Forgot About Friday/Cobra Starship/Leighton Meester

While we didn’t know shit about Cobra Starship or where the fuck they come from (they’re from NYC and actually parted ways just last year) what we do know (or sort of remember) is that there have been many, many summer nights boozin’ along to their Billboard Hot 100 smashes, “Good Girls Go Bad” co-starring Leighton Meester, “You Make Me Feel” co-starring Sabi (who’s also Brit Brit’s “Drop Dead Beautiful” co-diva) , the fist-pump worthy “#1 Night,” and the no doubt Philly themed, “Hot Mess.” 

There’s also a guarantee that it’s been at least five years since you worked it out to any of the tracks listed above, so why waste any time….just dive in like you did at the bar that night in your ’20s as you were gettin’ your Cobra Starship life. It was the best. 

And speaking of the fabulous Ms. Leighton Meester, we absolutely can’t leave out the short lived music career of everyone’s favorite Gossip Girl diva (all shade, Ms. Blake), who delivered a pair of sugar coated pop singles–“Somebody to Love” and “Your Love’s a Drug–, one eh cover of “Christmas(Baby Please Come Home)” and one twangin’ country album, Heartstringsthat most people wouldn’t know was out unless they looked on Spotify. #itsthere 

Coincidentally, Ms. Meester’s music career was never heard from again after she stole the spotlight, err, acted alongside Gwyneth Paltrow in Country Strong, but anyway…who cares? Let’s dance along with Leighton once again…you know you want to. 

Happy Forgot About Friday! 

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