Table Talk w/DJ Chris Urban

What do Franky Bradley‘s, L’Etage, Tavern on Camac and Positano Coast all have in common? 

Besides being all fabulous Philly places to go and get your party on and stuff, they’re also all of the places that one of the City of Brotherly Love’s hardest werkin’ DJs, Mr. Chris Urban, serves out his unique buffet of beats every weekend for all of us to get down to….

….and that we most certainly do when it comes to this explosive DJ Daddy

You may also find Chris at the address of 1724 Passyunk Avenue, which has quickly become well-known around the town as iLL Exotics, a joint small business venture he shares with his partner, the equally yaaas, Mr. Franco Franchina

And what might one find there, you might ask? How about an incredible collection of the sexiest plants, reptiles and amphibians that you’ll ever get to be all sorts of up-and-close-and-personal with. Intrigued? You absolutely should be. 

But what really makes DJ Chris Urban a true class act in this groovy city of ours is that, quite simply….he’s just a really, really good guy, bro. 

You’ll all get to pick his cheery vibe up right away as the superstar beat maestro took time from his busy slaying-our-lives schedule for a little Philly Mixtape Table Talk action where he threw mugs across the room and spilled all about his business, and of course, those beats. 

Now, take a seat, actually, get on the local dance floors because DJ Chris Urban is speaking…and the whole entire city of Philadelphia has certainly been listening. 

Okay, so crackin’ open this Mariah approved cupboard of hot tea on such a winter’s day, let’s pour it out and heat things up with a little business biz…about your growing small business, iLL Exotics. Basically…who, what, where, when and why? Spill it all….  ILLExotics is the baby of my partner, Franco, and I. We specialize in house plants, captive bred reptiles & amphibians and everything to house  and successful care for one! We launched our website (check this…now) at the top of 2018 and opened our brick and mortar mid-June at 1724 East Passyunk ave. [It’s] located inside Floral & Fauna, a shared space with our florist friend Creations by Coppola. We have BYO Terrarium building classes in our space every weekend that you can sign up for on our website as well as educational outreach bringing all the cool things in our store to schools in the Philadelphia area to share our passion with future generations! 
What has your experience been like with the rollout this past year?  In complete honesty it’s been hectic! The ball is rolling and we are doing our best to keep up with it. The neighborhood has been super supportive, and we have a lot of big plans for the future. 
Okay….time to hit the floor with some grooves. It’s also a new year, so it’s time to keep the motivation gang. What’s one album or albums that you blast off to keep your creative self fresh and ready?  Not really an album yet–hopefully she has one in store for us soon–but “Made for Now” by Miss Janet Jackson has been my track for this new year. I’ve got several fire remixes that I drop occasionally in the club … but if you’re looking for motivation in this new year, Janet won’t let you down. 

What words of wisdom would you give to the aspiring DJs out there who may be picking up those coveted headphones for the first time this year?  If this is your first time on the decks – dive in and learn your instrument and craft. Practice your fundamentals till its effortless and muscle memory, that’s a great start.
So, I’ve been sewin’ my former DJ oats lately and have been diving through the ol’ collection…and I’m sure you can agree…there’s nothing better! So, what are some of your favorite throwbacks that you think all of the kiddies and kweens of the world should get down to right now?
…….Ciara/”1,2 Step”

…..Missy Elliot/CiCi/Fatman Scoop/”Lose Control”

…….Mary J Blige/”Real Love”/Biggie Remix 

And of course where can everybody witness you serve it out this year and any future floor ownership plans you can spill…now.
1st and 4th Fridays at Franky Bradleys (10 pm)………..2nd and 3rd Fridays at Tavern on Camac (10 pm)………Saturdays at L’Etage (10 pm)……..Sundays for Bottomless Brunch at Positano Coast (12pm-4pm). 
One last sip…describe your 2019 agenda in one word or phrase. Rise Above & Slay.
And there you have it. Now, let’s dance along with DJ Chris Urban for the rest of our motha f@#kin’ lives, shall we? Always. 

Are you dying for a little Table Talk with Philly Mixtape? (it’s like The View, but music instead of politics)
Then join the pham right here and here and let’s destroy some Lennox! 
Cover photo courtesy of DJ Chris Urban, bro 


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