Music Tea w/Madelin


Let’s face it, in today’s ever oh, so changing music and entertainment (and sometimes frustratingly so) industry, it’s a word that certainly gets lost within it…all.

Drama and bullshit aside, of course. 

Lucky for all of us red-hot and rising pop star Madelin is rising above it all, serving us with a fresh sound and a style that will give you the time of your gender bended life…and you’ll love every god damn second of it. 

Whether it’s the in your face realness of her buzzworthy, gurl single “Good List,” her truly one-of-a-kind original style and sound or her all around humble demeanor, Madelin is the truth of a new generation, kids. 

And guess what? She’s bringing it all front-and-center just for you for what’s sure to be a spectacular show at The Barbary (730 pm, 951 Frankford Ave) tonight. But before she pretty much owns ya life, Madelin stopped by Philly Mixtape for a spot of Saturday music tea, breaking mugs about her past club kid life, life in general and what the term “gender bending” means to her. 

Take a seat at the music tea table with Ms. Madelin for your weekend…you’ll be glad you did. 

Kicking off our fabulous spill, going back to your early days, what was that one moment where you knew that being a performer was what you wanted to do? It’s hard to pinpoint a single moment. I feel like I was born with the impulse to perform. I can remember singing a song I had made up to my 2nd grade class and feeling absolutely amazing about it. I think I became addicted to the feeling I got from performing. I sort of built my life around it.

Spill for everyone how your “club kid” background has influenced you in your career….by the way….I’m a former one so I totally respect the culture.  I love playing dress up. The club kid scene is essentially dress up for “grown ups”. Being a part of the New York club scene is invigorating. I get so inspired by the insanely creative looks I see when I go out. It’s all about creating a visual fantasy. It influences my music in the same way it influences my style. I love to bring different seemingly juxtaposing elements together to create something that sounds or looks new.

Now, a spill that always stumps everyone……shout out three records you absolutely can’t live and breathe without….Vespertine by Bjork…….Graceland by Paul Simon……Mama’s Gun by Erykah Badu

Fabulous choices! Okay, so what words of wisdom do you personally have for anyone who’s trying to make sense of today’s seemingly bat shit crazy world? Get off Facebook and get into a hobby….[and] cooking is fun!

What words of advice would you give to any performance artist who decided right this second to jump start into the crazy entertainment business? Make sure you have honest people around you. Take your time and create a fully formulated concept before you put it out into the world. Patience pays off.

Moving on to tonight’s show, what can your fans expect when you take over the Barbary? They can expect me to put my whole heart and soul into the performance. I have so much fun when I’m on stage. My goal for every show is to have the maximum amount of fun I can so that everyone in the crowd feels like they can relax and have a fun too.

In your own words, define “gender bending.” Gender bending to me means having fun with gender and society’s constructs of gender through self-expression. The idea of gender being bendable is kind of funny to me because it implies that gender is a thing that definitely exists. Being a young person surrounded by all types of people who resonate with gender fluidity in a place like New York has shown me that gender is something we create, not that we’re born with. It’s a manmade concept which means its flawed so we might as well have fun with it!

One last sip, describe your sound, style and performance aura in one word. Airy 

For much, much more with Ms. Madelin, go right here, right now and to bag those tickets up to tonight’s show at The Barbary groove it on out right here. 

For much, much more Philly Mixtape goings on and then some this weekend and then some, dance it on over right here and hurr. 

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