15 More Diva Records to Always Be Musically Thankful For

A Divasgiving blessing…..

Bless these divas and all of their tracks.

Bless these albums because they’ve all still got it like that.


Cher/’Believe’ Let’s not fuck around because this album. While any record from the unstoppable diva’s collection of werk is well equipped for a spot on these lists (here’s part one) it’s her ’99 opus that gained the legend a whole new fanbase while making us serve on the dance floor to tracks, “Strong Enough” and “All or Nothing.” But most of all, it taught us that indeed there is life after love, and for that we’ll always be god damn grateful to this album. 

Madonna/’The Immaculate Collection’ Does this one really need an explanation? Just bow down and listen to all of the Material Girl greatness. 

Aaliyah/’One in a Million’ There’s just so much to say about the dearly departed ‘Liyah’s sophomore set. But since great music awaits us, let’s just say that it’s a smooth, silky ride that introduced us to the names “Missy” and “Timbo” while sweeping us into a whole new wave of late ’90s R&B that we’ll never forget. Now, bow your heads, give thanks, praise and then dance to the album’s timeless title groove.

Mariah Carey/’The Emancipation of Mimi’ Whether you live, live to loathe or just straight up loathe, you have to admit that MC’s ’05 comeback record is simply the truth, dah-ling. At nearly twenty million copies sold worldwide, Mariah proved she still had it like that as evident is the Jermaine Dupri owned singles, “It’s Like That,” the Calgon promoting “Shake it Off,” and the gut wrenching blockbuster ballad, “We Belong Together,” which still has us reaching for a Kleenex upon every single listen (perhaps now more than ever?), especially when the future star of Mariah’s World hits all those high notes that she most likely can’t strike anymore. 

Britney Spears/’In the Zone’ The baby sister of Blackout if you will, Brit Brit’s fourth record was definitely not in the Mickey Mouse Club anymore, but still packed with plenty of hip shakin’ pop music fodder, as proven in pretty much every track, including “Me Against the Music,” “Showdown,” “Touch of My Hand,” and perhaps one of the most underrated songs of Ms. Spears’ career, the deep house wrapped, “Breathe on Me.” Sigh…

And imagine a world without “Toxic?” It’s like Thanksgiving without that one family member who asks you why you haven’t settled down yet. Because you’re listening to Britney, bitch. 

Rihanna/’Good Girl Gone Bad:Reloaded’ The album that transformed Rihanna into RiRi and into basically that bitch, for her third studio romp, Ms. Fenty served us with much more of her trademark Barbadian sass through straight up jams like “Shut Up & Drive,” “Breakin’ Dishes,” “Push Up On Me,” “Disturbia,” “Take a Bow,” “Please Don’t Stop the Music” and the one-and-only, “Umbrella…ella…ella eh.” Perfection. 

Celine Dion/”The Colour of My Love” Four words sum this (slightly underrated) Ms. Dion experience all sorts of up–“The Power of Love.” Enough said. 

And for that music matter, respect must be paid to original “Power” owner, the dearly departed Laura Branigan. 

Beyonce/’Dangerously in Love’ Okay, put down the pitchforks. While, yas queen, we we’re blessed with Lemonade this year, the albums on this list are more of a classic variety, with each one having strutted into our lives more than five years ago. 

Okay, now that that’s settled, Dangerously in Love is basically the reason why you have a new/or lack of respect for girls named Becky and the main reason why you ain’t never gonna be sorry for being more of a crazed Bey fan than ever before. Just think, where would our lives bey without “Crazy in Love,” “Baby Boy,” “Hip Hop Star,” “Be With You” “Naughty Girl” or “Me, Myself and I?” Absolutely nowhere near the Lemonade stand. 

Hole/”Live Through This” If there was ever a time to appreciate the ’90s angst ridden flow of Courtney Love and friends masterful breakthrough sophomore set…it’s right this very god damn second. Meaning, put on “Doll Parts,” “Violet” and “Miss World” and try not to feel a little something relevant. 

