6 Ways to Prepare Ourselves for the ‘Dangerous’ Ari-ana (and maybe Nicki Minaj?) at Wells Fargo Center 2morrow Nite

While February felt mostly like a Final Destination roller coaster ride filled with everything you could possibly think of and not get away from at any given time, March is already coming in like a true diva with #thinkspring everywhere you look now and a Dangerous Woman Tour stop provided by Ariana Grande at the Wells Fargo Center tomorrow night that will truly kick off the month in sassy style. 

While no one can really prepare for those pipes and that pony tail no matter how hard they try, what we can do is not waste time staring at the clock in anticipation 4 Ari-ana and get down to this list that contains everything you need to get you more than ready for her impending Wells Fargo Center slay for your hump day evening. 

Ready, set, maybe a little Nicki Minaj, too? Please. 

1.Listen to Dangerous Woman all day long…. Not that you’re not doing this right now, but a run tru of Ms. Grande’s stellar third set is absolutely a necessity prior to tomorrow night’s show…..and for the rest your pony tailed life.

Laced with lots of almost there, but yas, diva flavor in tracks and singles, “Into You,” “Be Alright.” “Leave Me Lonely,” “Moonlight,” and  of course, “Side to Side,” it’s this album that’s getting her team one step closer to the truth in figuring out what to do with…all of it. 

But of course the true wig snatching moment of the evening will come when every single fabulous Philly kween and fifteen-year-old gurl in the tri-state area will join in singing DW‘s slinky title track, and for that we must turn it all the way up right now and simply feel it in all of its Grande Glory

2.The ‘Side to Side’ video, tho… There’s really nothing to say here except let’s twerk on some exercise equipment as of our Jazzercise lives depend on it. And wouldn’t it be lovely if Ms. Min-ajah popped up on stage tomorrow for that verse? We all know she could use some loud press and Philly is the perfect place to let it all out…and perhaps spill a little tea about a certain rapper? 

Ready, set, wrist icicles 4 lyfe. 

3.Remember when Iggy Azalea was a thing.. This will take you all the way back to…2014 when an Aussied up rap diva named Iggy Azalea was making waves and shattering Billboard chart records with “Fancy” and this eardrum shattering collabi with Ms. Ari. 

A true moment in Grande time no one will ever forget, especially Ms. Azalea

Oh, and then there’s this. 

4.Pray that she channels her inner Whitney.. Besides being known for her diva-in training antics, the My Everything songstress has become quite fiercely known for her spot-on list of Diva impressions, including Celine, Mariah (that time Ariana did Emotions, tho) J.Law, Brit Brit, RiRi, Xtina and our beloved Ms.Whitney. 

And after you watch this life destroying performance of “I Have Nothing” a few years ago at The White House, you’ll immediately get down on your knees and pray to the Whitney/Deborah Cox queens above that she’ll take all of this up on that Wells Fargo Center stage tomorrow night. 

And if dreams really do come tru..

5.Get down to the grooves of her fabulous opening acts…  While you’ll be pre-show drinkin’ at Chickie’s & Pete’s at the WFC tomorrow night, you’ll be missin’ Ms. Grande‘s not one, but two opening acts–Little Mix and Victoria Monet. 

While Little Mix is more known for their “feud” with Fourth Harmony, Monet is also one to watch as her street smart sass is all over singles, “High Luv” “Made In China” and “Do You Like It,” all of which along with a little LM are on this playlist of tracks that’ll make you want to drink up and get down to lovely your DW Tour co-starring ladies. 

6.Stop thinking you’re her….at least for tomorrow night. The people in the sections that surround you truly appreciate it as we all know those notes are no joke and are never going to happen, Ms. Wieners. So, calm your drunk ass down and let’s all enjoy those Dangerous Woman vibes together in the peaceful, powerful manner they were meant to be reveled in..without our shade inducing glances from your song butchering skills. 

However, on, Thursday, continue your personalized slay much like Ariana Grande is about to serve up at Wells Fargo Center 2morrow nite. They’re still tickets left, kids, so reach out and grab ’em before it’s all out of our lives forever. 



Groove of the Evening/Ciara/Missy/”1,2 Step”

Oh, the days when Ms. Ciara and her music Goodies ruled our worlds….wasn’t life just so much more krunkalicious back then? 

As matter of fact, Krunk-n’-B Queen, it most certainly was as even thirteen years after CiCi and Missy shook our Jello shakin worlds with Goodies sophomore single, “1,2 Step,” it still sounds fresh to death and makes us to wake the party up while we simply get it on like nobody’s business. 

And of course, we’ll be steppin’ all night long while eating our filet mignon ’cause we fancy like that. Right, Miss Demeanor? 

But the true reason CiCi is being served up for your Tuesday night pleasure (and because we really do miss those days) is the fact that we’re now officially saying goodbye to February which means it’s time for all of us to get lined up in an even grander #thinkspring formation (who’s ready for ninety degrees temps next week?) because March has arrived and she’s a diva this year, gurl. 

If there’s one thing we can all agree right now, it’s that there were some things and thangs that occurred during the months of January and February that took all us by storm and combined they were, well, 2016 and worse in cray nut shell.

But one element that helped us out in our multiple weeks of need were those dear, sweet moments in music and pop culture (thank you, Gaga, Katy, Beyoncé, Adele and, like, every song that’s come out so far), and now that those daisy dukes and tank tops owning days are within our headphones reach now more than ever, let’s just all turn up the fucking music and dance. 

Plus, who doesn’t want to get down to the phrase A Jazze Phae Production like it’s 2004 all over again? 

Ready, set…step. 







Academy Awards Groove of the Weekend/Justin Timberlake/”Can’t Stop the Feeling”

No/all shade to the Academy Awards, but anyone remember when the Best Original Song category was locked and loaded with Billboard chart busting singles and tracks everybody and the radio knew? 

This year certainly holds a Yankee candle to that hypothesis as the nominees include two from La La Land–“Audition (The Fools Who Dream)” and “City of Stars,” as well as “The Empty Chair” from Jim:The Janes Foley Story and “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana. 

While each of these tracks hold it down in their accompanying films, let’s face it–“You Must Love Me,” “My Heart Will Go On,” “Colors of the Wind” and “You’ll Be in My Heart” they certainly…ain’t. 

However, when it comes to Justin Timberlake‘s Billboard Hot 100 owning “Can’t Stop the Feeling” from Trolls, well, here we finally have an Oscar nominated groove that everyone and their grandmother knows as JT’s bubbly flow still hasn’t stopped taking over the radio since its release last fall. 

And plus…who doesn’t love Mr. Timberlake? While La La Land is no doubt expected to sweep the Oscars tomorrow night, “Can’t Stop the Feeling” is not only a Best Original Song that should win…but it deserves to. 

With that being said, let’s all just dance, dance, dance, dance, dance and tune into the Jimmy Kimmel hosted 89th Annual Academy Awards tomorrow night. 


This year’s grooves sound like….