Rewerk Wednesday/Laidback Luke

While finding the difference in werk between DJs can sometimes prove to be a most difficult task, it’s an easy one when it comes to the right stylings of overseas beat master, Laidback Luke.

That’s mostly because his collection of grooves are the ones that will always get us shakin’ and sweatin’ the most. 

Born in the Philippines and raised in Holland, the globally renowned DJ (real name-Luke van Scheppingen), immersed himself in those grooves at a young age, having grew up in a musical household where he learned guitar and played around with hip-hop and graffiti culture.

After a chance meeting at a high school party with Dutch DJ Dobre, Luke realized that he wanted to continue keeping the energy, ebb and flow of his dance music going strong for the kids. From that moment, he learned how to master a basic production setup, began making demos;wasting no time in sending one out to Dobre.

The DJ dove straight into what he heard and soon the groovy gentleman began laying down tracks for Loud Flava, Vol. 1, Luke’s first 12″ which was served out all the way back in ’95, with Vol 2. following up a few months later. Continuing on his righteous path, Luke truly turned headphones with his Act the Fool 12″ as his infectious blend of house and techno beats caught the attention of music press all over the dance music globe.

Sealing the deal in 1996 with a fiery remix of Green Velvet’s The Stalker (which was soon picked up by leading DJ Carl Cox), Laidback Luke was born and instantly became a household name on dance floors everywhere. Of course, to become that DJ in this business, you simply must take your craft on the road, and that’s just what he did through the end of the ’90s and into the new millennium and beyond, no doubt making every dance dude or diva he performed for and basically having them check themselves for their mother f#$kin’ dance music lives.

Although Laidback Luke has given us two albums (2002’s Electronic Satisfaction and 2015’s Focus) and served us with plenty of his own werk, it’s his remixes that have gained him the most heat and will absolutely continue to do so. Where do we truly begin? Swedish House Mafia, Jay Z, Daft Punk, Madonna, Robyn S., Deborah Cox (“Show Me Love” and “Leave the World Behind” allll day) David Guetta, Beyoncé, Xtina, Coldplay.

You get the idea. 

And that’s just a few on a list along with an explosive career that proves that Laidback Luke isn’t just a DJ…he’s the man.

Cover photo courtesy of Mmmmaven 


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