Philly Show Review:Betty Who at Union Transfer

So, Aussie pop diva Betty Who really loves to perform, you guys. 

No, she really, really, really loves to perform and make the stage–as well as the audience–her bitch for the night in the most fabulous way possible. 

Just ask the many, many throngs of fans who packed it in at Union Transfer for her show in support of her excellent and delicious new album, The Valley, and they’ll tell you that she takes no prisoners when it comes to that stage…and we lived for every woke moment of Ms. Who real that was served out last night. 

Launching an hour long set that included pretty much every song from Valley (hey there, “Mama Say,” “You Can Cry Tomorrow,” “Free to Fly” and sigh…”I Love You Always Forever”), as well as rainbow kissed thunder, “Somebody Loves You,” and a fancy fine display talents of the guitar. Who knew? All of us. 

But of course, we must show all of the love to those fucking pulsating live pipes (seriously, tho) and fucking fierce dance moves that were matched perfectly to the two muscular backup dancers who equally stole the show because, well, ay, dios mio. Speaking of..hey there, Mr. Tattoos. #callme

And the moment she remembered a fan from a show in Boston? (hey, Kevin!) Fucking priceless. 

But the true spotlight stealer of the night were the tears that flowed in Ms. Betty Who‘s eyes during the whole set because of all of the love that was felt from the crowdin which you now know it must have been one hell of a show at Union Transfer last night. 

That’s because it most certainly was. Yes, Ms. Betty Who….yaaas. 

For much, much more on Betty Who, read this and stay tuned for her grand return to Philly because she’ll most certainly be back.  


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