Madonna/Confessions on a Dance Floor If there was any diva who could get us to confess all of our sins in the most strobe lit way possible, it’s certainly Ms. Madonna who took us straight to disco heaven and beyond on her twelfth studio record and has kept us there ever since.

That’s not to say that Madge didn’t need to go back her dance floor mother ship (we’re waiting, Gaga) after ’03’s American Life happened, but we’re so glad she did because a world without “Hung Up,” “Get Together,” “Jump,” “Sorry,” “Future Lovers” and “Let It Will Be” just doesn’t make any sense…at all. 

Whitney Houston/’My Love is Your Love’ “Clap your hands y’all, it’s alright.” As long as we have this record by our beloved Whitney in our collection, how could it not be? And “It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay” and the Faith Evans/Kelly Price co-starring “Heartbreak Hotel” for all of music eternity. #singmommy 

Toni Braxton/Self-titled Before she straight un-broke our hearts and got us all musically  love stoned in ’96, Mizz Toni Braxton struck on the scene in ’93 with her sensual debut, which sounds just as baby makin’ ready as it did nearly twenty five years ago. (da fuck?) If you’re not ready to get it to “Another Sad Love Song,” “Breathe Again,” “How Many Ways,” and “You Mean the World to Me,” call your doctor for a Cialis prescription right the fuck away. 

Paula Abdul/’Forever Your Girl’ Try not feeling gay as fuck when getting down to this cherished ’80s album by our pint sized Paula and all of its energetic singles–“The Way That You Love Me,” “Straight Up,” “Cold Hearted,” “Opposites Attract,”(MC Skat Cat!),”Knocked Out” and the album’s saucy title track…it’s just not possible. And for that reason, you betta werk, Ms. Abdul. See you in June. 

Gwen Stefani/Love. Angel. Music. Baby. While T. Swift served up ’80s realness with her chart defying 1989 set a few years ago, Ms. Gwen Stefani came along a decade prior and quite frankly….did it better. Besides cooking up a record that’s full of Rubix Cubed life (and plenty of Ms. Stefani’s trademark vocal cooes), LAMB still plays out as gum cracking sassed as it did back in ’04, especially when you crank up the synth whirled goodness of “Rich Girl,” “Cool,” “Serious,” “Luxurious” “Crash” and “What You Waiting For.” 

Of course, there’s no explanation needed when it comes to “Hollaback Girl” because it’s still our shit and the reason why you’ve never misspelled “banana” ever again. Uh-huh. 

Pink/’Missundaztood’ The last spot on this year’s list is giving it up to our local girl Pink because not only is her sophomore set still an unquestionable slice of diva music truth (god damn you, “Just Like a Pill”), but it just turned fifteen years old this week, which is all the more reason to crank the carefully constructed angst-y pop grooves all the way up. Right, grandma? I see you gettin’ down to “Get the Party Started.” 

See you at the diva table next year…

Janet’s The Velvet Rope….Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream….Debbie Gibson’s Out of the Blue….Poe’s Hello and…..????. Until then.

Happy Divasgiving! 

Don’t forget about part one, too! 



Thanksgiving Eve (& Beyond) Entertainment Mixtape

Whether you’re just chillin’ with Netflix or getting all dolled up for a fun night out, we can’t deny the fact that Thanksgiving Eve is finally upon us, and if there’s one thing that we should all be thankful for, it’s for the hard working dudes and divas who’ve put on incredible shows all year long to help take us away from everything else, even if for just one moment in time.

Meaning…show some respect tonight when you head out to say hello to them, and if you plan on drinking and driving…you’re a fucking idiot. So, please…don’t.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sing Your Life Karaoke/All Over Philly Because you know you’re dying to get out there and belt out your favorite tune prior to all that family holiday time that’s about to take over your world tomorrow, gobble, gobble it up with Sing Your Life Karaoke queen Sara Sherr all drumstick season long where you can find her at some new gigs listed below that are more than ready for your table flipping pleasure. Sun, 9-2, Bob and Barbara’s, 1509 South Street Tues, 9-2, 12 Steps Down, 9th and Christian Thurs, 9-2 W/N W/N 931 Spring Garden, Fri, 9-1 Southhouse, 2535 S. 13th St. Saturday, 9-1:45 Les & Doreen’s Happy Tap,1301 E Susquehanna Ave.

