Groove of the Weekend/Jennifer Lopez/Big Pun/Fat Joe/”Feelin’ So Good”

While there are many burning questions we all may have closing out the first week of April like….will the Phillies take it all the way to the World Series this year after this week’s opening kick off, err, tee off, err, sports games?

Just how much Aqua Net will Ms. Brittany Lynn go through during this weekend’s Nostalgia Fest?

And after this week’s latest overseas developments….will we f#$king live to see another Monday? 

But no matter the unexpected curveballs or missiles life tends to throw in our direction (and it do, kids), one thing that’s for certain is that as long we have those dear, sweet grooves by our side we can, scratch that, we shall get through anything and everything. 

Ms. J.Lo’s fourth On the 6 single, “Feelin’ So Good” provides the perfect answer to that hypothesis, whether it’s from the delicious Strafe “Set it Off” sample, that classic Big Pun/Fat Joe rap battle that’s laced in between or the coveted dance break that’s straight up served for us in its accompanying Bronx set music video, all of “Feelin’ So Good” indeed still makes us feel so damn good no matter what. 

So, when you find that twenty-dollar bill (actually…let’s make it a hundred) on the ground after getting your hair did,  don’t you dare think about jumping the subway turn style because Septa will never allow it, but instead jump right into the weekend because it’s here and is waiting for you on the dance floor of this fabulous wig called life. 

Come on, let’s dance. Enough said. 



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