Groove of the Day/Oliver Dollar/Jimi Jules/”Pushing On”

On Friday night, I got the chance to take a break from all of those words to let those live music grooves get in, and that they most certainly did once Philly Mixtape‘s new music tea bestie, Worthy, alongside his touring partner, Oliver Dollar took over the main decks at Coda.

While we could easily trade headphones and spill about the music truth that was revealed on the dance floor (when it comes to these fine tuned gentlemen, it’s autobiography style) there’s truly something to be said about the way those beats were delivered and how they truly made it their goal to take all of us away to a lighter, friendlier, yet oh, so more ferociously fierce ┬áplace.

But the bottom line really is this, there’s no denying that we’re all going to need a pleasant escape from, well, life these days, so if there’s a favorite local or legendary music artist of yours coming to town that you’re dying to see, don’t delay and get those tickets. Not only are you showing support for your favorite music artist or venue, but you’ll be also taking the time to escape and just be you (so it), which is clearly a lost art form right now.

Much like today’s Monday/life ready groove provided by Mr. Dollar, it’s all about pushing on no matter the news or the person that dares stand in our way. Because if Friday’s show was any indication, there’s truly no greater power than the power of that dear, sweet f#$king music.

So, live it up and keep on pushin’…your life will thank you.

This year’s grooves sound like…


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