Rewerk Wednesday/Harry Romero

Whether owning our club kid lives with a destructive dance beat, a filtered and funkdafied disco romp or his latest offering, “Poison,” a bumping new take on the Bell Biv Devoe classic, when it comes to the life of the rewerk and the party, DJ Harry “Choo Choo” Romero is simply…it.

It also doesn’t hurt that through his nearly two decade reign on the floor, Romero has maintained healthy relationships with fellow DJ icons Erick Morillo and Jose Nunez, and together the three beat buds have made the Subliminal Records dance record label one of the NYC house community’s finest and most fiery music production crews, as noted in any of the many and highly regarded Subliminal Sessions mixes. 

But it doesn’t just stop at the stateside clubs as Romero’s popularity is equal–if not more–in the overseas market, most notably London, where his popularity has led him to play at the famed Ministry of Sound nightclub where he would offer up his solo werk on a 2007 compilation of their strobe-lit Sessions sets. 

On his roster of shining singles and blazing bangers are his internationally successfully debut single, “Just Can’t Get Enough,” (shout out, Ms. Inaya Day) as well as “Tania,” “La Bravia,” and refires for Robyn, Mary Lambert, Hardrive, Supernova and many, many more.

And when it comes to anything he’s cooked up with Mr. Morillo (and anything and everything on the Strictly Rhythm label) including “Dancin,'”The Sky,” “Lost In You,” and even his latest pulsating solo piece, “Poison,” well, we’re just going to be dancing all night long, kids.

But then again, that’s been Mr. Romero‘s agenda since day one and it looks as if he’s not going to be stopping anytime soon…and we’re so god damn grateful for that. 

To get tickets to see Harry Romero at Coda this Friday, dance it on out right here. 

Cover photo courtesy of Toolroom Records

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