5 Albums Celebrating Milestones in 2017/Divas-of-’97 Edition

What do albums from…ah, just get down with this week’s list because your divas-of-’97 lives are about to get checked right about…now. 

Janet Jackson/The Velvet Rope If there’s one album we should all listen to right now, it’s Ms. J’s magnificent (and highly underrated) fifth studio opus. An artistic tale about life and all of the good/bad shit that comes with it, Ms. Jackson-if-you’re-truth certainly hits the life nail on the head every music step of the way. 

Whether it’s on the yearning Q-tip/Joni Mitchell starring lead single, “Got Til It’s Gone,” the life preparing dance flow of “Together Again,” the freedom ringing of”Free Xone” and the album’s title track or the seductive and scandalous nature of “Go Deep,” “I Get Lonely,” “Rope Burn” and “What About,” it’s all here behind Ms. Janet’s Velvet Rope, more importantly, for all of us to listen and relate to right…now. 

Plus. there’s that cover of Rod Stewart‘s “Tonight’s the Night” always hits our music “G” spot.

Missy Elliot/Supa Dupa Fly  Beep, beep which ’97 diva’s got one of the hottest hip-hop albums of all time? That would be our beloved Mizz Misdemeanor, whose award snatching (Missy also got the Academy Award for Best Supporting Werk with this album) debut set blessed our blunts two fucking decades ago. 

And of course, that’s meant in the kindest way possible as album singles and tracks “Sock It 2 Me” (hey, Ms. Brat!), “Beep Me 911″(hey, 702!) “Pass Da Blunt” and the Ms. Ann Peebles’ sampling “The Rain” (plus, that video, tho) sounds as fresh as the day they were baked in Timbo’s studio oven. 

And of course, may you “Hit Em Da Hee” for Missy life

Erykah Badu/Baduizm About a year before she made you (yes, you) call “Tyrone,” everyone’s favorite Soul Train Awards hostess served us straight up spiritual lyfe with her still stunning debut set.

But since this in album best understood through positive, life ready vibes and lots of great marijuana, as evident in tracks “On & On,” “Next Lifetime” and “Other Side of the Game,” twist it up, chill the fuck out and let Ms. Badu’s Baduizm teach us some things and thangs about life and stuff, man. 

Mary J. Blige/Share My World  Considered a large piece of Ms. Blige’s long-lasting presence in the industry, we still continue to get a slice Mary’s World with her groundbreaking third studio set. 

While the recording of 1994’s My Life was intertwined with Blige’s reported clinical depression while battling drug and alcohol addiction, World was met with a new Ms. Mary–one that made a fabulous effort to clean up her life, which led to the positive frame of mind that’s laced all throughout the still sassed up, Share My World.

As if you couldn’t tell by the sizzling strength of “I Can Love You” with Ms. Kim and “Love is All We Need” with Mr. Nas. Pure Blige bliss. Turn it up because the undisputed Queen of R&B & Hip Hop certainly did with this album. 

Shania Twain/Come on Over Does this one really need any kind of explanation? Most likely because you’re listening to it (and, like all of these albums)right this very second. Let’s go, gurls. 

Aqua/Aquarium Because “Barbie Girl” will always be our ’97 diva for life…especially on daze like today. Let’s go party. 




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