Music Tea w/Angelica Garcia

If you were one of the many, many throngs of fans who packed it in at Boot & Saddle (1131 S. Broad St.) last week to revel in the quirky, twangy, woke live music vibes provided by alternative country singer, Angelica Garcia, you already know that it was quite a show. 

Not only does Ms. Garcia capture the essence and poise of what it’s like to be a young professional in the industry, but at just twenty-three years old, she’s also just, like, a hell of a lot of fun to sit and spill some good old fashioned music tea with as well. 

All of these elements will not only bode Angelica well as she carries on with her destiny and continues her current tour (which sees her in Nashville tonight and will hit parts of Virginia this weekend and beyond, so grab those tickets), but they were clearly evident when she stopped by Philly Mixtape for a chat about life, her love for the craft and which records will permanently influence her truly one-of-a-kind music world. 

Spill it up with Miss Angelica Garcia below. 

First up, spill for everybody a little bit about your music background… I was born and raised in L.A. and the art, Latin American, Mexican American culture influenced me growing up as a part of everyday life. When I was a teenager, I moved to Virginia with my parents because my Dad was going from being an L.A. music guy to transitioning to being a Pisicipal priest. 

Wow, that really is quite a transition…. Yeah, I know! It was a pretty big thing to deal with. There were so many things that ended up changing in our lives that eventually added up to this really big mega change. I guess something about growing up with that transition really impacted me not just in a musical way, but also in a way of how there’s really no idea of a “normal life.” And when you go through a transition like that, it just kind of flips everything on top of its head, especially because those two worlds are so completely opposite. But the move really made me appreciate this whole other side of life. 

Okay, so I was checking out some of your music, and I’m sure I’m aging myself all the way here, but I get this whole Alanis meets Courtney Love meets KT Tunstall vibe with maybe a dash of Melissa Etheridge. Do any of those fabulous ladies influence you? That’s funny! I would say I’m influenced by Courtney Barnett and I grew up listening to a lot of White Stripes and a lot of old country music. And when I recorded my first album with [bandmate] Charlie, I think the modern alternative country twist came a lot from being at his studio in Nashville. I’m also a really big Lucinda Williams fan–she’s freakin awesome–and I guess that’s the one thing that’s so hard for me is that I love so many different musicians and different kinds of musicians! 

Let’s talk about your first album for a moment. It truly is a different style than your latest set. That [first] album was so specific and even when I play it live now with my band it sounds a little bit different. I’m twenty-three now and I made it when I was twenty, even though it doesn’t seem like a lot of time, I’ve heard from several people who say your early twenties are the biggest changing point in your life. I’m definitely happy and proud that I have a first album out and that it has a cohesive feeling to it, but I don’t even play it the same way I recorded it. But I’m okay with that..the evolution, if you will! 

Now, as thrilling as a music ride can be, it also comes with its share of hardships at times. So, how about one thing you’ve been through in your career that was maybe the hardest part for you to get through… I‘ve been on my own a lot and part of that was when I first moved to Virginia with my parents. They were off at work all day and there weren’t a lot of people around who were my age, and the people who were my age I couldn’t really relate to them because they would go hunting with their parents and I had never shot a gun or done anything like that! There were just a lot of cultural differences that made it hard for me to connect with people. But it taught me how to truly be on my own and do something constructive and give my music the attention it deserved. 

One last sip, and this one seems to stump everyone, so no shade, I promise! Shout out a few records that you absolutely can’t function without…  Oh, wow! Yes! I would say….Tonight’s the Night by Neil Young…..Get Behind Me Satan by The White Stripes….and Exile on Main Street by Rolling Stones! There’s definitely a lot more, but those three have definitely influenced me the most. For sure! 

For much, much more with the lovely and talented Angelica Garcia, check out her official website right here

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