7 Reasons Why You Should Fox With Philly’s Foxes

Sapphira Cristal……Iris Spectre……Zsa Zsa St. James…..Maria Top Catt…..Mary D’Knight…..Poison…..Omyra Lynn and the one-and-only, DJ Chris Urban. 

If those eight fierce names sent chills all up and down that spine, it’s because you’re well aware of the talents of extraordinary local drag troupe, Philly’s Foxes, and you absolutely know they’re going to bring it (as they do) when they take over Punchline Comedy Club (830 pm, 33 East Laurel St.) this Sunday, February 26th.

And for those of you who aren’t aware of those names….read this…get ready and grab those 

1.All of this exquisite talent, tho…. Let’s just put it this way…..the insatiable taste of Beyoncé in Ms. Omyra plus the Broadway werk of Ms. Maria plus the costume genius of Ms. Iris plus the Gaga real in Mary D’Knight plus the magnificent mystery of Zsa Zsa St. James plus the bold sass of Sapphira Cristal plus the ravenous vibes (and return!) of Poison mixed with the beats of one of Philly’s hottest DJs equals you clicking right here to get those tickets. 

2.Because you should always support local drag….especially if you’re in local drag, bitch. While it’s an unwritten rule that everyone get the fuck out there and support your local queens, let’s face it, that rule gets lost amongst the queens.…but not Philly’s Foxes. So, for any one that might need an example of how to properly werk for/with and not against each other, sashay over to Punchline and Philly’s Foxes will properly read you now on how to be those professional bitches. And some of you could certainly use a lesson or fifty…with daddy. 

3.They’re showing no signs of slowing down… In case any one out there was wondering if this is the same Franky’s Foxes that owned Franky Bradley’s last year, the answer to that endeavor would be yas, kween. Well, sort of, kween

You see, if there’s one thing that these lovely ladies know is that they’re a true entertainment business. And in that business…shit fucking happens. Also, anyone with creative smarts and stuff knows that within that fast year there’s bound to more growing pains like Kirk Cameron. But since you’re well aware of just how these gals bring it all to the table and then proceed to throw it all off with everything they’ve done do far, something tells us that Philly’s Foxes isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. U ready, Michelle? 

4.It gives us all a reason to get out of the Gayborhood for an evening… Absolutely no shade to our fabulous Gayborhood, but recently, err, sometimes it feels like there might be some nasty Toros creepin’ up  in the frozen-like-Madonna atmosphere. Translation:There’s just too much fucking shade everywhere you look these days. (Damn you, Stonewall, it was supposed to be a good week!!) 

Of course, things happen and shade does get heaved, err, thrown, so creeping over to Punchline this Sunday to let it ride and have ya damn self just breathe and let all of this fierce entertainment get in is always a good idea. Translation:Get the fuck over yourself like Eden’s Crush and get those tickets. 


5.Omyra Lynn just threw hot scalding tea in everybody’s face…and it was awesome. There’s just no words for all of this right here. Just lots of Mizz Omyra Lynn provided…truth. 

6.Mary D’Knight just served us Super Bowl lyfe…  If for some reason you weren’t born this way yet, you most likely missed out on Lady Gaga own our Super Bowl lives with her halftime slay a couple of weeks ago. But since Philly has its very own Mother Monster Mistress, Ms. Mary D’Knight, in our realm, the City of Brotherly got a sneak peak of the Gaga truth before anybody else in only a way Mary and Good Day Live can provide. Check it out and respect D’Knight while you’re at it…because she betta werk. And if you missed it, you missed out on everything…but then there’s this…

7.Do you really need another fucking reason? No. Go. Get those tickets and get ready to Fox with Philly’s Foxes all night long as if your name is Lionel fucking Richie. 

Enough said. 

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