dennis will forever make us move for our music lives, her best beats come in the many, many, many songs she’s written for a buffet of music artists including Kelly Clarkson (“Before Your Love”), Katy Perry (“I Kissed a Girl”), S Club 7 (“Never Had a Dream Come True,” Carrie Underwood (“You Won’t Find This”) and the one-and-only Ms. Britney Spears in which Mizz Cathy had a pen in two of her In the Zone tracks, “Showdown” and “Toxic.” Yes, kween. 

All of this should not just help you dive straight into “Falling,” butt into this playlist of Ms. Dennis vibes that’s sure to warm up any chilly fall day and beyond…, move.

 This month’s grooves sound like….