Groove of the Evening/Worthy/”Keep Me Up”

In spite of it all, let’s just crank up that fucking music that makes us go fucking crazy, though…in the most delightful way possible, of course. 

And if we’re really feeling spontaneous, let’s order a big ol’ pepperoni pizza to go along with those grooves, because that slice of life is just what Worthy is about to serve up during his impending Coda takeover this Friday night alongside his beat bud, Oliver Dollar. 

Before they show their love in the City of Brotherly Love, Mr. Worthy stopped by Philly Mixtape for a good old-fashioned dance music tea that’s all set for your Thursday pleasure, but in the meantime, take a moment to unwind and get to know his funkdafied flow that’s all up in his latest floor burner, “Keep Me Up.”

And as you get down, always keep in mind that as long as we’ve got music…we got this and so much more. 

Let’s ride. 


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