Event Spotlight:Stevie Visions

Stand Back“……”Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around“…….”Rhiannon“…..”Seven Wonders“…..”Gold Dust Woman“….”Landslide“….”Edge of Seventeen“….”Crystal“….”Leather and Lace.” 

If any of the songs listed above by Destiny’s Child’s “Bootylicious” bae and Misty Day’s AHS: Coven Queen–both otherwise known as legendary Fleetwood Mac co-diva Stevie Nicks made you grab your chiffon and lace shawls and get to twirlin’ just now, than Philly is hosting just the event for you, scratch that, for everybody this weekend. 

Tomorrow night at the Play and Players Theater inside Skinner Studios (7pm, 1714 Delancey Street) you’ll be entertained by Stevie Visions, which is set to be a nitroglycerine worthy night exploding with fierce and fabulous Drag, Burlesque and Cabaret performances which will honor everyone’s favorite long-lasting “Dreams” diva, all while making waves in raising funds for Philly’s Planned Parenthood organization. 

While there is a $10 suggested donation at the door, because you’re you and you live for Stevie, any donation will certainly be accepted as you head into this incredible one-of-a-kind Philly entertainment event. 

But besides all of that dear, sweet heavenly music and love taking front-and-center of our Mizz Nicks universes tomorrow night, you’ll also get to witness about-to-be stunning performances by Jess Conda, Christina Gesualdi, Pilar Salt , Robin Graves, Tiel, Pizza Wolf and Ms. Lily Rollerhoops. Of course, we must show our Philly love to your host of the evening, Mr. Paul Harlan, whom all of Philly and the tri-state area knows as the one-and-only, Paul Severe. 

While we indeed can’t predict just how dazzling and off the local entertainment charts Stevie Visions is going to be tomorrow night, what we do know is that with a cast like this and classic grooves like these coming at us in full woke effect, it’s certainly going to be a night to remember.

So, twirl on over to Skinner Studios tomorrow night at 7 pm and get your Steve Visions on…because, really, why the f#$k wouldn’t you? It’s Stevie Nicks we’re talking about here.

Enough said. See you there!

For much more on tomorrow night’s Stevie Visions, twirl it out right here.

To show your love for the on going efforts of Philly’s Planned Parenthood, check this out. 

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