Groove of the Day/Katy Perry/”Wide Awake”

Whether you love or loathe her, there’s simply no denying that everyone’s favorite girl smoochin’ diva, Ms. Katy Perry, knows how to pen one hell of a pop tune. 

Of course, that power becomes even more fierce when she places those words on top of a high-powered (and Max Martin produced) inspirational anthem, in which her smashes “Roar,” “Firework,” “Waking Up in Vegas” and today’s open-and-serve groove, “Wide Awake,” carry no shortage of the goods to lift us up right when we need it the most. 

Which of course these days is, like, err’ day. 

And while we could easily dive into Perry’s 2016 Summer Olympics anthem, “Rise,” like the almighty games themselves, it came and went in three weeks. Plus, it made us a bit sleepy, which is something we don’t want when it comes to this year

Which is why “Wide Awake” contains all the caffeine we’ll ever need on this spring kissed Tuesday, so wake up, six, and press play because life and those grooves are waiting for you, no matter who thinks it’s up to them to block your creativity or expects you to wipe up a #GoldenGate worthy mess. 

And we certainly don’t want to deal with that mop, so, go….because it’s time



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