Grammy Performance of the Day/Madonna/’Nothing Really Matters”

Madonna, meet Ricky…….Ricky, meet Madonna…….

……..and, well, that’s pretty much how it happened at the 1999 Grammy Awards

Of course, the mucho caliente and ridiculously gigantic IT we’re spilling about here is the Latin Music Explosion (J.Lo!Enrique!Marc!Ay dios mio!) that occurred when the one-and-only Mr. Ricky Martin served us pelvic thrusting life with his Earth shattering performance of his globally gobbling single, “The Cup of Life.”

Although that performance (we’re still on the floor two decades later)was enough to cement the soon-to-be “Livin La Vida Loca” superstar’s arrival into our lives, Ricky oh, so quickly rose to icon status thanks to his new hugely obsessed fan and bestie, Madonna.

The Material Mom (shout out to a then two-and-a-half year old Ms. Lourdes!!) had already rightfully snatched the evening to call her baby, so why not Mr. Martin, too? And that’s what she certainly did. 

Already serving us reinvented life with a Geisha draped (and flame twirling!) opening performance of “Nothing Really Matters,” the Kabbalah Kween also went to add a few more Grammys to her already shining mantle(s) that blessed evening, including ones for Best Dance Recording for “Ray of Light,” and Best Pop Album for the absolutely still magnificent record of the same name. 

But perhaps the best part of it all? This was Madonna’s….get ready…first ever Grammy appearance. Now, that’s some snatching it all, right? Well played, Madge, well-played.

Of course, that’s why we’ll always live for our beloved Queen of Pop and for this truly memorable Grammy moment in music time. And may we always strive to live that vida loca because of it…always. 

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The 61st Annual Grammy Awards air this Sunday night, February 10th at 8 pm ET. Check your local listings!! 

Cover photo courtesy of Telemundo 



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