Grammy Performance of the Day/Jennifer Hudson/”I Will Always Love You”

Okay, so, it’s never the Philly Mixtape intention to rip apart anybody’s world at any time during the groove-filled day, but a week-long Grammys tea without spilling about this performance would be simply unfathomable and a dishonor to our dearly departed, Ms. Whitney Houston.

In other words, grab that 

It may be still very hard to believe (it is..)but this upcoming February 11th will mark seven years since the tragic passing of our beloved Whitney that fateful night at the Beverly Hills Hotel during Grammys weekend. It also marks that long ago (seriously, how??) that a visibly shaken Jennifer Hudson served, delivered and conquered a haunting tribute to her–and our–idol with a life shattering rendition of “I Will Always Love You” that none of us–not even Whitney her heavenly self–will ever forget anytime soon. 

If you have your Nippy pearls handy, put them on before you watch because thy will be clutched when it comes to this incredible Grammy moment.

We will always love you, Ms. Whitney Houston.

The 61st Annual Grammy Awards air this Sunday night, February 10th at 8 pm ET on CBS. 





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