Groove of the Day/Lady Soul/”If My Sister’s in Trouble”

Gird all of the halos and habits and get ready to heave all of the Mother Superior shade you can muster (of course, there’s never enough, thank you Maggie Smith and Buckwheat Bertha, of course), because everyone’s favorite movie in the whole entire world, Sister Act, is celebrating a quarter-of-a-century of makin’ good music for our oh, so sinful lives. 

So, to celebrate such a heavenly occasion (it really is, right Sister Mary Patrick?), Philly Mixtape will be serving up a special commemorative piece tomorrow that will be spillng all sorts of Ms. Whoopi tea and then some, while gettin’ down with all of that spiritual music truth and exposing the real Sister Mary Robert.

No shade, Ms. Wendy Mackenna, no shade. 

But before we get lost in the Sister Act heavens for the twentieth time this week (like it’s not), the classic film’s theme R&B laced theme song, “If My Sister’s in Trouble,” will not only have you wondering out loud just what the hell (ooops..sorry, Sister) happened to Lady Soul (and that definitely-from-’92 wardrobe), but it will cement the truth that Sister Act is truly just…that…movie. 




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