The 10:All About Betty Who

On Monday night, sassy and sauce-y Australian pop diva, the always fabulous, Betty Who, is about to hit the stage at Union Transfer (730 pm, 1028 Spring Garden St.) for a show (and in support of her fantastic new album, The Valley) that’s guaranteed to cash your Philly live performance paycheck and start your week off in the most incredible way. 

Although there might be a few of you out there who’re absolutely aware of everything the cheeky Aussie pop goddess has to offer (she’s blessed the City of Brotherly Love with her magnetic presence quite a few times), there also be might a few if you out there who’re saying “who??” to the likes of the quirky, ready, happy music business provided by Ms. Betty Who

And if that’s the case…read this and then grab those tickets. Because you must. 

1.She’s got love for “Somebody” and everybody….  As any proper pop diva do, Betty Who first got our fabulous attention when her cheeky, rainbow kissed life banger, “Somebody Loves You,” was featured in a Home Depot video featuring two fine young boys who got engaged, got hitched (she also went to her wedding…break some mugs with Betty right here) and lived happily ever after. 

While there are truly no words to describe how god damn cute this stunning viral clip was and always will be…we do have one thing to say…”Yaaaaas, Betty Who queens, yaaaas.” 

2.Because we must always respect our music divas from down under…   Kylie Minogue & Olivia Newton John. No further statements. 

3.Her debut album, ‘Take Me When You Go,’ is nothing shirt of werk.   In 2014, Mizz Betty released her stellar debut set, Take Me When You Go, and, well, it’s nothing short of fucking amazing. From start to finish, not only does each tantalizing track showcase just how dazzling she and those pulsating pipes truly are, but each shimmering pop ditty plays out like a music dream, flowing along and taking you on a real music ride.

The perfect mix of light rock, ’80s beats and punch-ey synths, Who’s freshman set will not only get you all up in a music kitchen dance party, but it’s just light enough to bring you down at the end of a disco blessed night. Album standouts, “Runaways,” “High Society,” “Alone Again,” “Somebody Loves You,” and Philly Mixtape‘s favorite, “All Of You,” will take your breath away…and leave you wanting more. Which is the best part of it all. Go on Spotify or wherever tickles your music streaming fancy and get lost in it all…right now. Seriously. But read the rest of the list before you Go...

4.Her cover of Donna Lewis’ ’90s smash, ‘I Love You Always Forever” is……   god damn life within itself. Just listen…and prepare to get lost. And if there’s anyone who needs a reading, err, less the fab Ms. Lewis, go right here. right now. That’s an order.  

5.Seriously, though….   

6.Those moves from her recent “Mama Say” video….  Killer. Enough said. Now, dance. 

7.This….  Get ready to feel all sorts of “Wonderful,” indeed. 

8.Her 2013 single, ‘You’re in Love,” will make you feel tingly all over   Try not to fall in, um, love with those powerful vocal arrangements and that undeniable power rock ballad prowess. Or the fine gentleman featured in the accompanying music video, either. 

9.And of course, one more time…. Because…life. 

10.Do you really need another Ms. Who fact?   Absolutely not. Now, grab those tickets to her show at Union Transfer Monday night and prepare to blown away…because you most certainly will be. 





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