Table Talk w/Liam Tobin of ‘The Book of Mormon’

If you’ve phelt that Philly seems a little less angelic today than usual, one, blame it on the rain like Milli Vanilli, and two, it’s because the side splitting Broadway spectacle that was–and will certainly always be–the traveling national tour of Tony Award snatcher, The Book of Mormon, has packed up after a glory-us two week reign at the Academy of Music, and will now holy roll its way into Toronto, Las Vegas, San Diego, and Salt Lake City, naturally.

These past two weeks, Trey Parker and Matt Stone‘s box office/gut destroying Great White Way wonder about religion, friendships, cultural differences, pretty much everything that makes you think, not only catered to sold out audiences every single night, but it proved to the mighty heavens above to be funny as shhh….

……we can’t even hear all of the jokes because everyone is laughing so God damn hard, which is why audiences crave The Book of Mormon and want to see it again and again…

….or maybe because it’s just a really, really spectacular show. Of course, it also doesn’t hurt to agree with the fact that while Philly and basically the whole God forsaken world are changing everyday around us, we can always depend on entertainment to take us there to get away from all of that…and that’s exactly what The Book of Mormon did at the Academy of Music these past few weeks.

So, in a holy word..please, please come 

And we must give a halo or fifty (and some steak knives??) to the incredible cast and crew, in particular Broadway superstar, Mr. Liam Tobin, who not only stole our hearts as lead Elder Price every single night, but he’s just so damn cute and quite the gentlemen..and a newlywed…and he played Buddy the Elf!! 

So, while we’re all still reveling in gratitude for what The Book of Mormon did for all of us (thank you, again), get to know Liam just a little bit more as he sat down with Philly Mixtape while he was here and spilled some entertaining tea just about God damn everything. Now, take a seat and enjoy..because he is watching. 

Kicking off our spill, break some mugs for everyone on what it’s like to be in, well, this show. It’s a dream. It’s always great to have a job, but let alone such a great one! I’ve been a fan of Matt and Trey for so long and of the show for years! I [was] trying to get into it for such a long time. So, now to be playing Elder Price is kind of surreal for me.

There’s simply no denying that the show might hit a holy nerve or two along the way for those who haven’t seen it in all of it’s comedy glory, so what would you say about the whole audience experience and why it truly works for pure entertainment? It’s a great’s so much fun. One of the best things is that we get to take it around the country and see the [different] audience reactions where ever we go and it’s amazing that it’s pretty much the same….people laughing their faces off for a couple of hours and having an awesome time! It can be profane or inappropriate at times and, you know, it’s got that South Park brand of humor on it, but what draws people to keep coming back is that there are great messages underpinning the show of friendship, acceptance and love. The show can basically be whatever you believe as long as it’s making the world a better place, than I think that’s valid, too.

Any pressure on doing a show of this caliber? Not to mention the fact that it’s beyond sold out every night….There’s always a bit of pressure because it comes with the territory…but I feel like a lot of us thrive on that pressure and go for it. Also, it’s just a lot of fun to do and it’s a really good time for us up there on the stage…it’s truly a privilege to do this every night!

Just to spill some personal tea…I see you got married last year…congrats! How does your fabulous wife Danielle handle your crazy touring schedule all of the time? Actually…she’s in the business as well and she’s on tour with me now! It’s been awesome and a real game changer.

You’ve also got quite the acting resume…West Side Story, Beautiful:The Carole King Musical, just to name an esteemed few. But if there’s one role you must explore a bit deeper for everyone right this very second is…..what was it like to play Buddy the Elf??? That was a blast. It was awesome because usually when you’re in the rehearsal room and you start goofing off, and they’re like, ‘Okay, guys…it’s time to settle down and get back to it,’ that show was kind of like…wait a have to use that goofiness. It was a great release. 

So, as creative artists, we’re prone to learning from our mistakes the hard way..for sure. What is one lesson or lessons that you’ve learned along the way that have not only helped you grow as a performer and artist, but as a person as well? The one thing that I will say is that I’ve definitely put my foot in my mouth plenty of times over the years. I always try to think before I speak…which has definitely helped me out! But, you know, just have to learn. 

Any words of wisdom you can spill for all future stage spotlight owners out there? There can be a lot of hard days in this business…unemployment is another one you have to prepare yourself for. Things don’t work out more often than they do. But..when they do…it can be the most rewarding experience that you can have. As long as you can stick through the hard times…because there will be hard times…I think it’s a really good life. But just realize the reality that the next job isn’t always around the corner. 

One last Book of Mormon mug shatter…describe…it all in one word or sassy phrase. Laugh your face off…because that’s truly been the experience with this show every night.

And that we most certainly did.

For much more with the oh, so talented Mr. Liam Tobin and the rest of the incredible cast of the traveling Broadway tour of The Book of Mormon, check all of this out right here to see if they’re taking over a city near you!

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