Forgot About Friday/Amanda Perez


Although we’ve certainly let a lot of those out this week, there’s a special one that comes whenever the piano intro (and those chimes!) of Amanda Perez‘s “Angel” take over our worlds as it comes complete with not just a light breath, but a light music pearl clutch that only a gorgeous song such as this one can provide. 

Born with a knack for writing, singing and producing such lovely material, Ms. Perez also gave us a hard side after her street smart upbringings in her native Fort Wayne, Indiana, led her to a life of selling drugs and getting into all sorts of trouble as a young diva. 

But as it usually do, that dear, sweet music led the “Angel” diva to greener pastures and after a fabulous meeting with a talent scout in her hometown, the singer was no sooner signed to California-based indie record label, Powerhouse.

After the piano laced melodies and light pop sounds of her first E.P., Where You At? took smaller markets like San Antonio, Texas, as well as her hometown, by storm, the album soon caught the attention of Virgin Records, who released it in wider distribution and issued the oh, so smooth urban soul single “Angel,” which still hits that spot every time.

Where’s those pearls at?

After peaking at number twenty on the Billboard Hot 100, Perez released “Angel” follow-up, the upbeat,”I Like It,” but the track didn’t come close to matching the reign of its predecessor.  But, still our girl did her thing over the years, playing a slew of club dates and serving up four more albums up until 2010. 

Although we can put Amanda Perez in that not so elusive “One Hit Wonder” file, it’s truly a hit and a Forgot About Friday memory that will last a lifetime.



Groove of the Day/Missy/Lamb/”I’m Better”

In a week that’s been, well, 2016, leave it up to our girl Missy Elliot to swoop and save our lives with a new song and video for her latest futuristic and krunkalicious banger, “I’m Better,” co-starring rapper Lamb. 

While we have no idea if this is the jump off lead single to what will be her seventh studio album (and very, very much anticipated), who…the..f#$k cares…it’s Missy for God sakes.

However, the cray video did come with a trailer for some kind of Misdemeanor documentary that’s headed our way this year, but since we don’t want to lose any sleep in excitement over what’s to take over our lives Missy style in 2017, let’s just relax and get down to the ready sounds of her latest heat. 

Happy Friday! 

This year’s grooves sound like…


Dance Music Tea w/Worthy

So, Philly, who’s ready to straight up dance and have a good ol time this weekend? At this point in the week, that’s like asking if it’s late January. 

Well, lucky for all of us in the City of Brotherly Love, those dancing shoes just might get a tad bit worn out before you head back to work on Monday as Felix Jaehn, Austra, Love City Djs and G. Love and Special Sauce are all on their way to make you (yes, you) feel all sorts of it, but most importantly…defintitely not that

Also on this weekend’s pulsating groove roster are esteemed DJs Worthy and Oliver Dollar, who are more than ready for a tantalizing takeover at Coda this Friday. But before we get down to all of that beat business (and that it will certainly be…go here), Worthy stopped by Philly Mixtape to spill some good old-fashioned dance music tea in which he broke Lennox mugs about the ever-changing dance music industry, the touring life and just what’s on his agenda for the crowd at Coda when he takes them all over with those grooves on Friday. 

And of course, it’s to makes us dance, dance, dance for our lives. But first, let’s spill with Worthy and then..get ready.

And for those tickets…click it on up on right here. 

How are you feeling heading into your show at Coda this Friday? I’m super excited, man. You know, I’ve got Oliver Dollar on the bill and he’s an old friend of mine. Last time we played together was in London at Ministry of Sound last year around this time. He’s just the coolest guy and to have him on the bill in Philly is super exciting and I can’t wait to be playing with him.

Let’s talk about the dance music scene for a moment. What is one thing you want to see more of and maybe one thing you want to see less of? I want to see people get in line with the underground scene. I feel like there’s been a lot of growth in it, but at this point, the more people we can get in there, the better so we don’t lose the underground aspect of it. And [how about] less cheesy-ness on the EDM side of it. A little too much cheese on the vocals and vocal lines. It’s always been there, but maybe a little less prominent. 

Any New Year’s goals for you in both the creative and personal sense? Getting this tour together for the first part of this year. I don’t even know what’s going to happen, I’m really just concentrating on getting everything together for this endeavor of a tour because it is pretty grueling and pretty awesome at the same time. There’s just a lot of aspects to it. After I finish the tour, I’m just going to be really excited to get back in the studio and get to crankin’ out some tracks. There’s a bunch of stuff that I was working on that I didn’t get to finish up, so I’m excited to get back to [them] and making some other beats, in which I’m sure I’m going to be super inspired after playing with so many other different artists on the tour. 

Now, I know I’m the kind of creative person who starts to itch if something is left on the shelf and I can’t go back to it. Is that the same for you? Sometimes I’ve had some really great things happen after I left tracks for a while and come back to them, and they feel fresh and I know exactly where things needs to go. And there’s definitely one or two sitting there that I can’t wait to finish up. Last week I was working on a mix and I found a file that I didn’t have the time to work on, so I’m definitely kind of itching to get back to that side of it already. I’m sure in another couple of weeks I’m going to be like, “Oh, my God! Please let me work on some music!”

This is actually going to be your second time in Philly. Did you get to do anything fun the last time you were here? Any fun plans for this go around? When I was here last summer, I got to walk around, I got a cheese steak at one of the spots that are right there across from each other. [Pat’s & Gino’s, of course] I checked out the Liberty Bell, walked around downtown for a little bit, which was pretty awesome. Unfortunately this time I’m coming in and I’ll pretty worn out from the night before and I’ll have an early flight out the next morning after the show. That’s definitely the one aspect of this tour that’s grueling is the lack of sleep I’m getting! 

Is there any one thing that you have with you at all times on tour? Besides those grooves and your headphones, of course. For this tour, I have my whole Go Pro camera set up and backgrounds to interview all of the different music artists, so that’s something new for me. They’re definitely cool little toys to have with you. 

Any words of encouragement and wisdom you would give to any dude or diva whose decided to get behind the decks this year? I always say to get yourself involved with a crew of other same minded individuals who’re in the same position that you’re in. That’s kind of how all of us started up Dirty Birds, we found that all of us wanted to do this and we’re super driven to make music and make it in this industry. So, if you surround yourself with those types of people and one of them takes off, you’re able to make connects through them as well. You know, it’s also good to look outside of your small surroundings around you, like in your city and trying to befriend other artists who’re coming up as well because [they might] have a couple other connections that you don’t have, maybe a connection to a label that would listen to [new music]. Just working those little channels always helps to get your music heard by a label head. 

One last hype for your Philly fans before Friday? It’s going to be a really awesome show. I’m really looking forward to this one because Oliver is just an amazing DJ and producer and he’s more on the housier side over the couple of artists I’ve played with so far. And I’m sure we’re going to get an insanely awesome crowd of people who just want to listen to some great music all night long. It’s gonna be a good one! 

To get those ticket to see Worthy and Oliver Dollar this Friday at Coda, shimmy it on up right here.