Brittany Marie’s Babe City/Tonight What do Brittany Marie, Lizzie Spellman, Shannon Turner and Brianna Marie all have in common? They’re all taking over Tabu tonight for a show that will be serving up all kinds of talented girl power while masquerading as the purr-fect evening to distract you away from…it all. 9 pm, Tabu, 200 South 12th Street 

DJ Biz Markie/Tonight Oh, baby…yoooouuu, got what I need, but you just say he’s just a friend.” Just run it a few times while you’re still (sort of) sober because once you get drunk later and realize the legendary Mr. Markie is serving up the DJ set of your dreams, you’re gonna forget all the words cause you’ll be passed out from all that dancing. Exactly. 9 pm, Silk City, 435 Spring Garden Street 

An American in Paris/Tonight-Sunday, Nov 27th In the mood to go out, but want to avoid all the craziness? Then take him or her to this show and then prepare to get it on afterwards…because you will. Various Showtimes, Academy of Music, 1430 Locust Street 

Crown the Empire/Tonight If you’re really looking to musically rage tonight (really, who isn’t??), then this show’s perfect for you. Right Now, TLA Philly, 334 South Street 

Thanksgiving Eve w/ DJ Ian St. Laurent/Tonight A teeny, tiny $5 admission not only gets you access to one of the hottest parties of this evening, but you’ll be able to dance the night away thanks to the grooves provided by Mr. St. Laurent…and that’s certainly worth every penny. 9 pm, Franky Bradley’s, 1320 Chancellor Street 

Boxers PHL Presents:Thanksgiving Eve/Tonight Since you’ve been such good girls and gurls this year, Boxers wants to give it all back to you with a sexy no cover dance party complete with booze, boys and all types of beats provided by DJ Dwayne Townsend. 10 pm, Boxers, 1330 Walnut Street 

6ABC Thanksgiving Day Parade Following tradition, your hangover curing/Hair of the doggin’ begins right when that very first float struts by all the way until you’re at Wal Mart at 6 pm that evening wondering what the f$%k you’re doing there shopping and missing out on all that turkey. 9 am, Check Local Listings 

Sweater Beats/Friday First, listen to this fiery remix of JoJo’s “When Love Hurts.” Then, get those tickets.  10 pm, The Foundry, 29 East Allen Street 

Bret Michaels/Friday “Every rose has its thorn..” Ah, you know the fucking words..Mom. 8:30 pm, Electric Factory, 421 North 7th Street 

Gooch and the Motion/Chris Paterno Band/Friday As if the original blues flair of Ryan “Gooch” Nelson, Mr. Chris Paterno and his merry music misfits will also be along for the ride in which he says, “We’re gonna be dancing off the turkey on Black Friday. Bring those dancing shoes! We are so pumped to be playing this show with our buddies Gooch and the Motion. Can’t wait the see all our friends, family and fans!” He means business, kids, so go. 8:30 pm, World Cafe Live (upstairs), 3025 Walnut Street

A.$.A.P. Ferg/Saturday No explanation needed. 

Tits for Tots/Saturday Where else will you be able to find a buffet of Philly’s hottest burlesque stars make you werk for their naughty bits while raising money for a good cause? Absolutely nowhere, so join your hosts Turnpyke and Jezzebelle Von Jane alongside HoneyTree Evil Eye, Tiel, Asha Rabbit, Tootsie Von Cuspid, Aerial Gypsy Burlesque and of course, an appearance by a sexy Mr. and Mrs. Claus, so better there or get all the nastiest flavors from the Life Savers storybook in your stocking this year. 7 pm, L’Etage, 624 South 6th Street 

Andra Day/Sunday Just being blunt here…you’re f#$king missing out if you have a moment to catch this show. If you’re not convinced, get down to the glorious Barry Harris remix of her life-changing single, “Rise Up,” and then check out this double header where Philly Mixtape not only got to bask in this red-hot diva’s performance at the Ardmore Music Hall this past spring, but she also stopped by to spill some piping hot music tea, and as you can imagine, it was quite delightful. Get those tickets. 8 pm, Union Transfer, 1026 Spring Garden Street 

Be Thankful for Music/Always Truly, no explanation needed after this fucking year. 


