That One Album, Though…

So, that one album, though…

We’ve all got that one.

That one record that not only defines us, but indeed helped us get where we need to be and most likely still does…..especially now more than ever.

It’s that one album that just fucking makes us feel it, man. 

And while each of the albums listed below by a beautiful buffet of Philly entertainers is more different than the next, Ms. Madonna said it best…”Music makes the people come together.”

Enough said. Now, listen up.

Andrew Johns/First Class singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer and everything else/Now currently taking over the West Coast It would have to be Silverchair’s Neon Ballroom. It made me listen to albums in a different way. It got me into bands like Radiohead and Nirvana, also making me pursue music as a guitarist and producer. It still sounds as fresh, bold and unlike any other piece of music today..and I wouldn’t be as far along in such a career without it. It was the final spark that lit the flame and keeps on glowing.

HoneyTree Evil Eye/Philadelphia Burlesque Goddess/Agitated Co-hostI’ll forever be grateful for Janet Jackson’s 1993 Janet. I was really young when it came out but her ability to communicate sensual, fierce, empowered sexuality was palpable to me even then. It’s full of danceable pop hits, including “If,” which remains, to this day, one of the greatest choreography videos of all time.” 

Bastion Carboni aka Pilar Salt/Agitated! Co-host/Playwright “Hands down: Santigold’s first album. It has been one of my art-making soundtracks for years and is what I listen to when I get into face. It calms, centers, invigorates, and inspires me and reminds me why I make the art I do. I fucking adore her.

Doreen Taylor/Dazzling Chanteuse of ‘Happily Ever After’ “Besides my own (lol!) mine is Michael Jackson’s Thriller. I don’t think there has ever been an album that has made such an impact on the mainstream pop music industry as that one. Every song was a bona-fide hit, beautifully produced and truly a musical work of art.”

Eric Jaffe/World Ukulele Champion/One-third of Haus of Ham I’m gonna go with Up From Below by Ed Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. This album is most known for the track, Home, but there are so many gems. This band always takes me to my happy place, and you’re likely to see my lip syncing most of their music down Walnut St on any given day!

Cyoni Darling/Freeze Diva “Hands down Madonna’s Erotica. It’s my favorite album by her that I can listen to from beginning to end! There simply isn’t a bad song on it! It was ground breaking and breathtaking! She pushed every boundary that she could, sexually! It paved the way for girls like myself to embrace their beauty and sexuality. She was at times so androgynous and other times, so feminine! It was also released two days before her SEX book.. So I’ll leave you with that.. “I’m gonna change your life, I’m like a poison flower” M. 

DJ Carl Michaels/Reigning Gayborhood Beat Master Dragonette Royal Blues – this album is nearly perfect and it dropped at the exact time I needed some joy in my life.” 

And as far as my favorite album? Let’s just say that I know now why entertainers I spill music tea with fucking hate when I ask this question being as I can speak for a lot of you music kids when I say that my music mood changes by the second. 

But if I had to pick one, it would absolutely be Madonna’s Ray of Light. It makes you think. It makes you feel. It makes you dance. It makes you groove. It helps you make sense of yourself and a world that’s not god damn perfect. It’s everything. 

And for one final listening party, let’s hand it over to the hilarious Bev who might have misunderstood the assignment. Maybe she’ll tell you what her favorite album is tomorrow night at 9pm at Tabu for the 3rd anniversary of her big ol’ Bitchfest…

“Happy Thanksgiving Philly! May your 3AM Gobbler Bowl be as great as the meal your mother will have slaved over for hours the next day. I’m thankful for family, good friends, numerous amazing opportunities I’ve been given, and most importantly… A liver that just won’t quit.”

The end.




Weekend (& Beyond) Entertainment Mixtape

Let’s burn off that turkey by heading into the first weekend of the (ugh) holiday shopping season and getting lost in any one of these fabulous Philly entertainment events.

Sing Your Life Karaoke/All Over Philly Because you know you’re dying to get out there and belt out your favorite tune prior to ease the stress from all of that holiday shopping, hang out with Sing Your Life Karaoke queen Sara Sherr all gift wrap season long where you can find her at some new gigs listed below that are more than ready for your “He Does Exist” pleasure. Sun, 9-2, Bob and Barbara’s, 1509 South Street Tues, 9-2, 12 Steps Down, 9th and Christian Thurs, 9-2 W/N W/N 931 Spring Garden, Fri, 9-1 Southhouse, 2535 S. 13th St. Saturday, 9-1:45 Les & Doreen’s Happy Tap,1301 E Susquehanna Ave.

Floor Werq w/DJ Chris Urban/Tonight This extraordinary local DJ is going to be putting so much werq on your floor you’ll think your name is J.Lo. And if that’s not enough local DJ heat for you, catch him at L’Etage during his ultra fiery residency spot every Saturday night. Werq:Tonight, 10pm, Franky Bradleys, 1320 Chancellor St, L’Etage:624 South 6th St. 

