Forgot About Friday/Alannah Myles

If we’ve said it before, we’ll say it a million more god damn times…..oh, the f@@king ’90s….

….how much do we still adore the beloved decade? 

Not only was it the calm before the social media storm of the ’00s that still runs/destroys our everyday lives, but it was also a fantastic decade for music…..and any genre, mind you. Yes, pop, dance, country (hey, Billy Ray!), teeny bopper beats, Eifel 65, rap, hip hop, baby makin’ beats, grunge, college rock, R&B, Milli didn’t matter. Any genre of music in the ’90s was acceptable and we lived and loved each of all of it the same all the way down to our classic Real McCoy running man moves. 

But of course, due to the fact that it was such a mixed bag of music life all of the time, the blessed decade certainly served out its feast of one-hit wonders….here’s lookin’ at you… Jeremy Jordan, Chumbawumba, Shawn Colvin, Los Del Rio and a slew of other now defunct music acts who’ll most likely be featured in this column as the years goes on blessed be we never forget any of them

Of course, there were those rare breed of one smash superstars that shall never, ever be forgotten, case in your karaoke lives music point, Canadian rock diva Alannah Myles and a little (okay, gigantic!!) sensual, smokehouse certified mid tempo jam called “Black Velvet.” 

After getting her start in Toronto alongside songwriting partner Christopher Ward and getting nowhere, Myles recorded a demo and shot a video for the track “Just One Kiss,” which got the attention of several record labels and certainly put her and those raspy, ready vocals (and lovely black curls!!) to the forefront.

While lead single “Love Is” from Myles self-titled 1989 freshman album made her the biggest-selling debut in Canadian history, it was absolutely follow-up single “Black Velvet” that not only smashed records in her native Canada, but around the world as well, topping the music charts in several countries, including the Billboard Hot 100 where “Black Velvet” lassoe-d in two weeks at the number one spot in early 1990.

Oh, here’s something you’ll certainly savor…Myles also won the Grammy in 1991 for Best Female Rock Performance.…yes. 

However, after her tantalizing tune faded off the charts, as did the memory of her, and by the time follow-up record Rockinghorse was released in 1992 (she’s also released records all the way up to 2014’s 85 RPM), the rock songstress seemed to have already slipped into one-hit wonder land.

But, let’s face it, that one, they certainly don’t make solid grooves like “Black Velvet” anymore, and two, well, that’s it because they certainly don’t and we should never, ever forget the pulsating power that will permanently plugged into Ms. Alannah Myles and her signature smash…ever. 

Let’s rock on and reminisce.

Alannah Myles cover photo courtesy of those ’90s memories, man. 

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