ALL the Supplemental March Local Drag Tea w/Ms. Brittany Lynn

Hey kids,

I know mother served the tea already for March (take a seat here for that one) but my tea cup runneth over! There’s just too much to spill, so I had to pour an extra cup this month. What can I say-the family is living the three b’s-getting BIGGER, BETTER, and more BOOKED! Plus it’s MAH BIRFDAY on the 13th so they are forcing this old broad to tour the tri-state area. By forcing me, I mean they offered me a sack of cash with a trail of pills leading me to their stage. So let me get my tits out and hair high-and come and see me and these gals for the gayest gaggle of gigs…

March 6-From Drags to Riches at 9pm @ Tabu Karaoke host Leo Gonzalez has put together a drag game show that’s half Price is Right, half Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, and lots of game show drama in between! With the gayborhood’s newest breakout star LaTonga hosting, this show is gonna be GAY! Contestants can go from level to level, winning cash and prizes as they move forward! Doors open 9pm and there’s NO COVER! Tabu-200 S. 12th St.; (215) 964-9675

March 16-Brittany Lynn’s B’day Bash at 11pm @ Bob & Barbara’s Qweens-it’s the start of the annual birthday tour, and where else to kick it off then at one of the first places Miss Brittany Lynn performed at-wayyyyy back in 1996. (Yes ma’am 21 years ago-the same as most of my readers) Come join me, hostess Lisa Lisa, Crystal Electra, Les Harrison, and my oldest sister Karen Von Say-as we all try to figure out where Lisa’s accent is from. Bob & Barbara’s-1509 South St.; (215) 545-4511

March 17-Porcelain at 10pm @ Tabu Philly’s Phavorite, demonically possessed vixen returns to Tabu for her new, monthly show-with special guests Ann Artist, Luna Luvey, Pretty Girl, Asha Rabbit, and Satine! Get here early cuz this witch packs the house! If her eyes are glowing red, it’s not necessarily cuz she’s evil, she may have just been hanging out in the Tabu alley with Maria Top Catt..Tabu-200 S. 12th St.; (215) 964-9675

March 18-Navaya Shay’s MAD The first show for my kid, Navaya Shay-the current reigning Miss Tabu 2017! With Porcelain, Maria Top Catt, Aloe Vera, and Lady Poison all in the show, you know the gayborhood streets will be safe enough to walk home alone. I’m sure there will be at least a dozen queens wiaitng up in the dressing room for a guest spot, so get here early for a seat to watch all the “Bad Girls Club” action! (My psychic powers say at least two girls go home MAD!) Tabu-200 S. 12th St.; (215) 964-9675

March 19-Interfaith brunch at 11am @ Tabu A Jew, a Muslim, and a Catholic walk into a gay bar…lead by a drag queen! OUTMusliom,. The LCCP, and Tribe 12 are coming together for an Interfaith brunch with some amazing speakers, comics, and of course-DRAG! And we all gotta nosh, so ticket price includes a buffet breakfast! Tabu-200 S. 12th St.; (215) 964-9675

March 20-Brittany Lynn joins Martini Madness and Crystal Electra at 9pm @ The Raven The birthday continues with my sister in stupidity, Martini Madness, the hostess of New Hope Lipstick Mondays, the Senator Crystal Electra, and special guests! And it’s my dad’s birthday-so be nice and he’ll give ya a brownie! 385 W Bridge St, New Hope, (215) 862-2081

March 31-Transsters Foundation Fundraiser Transsters Foundation’s presents it’s inaugural fundraiser event on the International Transgender Day of Visibility fundraiser. Come join them for their very first and inaugural fundraiser event on the International Transgender Day of Visibility. DJ J Clef turns the 2nd floor of Tabu into Club Transsters for a dance party that “all Transsters and Trallies are welcome to attend.” There is a cover charge of $5 per person and all proceeds collected will go directly to benefit Transsters Foundation. As they move forward through the process of becoming a community involved and oriented, legal nonprofit entity and gain their 501(3) c nonprofit organization status. Tabu-200 S. 12th St.; (215) 964-9675And I have to tip my wig to the following chill’rens:

Thanks to Dj K-Tel for having me on Sylver Alert on WPPN 106.5! Miss K-tel pulled out some of the GAYEST songs for this set-yes that was a Dr. Detroit album and she had me gagging! For real-if you wanna hear 45’s from the gay old days, please check out his weekly show right here! 

The Golden Gurlz Live was such a hit at Paradise in Asbury Park we will be back April 23rd with new episodes AND then every other month following-As Bea would say-”Gawd will get ya for that Arthur”. Look for us with two new, HIGH-larious episodes coming to Paradise and select Philly locations. I guess that means I have to still work with Pissi Myles, Bella Cane, and Connor Michalchuk-damn it all to HELLLLLL! BUT I get to stalk my future husband Max who works our lights and video display so I’m down. GOING DOWN THAT IS-Maybe…who can say…let’s move on…

RPDR on Fridays? At 8pm? On VH1? What the high-hair-flippin’ hell? Well, as most queens are already booked on Friday nights, the ones that are not will be scrambling for promoters willing to take a chance to throw a viewing party at 8pm on a Friday night (when most of you are just barely waking up and getting your first layer of “sensible foundation” on your mug). Tabu will have a rotation of our in-house girls like Navaya Shay and Aurora Whorealis-just be on the lookout for the second string queens to snatch up the rest of those viewing party bookings.

Well all this has got me more tired than the seams on Satine’s dance tights. Just kidding-she wears ripped fish nets. Knock it off that’s my sister! See you all soon!

Love and lashes,
Brittany Lynn

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