Holiday Tea w/DJ Jimmy DePre

The rumors are true…’re getting a gigantic lump of coal in your stocking this year. 

But besides stating the obvious (because we’ve all been a little naughty this year, right?), there’s one thing that you may not believe is true but indeed it oh, so, is because he’s back

Yes, that’s right all of you fabulous dancing kids, kweens, guys and gals, resident Tavern on Camac beat master, DJ Jimmy DePre, is back for a visit from his new stomping grounds of San Fran to his former post and is going to make sure you get on the floor tonight as if your name is J-to-the-L-to-the-O. 

Which if anyone out there is aware of his dance music domination (which indeed is every one, and if it’s not, you betta), you know you’re about to break a sweat for Santa. But before you put on those dancing heels, take a seat alongside Mr. DePre as he recently made his grand return to the Philly Mixtape tea table where he broke fancy Lennox tea mugs about life on the West Coast and so much more. 

Take a seat, take a sip, take a smoke, or whatever makes you clever, and then sashay onto that floor because Mr. DePre is back and respect and attention must be paid right about….now. 

So, Mr. DePre, in the name of Rihanna, where have you been, why are you back and why the f#$k did you leave us? I’ve been across the bay from San Francisco in Oakland, California. Five years ago I visited SF for the first time and instantly felt this strong attraction. I came back to DJ here a year later and over the next four years continued to come out to visit and to spin. Each visit, the time between trips became smaller and smaller and I knew I had to get my ass out here permanently. This past summer, it finally happened. I’m back in Philly now to visit family and friends for the holidays and to play a few guests spots at my old residency, Tavern on Camac.

What it is about San Francisco music scene that you decided, yas, kween, this is where I want to be? The music scene and the community that comes along with it is what drew me here. Then there’s the no snow thing…..that was certainly the added bonus.

Okay, so, besides Mariah, what is one holiday groove that personally warms your Grinch-like spirit every holiday season? Actually, I have almost no tolerance for holiday music. It’s just not my thing. That said, one of the few I can stand is “Dominic The Donkey” by Lou Monte. It’s a Philadelphia holiday classic and reminds me of home and that certainly makes me smile.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be all about holiday albums as there are other options. So, which non-holiday record do you turn to from
start to finish when things get a little too “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’ in your life this time of year? 
That’s constantly changing for me. I’m always on the lookout for something that’s new to my ears that I can get lost in for a little while. Recently, that album for me has been Phase from Australian band, Mildlife. I just can’t get enough of it. Every time I reach the end of it, my whole mood is where I like it to be: great.

As research as shown, nothin’ gets Grandma on St. Nick’s lap other than a nice, shiny holiday disco groove. So, if you were to dig in those crates for a moment and serve up one holiday-kissed disco goodie that you think all of the kids and kweens of the world should be gettin’ down to at the office holiday party, what would it be? The only I can think of is the instrumental side of Kurtis Blow’s 1979 12” single, “Christmas Rappin,” which you’ll recognize as the song Next sampled in their 1997 Number 1 hit, “Too Close.”

So, you know what else research has shown? That it’s hard out there for a creative bitch and we have to double up on our $5 sunglasses sometimes to block all of that shade to keep on movin’ like Soul 2 Soul. So, which advice would you personally give to all of the fabulous up-and-coming DJs out there to help keep their head held high into next year and beyond? Always keep growing. Pay attention to your crowd. Go out and support other DJs. Don’t isolate yourself into only what you’re doing and playing. Listen to what other folks are playing. Watch their crowd’s reaction in the same way you watch your crowd’s reaction to songs. There’s always new music to discover. Even when it feels like there’s not, there is. You just have to look. Also, don’t be afraid of change because it’s going to happen so keep moving.

Sum up your year in one word or sassy little phrase…  Life-changing

Before we hit the TOC floor, we must spill about Mizz Grande because girlfriend has had that year. For one last sip, serve up your personal
favorite Ms. Grande refire of 2018 and then plain-and-simple…..let’s fucking dance. “No Tears Left To Cry” was the one of the year for me. I played the hell out of both the Junior Sanchez and Eric Kupper mixes. Sanchez created one bad-ass vibe for his mix that just grabs a hold of you and Eric Kupper built this beautiful, classic mix that really made Ariana’s vocals shine even more than they already were.

And there you have it. For much more with Mr. DePre, head on over to Tavern on Camac this evening for the best dance party….of ya life. 





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