Forgot About Friday/soulDecision

That collective release of music life air can certainly be interpreted in many ways when it comes to today’s long since, um, faded from the Billboard music charts subjects, Canadian pop trio, soulDecision…and yes, it’s phrased out just like that. 
For one, aren’t these fine-tuned boys still just so American Eagle/frosted tips worthy and adorbs? And two, where the f@#k did they go?? 

Getting their start in Vancouver,
soulDecisionvocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Trevor Guthrie, vocalist David Bowman, and keyboardist Ken Lewko–served out their first record, No One Does It Better, in 2000 with the production help of Charles Fisher, a famed pop producer who also worked with likes of Savage Garden and Ace of Base. Yes.

Their debut ditty, the ingenious “Faded,” was a chart topping smash in Canada, and would eventually crossover on into U.S. charts thanks to the heavy rotation the accompanying video received on a little show called TRL. Hey, Carson! And admit it, you know you where there in Times Square making sure “Faded” stayed on the countdown until it was officially retired.
And that cameo rap by rapper’s it go? Yo, it’s priceless. 
After the success of “Faded,” soulDecision released follow-up single, “Oooh it’s Kind of Crazy,” which was just as equally delish as its predecessor. The slinky groove fared moderate on the charts and kept the group momentum going…..for just a little bit longer until soulDecision were never heard from again.

Actually, that’s not exactly true…the trio did release their sophomore set, Shady Satin Drug, in 2004, and well, after that they were basically never heard from again as they have yet to release any new material since. 
But you have to admit, “Faded” is one hell of a  TRL worthy flow that we should never, ever forget about. Actually, wait, none of us early ’00s kids and kweens never have because let’s face it, most of us are still crunching on all things soulDecision..and that makes this delightful music memory quite alright for your Forgot About Friday night. 
Happy weekend! 

For many more music memories that we’ll never be able to live without, kick back and reminisce right here and here with Philly Mixtape 

Soul Decision cover photo courtesy of Spotify 

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