The 10:Please, Bore Someone Else With Your Questions:Ms. Deborah Cox Is Life

That voice….those remixes.that sassthose grooves. 

Ask any fan of legendary dance/bedroom/acting diva Ms. Deborah Cox, and they’ll tell you that all of those elements make up everything that the “Nobody’s Supposed to Be Here” songstress has owned during her long-lasting career in the music industry.

This comes after a certain Philly entertainment journalist remembers the confusion as to the “who,” “what” “where” and “why’s” when the diva was booked for Pride last year, but now that she’s about to own our Whitney lives with a run in The Bodyguard musical starting tonight through Sunday (get those tickets, kids) at The Academy of Music, it’s time for all of us to pay our immediate respect and attention to a diva who gave us life both on and off the dance floor the respect she and Chanel deserve. 

So, let’s dance it out and then some to Ms. Deborah Cox. Because we must. 

1.Whether slowed down….

2.Or rewerked by Mr. Hex Hector… “Nobody’s Supposed to Be Here” will forever be here in all of our headphones and in all of our Ms. Cox music vaults. If it’s not, put it in there right now. 

3.She’s the only good thing to come out of a Lifetime biopic… In case you couldn’t come to the conclusion after Lifetime‘s sad, sloppy serving of Britney Ever After this past weekend, it’s that the network is actually getting worse (and that’s saying a lot because…Melrose Place) when it comes to their trademark biopic pop culture events. 

However, with the exception of well, none of them (take a seat, Screech), the network did get right with their letting of Ms. Deborah take on those cherished Whitney grooves when they aired their take on our gone-too-soon diva two years ago. 

Although the movie received mixed reviews amongst fans and critics, leave it to our girl Deborah to come through and deliver true highlights to a film that at the end of the day, didn’t have us checking for our seven days lives a la Ms. Spears after you watched it. 

And for that and for all of the Whitney queens, it’s truly the reason why Ms. Cox is about to own all of our lives in The Bodyguard when it takes over Philly this week. 

4.This anthem for all of us, though…  While we could easily spill all day about how Mr. Hector and Mr. Mac Quayle turned Deborah’s anthem-for-the-ages, “Absolutely Not” into a true anthem for all of us, complete with loads of werk, lots and lots of vogueing, a swingin’ Ariana inspired ponytail and just the right amount of Chanel.

Besides with a rainbow thunder as glorious as this one, why wouldn’t you want to come out and join us on the “Absolutely Not” dance floor of life. 

And that it certainly is when this classic refire gets ignited

5.Things just wouldn’t be the “Same” ….if this werk reign (another one by Mr. Hex…he betta…) wasn’t in our lives. 

6.As well as this remix album…. The thought of not having all of these, every day in our lives….just unfathomable

7.The Bodyguard reviews…. As if we needed any more truth beyond, like, fact number one that Deborah Cox is life, her glowing reviews as Ms. Marron are on a first class like Fergie flight of their own. 

New Jersey based Center on the Aisle writer Adam Cohen saw Cox in The Bodyguard” right before the holidays last year at the Paper Mill Playhouse last year, spilling:”If Cox weren’t already a star, she would be after this production. She is a vocal dynamo recreating the Whitney Houston catalogue, playing the lead role of Rachel Marron, and putting her own styling, shading, and vocal theatrics to hits like “I Will Always Love You,” “I’m Every Woman,” “How Will I Know,” and “One Moment In Time.”

And if the lay down of all of those Whitney tracks isn’t enough to get you all sorts of Costner hype, earlier this week, Cox spilled with journalist Molly Eichel, and when the diva was asked how it felt to step into her dear friend Whitney’s big, booming Bodyguard collection, Cox spilled…

“I had to change my whole approach, everything I knew about the music. I deliberately stayed away from watching the film again because I didn’t want to play a caricature. But this is a different platform and medium. It has a different resonance. I’m just seeing what’s on the page and figuring out how it plays out onstage. That’s part of the process with [big musicals]. You have to get the show up on its feet and see how the music is intertwined within the scene, rather than just the film where the songs can stand on their own.”

Now, get those tickets. 

8.Sigh…. We still miss you, Ms. Whitney. Now, this is a match made in true diva heaven. 

9.We will forever leave it all “Behind” for Ms. Deborah..  While any one of DC’s remixes are tailor-made for ots of life checkin,’ servin’ and assign,’ her 2009 collaboration with AxwellLaidback LukeSebastian Ingrosso is perfect for a god damn out-of-body and into life experience. 


10.Do you really need another fact?  Absolutely not. Because there are no questions when it comes to the sass, style and sound of Ms. Deborah Cox. Oh, yeah…after you get back with the searing hot Starbucks, Ms. Hathaway, the twins also need flip-flops. 

Enough said. 

And one more time for those who may have just gotten “Here.” 

And of course, for all of the baby makers out there. Let’s get a little sentimental, y’all. 




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