Sweater Beats/Tonight First, listen to this fiery remix of JoJo’s “When Love Hurts.” Then, get those tickets. 10 pm, The Foundry, 29 East Allen Street 

Gooch and the Motion/Chris Paterno Band/Friday As if the original blues flair of Ryan “Gooch” Nelson wasn’t enough, Mr. Chris Paterno and his merry music misfits will also be along for the ride in which he says, “We’re gonna be dancing off the turkey on Black Friday. Bring those dancing shoes! We are so pumped to be playing this show with our buddies Gooch and the Motion. Can’t wait the see all our friends, family and fans!” He means business, kids, so go. 8:30 pm, World Cafe Live (upstairs), 3025 Walnut Street

An American in Paris/Tonight-Sunday, Nov 27th In the mood to go out, but want to avoid all the craziness? Then take him or her to this show and then prepare to get it on afterwards…because you most certainly will. Various Showtimes, Academy of Music, 1430 Locust Street

The Wizard of Oz/Tonight-Jan 8th If you need an explanation for this one, than you’re certainly not worthy of those Ruby Red glass slippers. Various Showtimes, Walnut Street Theatre, 825 Walnut St. 

Bret Michaels/Tonight  “Every rose has its thorn..” Ah, you know the fucking words..Mom. 8:30 pm, Electric Factory, 421 North 7th Street

Agitated! Since there’s only two spectacles left of this red-hot Philly show, you must come and let all of your 2016 aggressions out…because we need fresh energy for the New Year (and the next four) ahead. And if there’s one thing we know, it’s that your hosts HoneyTree Evil Eye and Pilar Salt are ready to serve it all sorts of up. Nov 30th, 8 pm, Franky Bradley’s, 1320 Chancellor St. 

A.$.A.P. Ferg/Saturday Pass the Dutch and those tickets to the left, please. 9 pm, TLA Philly, 334 South St. 

Bev’s Bitchfest 3rd Anniversary Show! The perfect place to be for your A.S.A.P Ferg afterparty will certainly be alongside the padded sides of Ms. Bev as she celebrates three years of being just so f#$king bitchy. So, please, join her alongside special guests, the ready, Maria Top Catt, Ms. Butta Werk her fierce self, Vinchelle and the legendary Miz Cracker, who’s stopping by from NYC to throw all the mighty oak shade Bev’s way. Don’t miss it! 9 pm, Tabu, 200 South 12th St. 

Tits for Tots/Saturday Where else will you be able to find a buffet of Philly’s hottest burlesque stars make you werk for their naughty bits while raising money for a good cause? Absolutely nowhere, so join your hosts Turnpyke and Jezzebelle Von Jane alongside HoneyTree Evil Eye, Tiel, Asha Rabbit, Tootsie Von Cuspid, Aerial Gypsy Burlesque and of course, an appearance by a sexy Mr. and Mrs. Claus, so better there or get all the nastiest flavors from the Life Savers storybook in your stocking this year. 7 pm, L’Etage, 624 South 6th Street

Andra Day/Sunday Just being blunt here…you’re f#$king missing out if you have a moment on Sunday to catch this show. If you’re not convinced, get down to the glorious Barry Harris remix of her life-changing single, “Rise Up,” and then check out this double-header where Philly Mixtape not only got to bask in this red-hot diva’s performance at the Ardmore Music Hall this past spring, but she also stopped by to spill some piping hot music tea, and as you can imagine, it was quite delightful. Get those tickets. 8 pm, Union Transfer, 1026 Spring Garden Street

Here’s a few to mark on your calendar for next month….tis the season to put in werk. 

Freeze/Dec 8th Remember that fabulous event last year at Valanni that raised all kinds of booty (you know what I mean..) for Toys for Tots? Of course you do because everyone was there. Well, guess what, it’s back and more frozen than Madonna and fucking Elsa put together, so join your hosts Cyoni Darling, Michael Duffy, Brooklyn Ford, Joey Arzillo, Tommee Boom, Anthony Retro, and like a hundred more as we all come together for a fabulous night full of tundra like fun. 9 pm, Valanni, 1223 Spruce St. 

Of course, there will be lots of booze provided by guest bartenders Tre Rios and John Hersker, lots of beats provided by DJ Carl Michaels, and NYC’s Maddelynn Hatter will be owning your entertainment lives and making you donate those toys like nobody’s god damn business. 

Golden Gurlz Live!/Dec 11th It’s Philly Drag Mafia countess Brittany Lynn as “Dorothy”…..It’s NYC owning diva Pissi Myles as “Blanche”….It’s the delightfully twisted Bella Cane as “Rose” and your favorite Burlesque host Connor Michalchuk as “Ma”…..and it’s the only show this season guaranteed to hang your Christmas stocking in a way you never thought possible.

But tickets are limited and go faster than the shade Dorothy throws at every minute of every hour, so get them…right now. 7 pm, Tabu, 200 South 12th Street 

Listen to Holiday Music/Because why not? It begins.CC

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