5 Reasons Why You Should Never Question Pink’s ‘M!ssundaztood’

Picture it….fall 2001. 

Ms. Alicia Moore aka P!nk was fresh off the Grammy snatching high-heeled success of “Lady Marmalade” alongside galpals Xtina, Mya, Lil’ Kim and Missy and had just served us with the news that the follow-up to her 2000 R&B bedroom romp, Can’t Take Me Home was coming soon. 

Then…it happened. P!nk released lead single “Get the Party Started,” which was a little more rocked out than what we were used to with an accompanying video in which our local girl (hailing from Doylestown) was a little less…pink.

Actually, it was the P!nk we never thought we needed as accompanying album M!ssundaztood turned out to be a smashing success, selling fifteen copies worldwide and would also be a big “fuck you” to her record label master, L.A. Reid, who told the diva, “You’ll be a pop star…all you have to change is everything you are.” 

Which indeed turns out to be another reason why you should never question P!nk’s M!ssundaztood, which has just celebrated its fifteenth birthday. 

Here’s five more. 

1.Because “Get the Party Started” will indeed always get the party started. When it comes to P!nk lead singles, perhaps none are as ferocious and fierce as “Party,” which took over our headphones and our Making the Video lives from the moment it skateboarded into our worlds back in the fall of 2001.

With its bouncy beat, campy lyrics and Ms. Moore’s ready flow, it’s the reason why our license plates still say “Stunna #1 Superstar” and why they’re still kissing our ass when we pull up to the bumper while checkin’ our gold diamond rings for life, gurl. 

Of course, it’s most likely the reason you joined Bally’s for a brief moment in time back in early 2002. Anyone remember those commercials? Of course you do.

2.Because “Just Like a Pill” is one of the best pop songs ever recorded. One part rock ballad, one part music truth and all parts a pop music manifesto, Mizz third single “Just Like a Pill” is a song that doesn’t just make you think about like, life and stuff, but P!nk’s delivery of every lyric just hits you in all the right places, taking you to another place that only our girl can provide a first class music ticket for. 

Plus, the accompanying video (with all that black hair!!) has the diva romping with white bunny rabbits for fuck’s sake. Sigh….just watch. 

3.It’s all wrapped up in Linda Party realness… Another reason you should never, ever question this album is because P!nk used her smart music business sense to link up with former 4 Non Blondes front runner, Linda Perry, (really...just what the fuck is goin’ on?), and in turn, the perky, yet delightfully miserable pair came up with an album that’s just full of life, especially on tracks, well, any of the eight tracks the two legendary ladies cooked up on Missundaztood, especially the saucy title track. 

4.It’s why we’re still obsessed with her today. Imagine if P!nk had kept her R&B sass throughout her entire almost two decade career? Now, stop it because we simply wouldn’t have it any other way. Why it was indeed a risky move to give the middle finger to Mr. Reid (although he was married to Pebbles, we still have to show him respect), it was one that certainly paid off as its the rocked our reason we’re still obsessed with P!nk in whatever she does, whether it’s announcing her second pregnancy in a glossy photo shoot, churning out hit-after-hit or flying high above the stage while serving us pure aerlized magic during any one of her performances, this is the album where all of it started from, and we’ll certainly be forever grateful.  

5.Because it’s fucking P!nk…. Do you really need another reason? Okay, here’s another one….the “Sweet Dreams” refire of “Get the Party Started” co-starring Redman and the legendary Ms. Annie Lennox is the absolute main reason why you just shouldn’t ever question M!ssundaztood, but the reason you should never question anything our local girl Pink does….because she does it oh, so fucking well.