• 10 Victor Calderone Rewerks Everyone Should Have in Their Collection

    In what is going to be a jam packed next few days in Philly including the NFL Draft and Penn Relays, legendary DJ Victor Calderone will be taking over Rumor (10 pm/1500 Sansom) this Friday night to help ease the tensions from all that impending traffic and all those Uber/Lyft surcharges for a set that’s guaranteed to

  • All of the May Local Drag Tea w/Miss Brittany Lynn

    Good morning kids! Yassss for Spring time and multi-colored poop from Unicorn Fraps thanks to Starbucks, and their insidious ploy to kill the gays with sugars they would normally never DARE consume! That’s a major marketing success when gays won’t eat a bagel but they will drink the equivalent of three large snickers bars-just to

  • Groove of the Evening/Mýa/Smoove Jones/”Elevator”

    Happy hump day evening, guys and gals! So, let’s take a minute to talk about, like, life and stuff. Sometimes it can be oh, so, much fun. Sometimes it can be oh, so, frustrating. And, well, sometimes, you just want to take out your Gilette Venus and cut a bitch. But either way, it’s all