The Yas, the Ugh and Everything Else in Beat-tween Valentine’s Day Playlist


Yes, the title of Ms. Lo‘s album with that not-so-elusive question mark at the end is that word as today marks that day full of Cupid‘s little arrows we call Valentine’s Day.

Indeed for some, today will be full of roses, candy rain and lots of seeing nothing wrong with a little bump-n-grind. And for others, it may be a day where you’re refusing to cry (eleven years…sigh) calling Tyrone to come help get his or her shit, or……you just may be at CVS right this very second buying those press on nails because you have a sudden urge to scratch someone else’s back in hopes that they truly..feel it. 

No matter how you slice it, whether you’re hatin’ on Uncle Joey, living that Teenage Dream life or turning that “Super Bass” all the way up, it’s all in the name of f#$king Cupid

So, let’s all turn up that music that makes us go fucking crazy on Valentine’s Day because that’s truly what this whole little love? game is all about. 




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