Local Drag Spill w/ Ms. Omyra Lynn

While we could all search and search all fucking day to come up with the proper words to describe the tantalizing and insatiable talents of Philly Drag diva, Ms. Omyra Lynn, there’s only one word that comes to mind…..everything

Whether she’s giving us straight-up-like-Paula werk every Sunday at Tabu in the Gayborhood‘s longest running drag show, Sinful Sundays (by the way..if you didn’t catch her and Ms. Isis take on Bey & Dixie Chicks’ rewire of  “Daddy Lessons” this past week you missed out on, like, life), or finding her pulsating place amongst seven fierce queens in the newly reinvigorated Philly’s Foxes (this Sunday…get those tickets!) there’s no other way to spill it….this fierce bitch is the truth

Of course, that truth is only in its finest form when it’s served up from Ms. Omyra herself, and you might want to get that tea pot more right than J.Lo right about now because she stopped by Philly Mixtape to spill about it all and then some. 

So, pull it on over to Ms. Omyra Lynn’s local drag tea table because she’ll make you whether you like it or not. But chances are you’ll love it because the whole entire fucking City of Brotherly Love loves her. 

Now take a seat and take a sip, bish, because local drag royalty truth is about to be..spilled. 

Okay……..let’s just toss all of these dishes off the table first hand and spill about some bullshit. Because if there’s one thing you and I have in common, it’s the recent truth that there’s been some horse shit tossed in the way in our creative crafts. But rather than break mugs about that queen who ignited the dumpster fire or the local event promoter who recently blocked Philly Mixtape (and their own werk in the process…duh,babe) from being properly heard around the Gayborhood (by the your love to Gay Philly…everybody’s free like Ms. Rozalla to feel good and post there), what does Ms. Omyra Lynn have to say about…it all? I’d say to the girls who respect themselves and their talent, I say it’s time for us to stand up and take the reigns over this city. The fact that anybody feels as if they can stop someone else’s career and have them banned from places is ridiculous to me. Stand up and don’t be walked all over just for fifty dollars. It’s time to own your craft and be like,”No, this is what I’m going to do for myself and for my craft and you can take it or leave it. “

And what do you personally think gives bitches this sense of entitlement? Definitely is insecurity. And it’s also how they monitor the people around them who’re talented, bringing in money, doing good shows and giving back to the community…and then try to get those people on their side so it makes them look better. And then when things don’t go their way, it’s like, ‘Oh, I started your career and I can stop it.” To me, it’s like, you want to help some queen out to be a better queen, but then when she doesn’t agree with you on something, instantly she’s banned from here, banned from there, she can’t do this, she’s not allowed to do that. It’s just a bunch of high school bullshit. They’re still stuck in high school…that’s the answer to that question. Grow up. 

Seriously, tho…high school shit all day. Last time I checked we sort of all need to stick together now more than ever.. Exactly. We have way more things to worry about as a community than try to take food out of each other’s mouths. It’s ridiculous. 

Okay, on to bigger, brighter and more long-lasting items like Sinful Sundays with Ms. Isis. It’s hard to believe it’s been over six years since it all began. In your own tea, spill how much this show has meant to you since day one and what you take away from it most…With the “Daddy Lessons” song, it’s how I can definitely relate to Sinful Sundays. It’s been a learning experience in every sense of the word. Getting to just see how we’ve grown, even the show itself and the girls that are involved in it. Six years of girls coming in and out and it being the one [show] that welcomes everyone. You can show up the day of and still go on stage. It’s just been such a learning experience of how to be professional and still be able to turn up. It’s how to incorporate so many different personalities within one venue and just a true fun-loving crowd. It’s wild that it works and it has worked for six years because there’s just so many different elements to it. 

And, gurl, you know six years is like seventy-five in drag years…Seriously! It’s just like….whoa…it’s been that long?? God damn. But from day one, I knew I could do this and [Tabu] feels like home…and it is. It all feels really good to me. 

So, something tells me that you and Isis will be doing Sinful Sundays in your wheel chairs…Oh, it seems like it. If God willing, yes, we’ll be poppin’ wheelies doing it.

Now, let’s spill about Philly’s Foxes. There’s been a touch of changes since last year, so spill for everyone about these fabulous ladies and the changes that you’ve personally seen since the beginning. We’ve added a few more members…we’ve subtracted a few, but they’ve graciously bowed out. You know, when Ann [Artist] left she gave us the stirrups, so that was awesome of her. Now Poison is back again. It now feels like a business as opposed to a year ago. We’re all very, very, very serious about it. Not that we didn’t take it seriously before, but now we know what the vision is and it’s clear…it’s like when Destiny’s Child became three members and made it werk. Now our 7…this formula werks. We just realize that we need to leave the bullshit behind and get things done. 

So, would you say the Foxes are still a bit in the “Survivor” jungle or in full, fierce “Independent Woman” mode?  Oh, we’re trying to get Destiny Fulfilled, gurl. 

And there you have it. For tickets to see Ms. Omyra Lynn and to Fox with the rest of the fabulous Philly’s Foxes…peep this…now. 

Cover photo courtesy of wonderful Garrett Matthew Photography 





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