6 Reasons Why ‘Gremlins’ Is Indeed a Holiday Movie…

Elf…….White Christmas…...Home Alone….National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation..Love, Actually.….Four Christmases……The Simpson’s Christmas Special, and of course, Holiday in Handcuffs starring Melissa Joan Hart and Mario Lopez

By now, you’ve watched each of these holiday classics (plus hundreds more on the Hallmark Channel..literally) let’s say, a few dozen times. 

But there’s one holiday film that you might have overlooked as we all tend to do every year–the 1980s box office smash, Gremlins

While yes, it’s labeled as “comedy horror,” and it was released in the summer (June 10th, 1984, to be exact), but if you dive a tad bit deeper into the wonderfully weird world of the Mogwai and everything that comes with it (those cocoons…what a mess! ), you’ll see that Gremlins is one, um, hell of a holiday movie…..or is it? 

Of course, the debate will continue on for years to come, but these Stripe-worthy six reasons below just might plead the case.

And you still better follow those rules, Billy. 

1.Gizmo for life…..   So, raise your hand if you still sleep with your Gizmo doll from back-in-the-day?  Since that answer is indeed all of us, let’s talk about our dear, sweet, cuddly, spawning friend for a moment. Those ears! Those eyes! That voice! Bright light! Bright light! If only Gizmo was real would he still make the absolute perfect pet for anyone, well, you know minus the whole hatching thing. But either way, if this clip of Billy meeting Gizmo for the first time doesn’t melt your holiday heart, then you truly are a Grinch and a Scrooge all rolled into one. 

2. It’s a message of what happens when you’re naughty during the holidays…..  Kids, let this be a permanent lesson to you during the holidays. If you’re naughty and don’t follow the rules, all kind of sh@t is going to go down. And what are those rules when it comes to a Mogwai? Never get it wet, expose it to light or feed it after midnight. Uh…oh…..and no, Santa definitely doesn’t stop by houses where things are hatching…so, you better follow those rules, kids! Or…this. 

3.This joyful scene, though…..   Because nothin’ says the holidays more like your Mom getting attacked by a Gremlin in a Christmas tree….classic. 

4.Do you hear….that?  Of course, we always tremble with a little fear every time we hear “Do You Hear What I Hear” as it was the holiday groove that was playing in the background when the little buggers we’re terrorizing Mom and we get the infamous “Get out of my kitchen!” line. Now, ask yourself, how many times have you heard this treasured song this time of year and wondered if somehow, somewhere….the pods were in fact…..hatching. 

5.The in-laws are coming….   Picture it…Christmas Eve….the doorbell rings….it’s them. Press play on the irresistible Gremlins theme song and it’s a guarantee that it will coincide with your family’s grand entrance. Kind of like when you play Pink Floyd and The Wizard of Oz together. Let the in-law terror begin! And may you have a little fun with them as well thanks to Gremlins

6.Because holiday movie art is subjective….  See also Die Hard, Batman Returns, and any other joyous film debate that isn’t a debate about, ya know, that other shit around your holiday table this year. Because really, it’s these kind of debates are just too much fun for the whole family! 

Happy holidaze, and may you be able to contain the Gremlin inside you this holiday season! 





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