20 Tracks You Should Get Down to Before 2016 Ends

Okay, let’s talk about 2016, shall we? 

Now, that that’s over with, let’s spill about that dear sweet music and how it kept us all from going all Britney-in’07 this year.  

Well, most of us.

By the way, Brit Brit is on this list as well as delicious offerings from Demi Lovato, The Knocks, JoJo, Miguel Migs, Lisa Shaw, Lion Babe and a handful of other fabulous music artists who’ve got tracks you should absolutely get down to right about…now. 


Demi Lovato/”Body Say”  Without a doubt, the best pop song the former Camp Rock diva has ever recorded…and of the year. It’s too bad she, like, quit the biz. Those high notes from “Heart Attack” must have put her over the edge. 

The Knocks/”Dreaming”/”The Feeling” Although this pair of gummy grooves by NYC’s The Knocks came out a few years back, they’re still delightful as ever and will get you more than ready for when the gentlemen take over The Foundry on March 4th. 

JoJo/”Honest” That ’90s flavored beat, though. Prepare to vogue and serve….for your life. You’ve been warned, queen. 

Gwen Stefani/”Send Me A Picture” Because who wouldn’t want to fantasize about sexting Blake Shelton. Oh, Ms Stefani…you lucky bish. 

Skizzy Mars/JoJo/”Recognize” Go on, Ms. JoJo, for being the only music artist to be up on this list twice. And once you dive in and recognize, you’ll certainly understand why. 

Rihanna/”Kiss it Better” The best sex jam of 2016. Bedroom door locked. 

Britney Spears/”Just Luv Me” Just….listen. 

Rationale/”Something for Nothing”  These guitars mixed with those blinding synths mixed with that pop hook equals…sigh…

Pascal Junior/”Overdose” What happens when you take elements of Ciara’s irresistible (and oh, so highly underrated) pop groove and mix it with a lil’ deep house action? You get…this. 

Mya/”Elevator”  Looking to keep straight up elevatin’ all life long? Play this Mya groove on repeat. And yes, she’s still around. 

Miguel Migs/Lisa Shaw/”I Can See It” Because you can never, ever, ever go wrong with a deeply layered Miguel Migs/Ms. Shaw collaboration. Ever. 

Lion Babe/”Jump Hi”  For those of you planning to join the gym for that first week in January, this track’s for you. It might even get you going for the whole entire year. 

Chairlift/Moth to the Flame Another one of the best pop singles of the year is right here. And no, no, that certainly wasn’t a question. 

Nite Funk/”Let Me Be Me”  This delicious deep house groove is guaranteed to hit that music “G” spot in all of the right places. Just turn it up and..enjoy. 

Zayn/”She” Go on, Mr. Malik, and your shirtless album cover, too.

Drake/Rihanna/”Too Good”  Because another red-hot collaboration between Dreezy and RiRi always deserves another listen. 

Conrad Sewell/’Who You Lovin'” One of the biggest pop songs of the year….that nobody cared about. 

A Tribe Called Quest/”The Donald” Pure early ’90s/futuristic political music truth.

Zendaya/Chris Brown/”Something New” That classic TLC “Creep” sample, though…ooh. 


Groove of the Day/Mariah Carey/”Auld Lang Syne”/Ralphi Rosario Rewerk

Just when you thought it was safe to press pause on living that Mariah yule log life, here she comes again with her rousing rendition of everyone’s favorite New Year’s anthem, “Auld Lang Syne,” (is there any others?), which is featured on her sophomore holiday set, Merry Christmas 11 U.

While the original is a somber, pearl clutching music love affair, it was graciously supplied with a hearty batch of remixes including the thunderous Ralphi Rosario rewire, which is the only groove you should get down to when the ball–and those beats–drop tomorrow night. 

And if you think MC is going to fade into oblivion after the New Year, think again as 2017 is already looking to be quite a fabulous year (she’ll also be kickin’ it with Ryan Seacrest tomorrow night) for the elusive chanteuse as Mariah’s World is still going strong (or cray..however you want to look at it), and she’s also all set to join the legendary Lionel Richie as a very “special guest” for the All the Hits tour, which kicks off in Baltimore on March 15th and will make its way to Philly three days later. 

This only means that if Mariah is finding ways to keep on strong after one hundred years in the industry, you can too. So, buck up, chin up and let’s werk for our New Year’s lives. 

Because we must. Now, dance. 





2016 Groove of the Day/Britney Spears/”Make Me”

There’s truly nothing to say here except that it’s Britney, bitch, and special attention must always be paid to our girl no matter what time of the year it is. 

Although the sexy R&B pop flavored dittty (and hey there, Mr. G-Eazy) didn’t give Ms. Brit Brit another chart topping smash to notch onto her impressive werk belt, it still gained the diva plenty of steam this past summer as it not only delightfully slowed things down in her ferocious dance catalog (a much-needed break from the norm, right, Britney Jean?), but it also ushered in the Glory or, B9, if you will (anyone remember that hashtag? Of course ya do), era of her career, and it’s certainly been one to remember.


Because let’s face it, Godney hasn’t danced, looked, slayed or even sounded this good in quite some time.

Maybe like…ever? Yas. 

Let’s also show some love to the workin’ momma’s insanely successful Instagram account, err, Piece of Me Las Vegas residency show, which is expected to wrap up its money snatching run in February. But being that Britney’s standout spectacle has pretty much given the strip a hearty “younger kids” makeover, something tells us that it might not be the end to Britney’s big ol’ successful Piece….to it all.

And to all of our hearts, of course.

Godney betta werk, bitch. Oh, yeah, that’s right she will…forever.