2016 Groove of the Day/Britney Spears/”Make Me”

There’s truly nothing to say here except that it’s Britney, bitch, and special attention must always be paid to our girl no matter what time of the year it is. 

Although the sexy R&B pop flavored dittty (and hey there, Mr. G-Eazy) didn’t give Ms. Brit Brit another chart topping smash to notch onto her impressive werk belt, it still gained the diva plenty of steam this past summer as it not only delightfully slowed things down in her ferocious dance catalog (a much-needed break from the norm, right, Britney Jean?), but it also ushered in the Glory or, B9, if you will (anyone remember that hashtag? Of course ya do), era of her career, and it’s certainly been one to remember.


Because let’s face it, Godney hasn’t danced, looked, slayed or even sounded this good in quite some time.

Maybe like…ever? Yas. 

Let’s also show some love to the workin’ momma’s insanely successful Instagram account, err, Piece of Me Las Vegas residency show, which is expected to wrap up its money snatching run in February. But being that Britney’s standout spectacle has pretty much given the strip a hearty “younger kids” makeover, something tells us that it might not be the end to Britney’s big ol’ successful Piece….to it all.

And to all of our hearts, of course.

Godney betta werk, bitch. Oh, yeah, that’s right she will…forever.




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