5 Ways to Prepare Yourself for P!nk’s Wells Fargo Center Domination

So, who’s ready for Ms. P!nk’s Beautiful Trauma tour stop at the Wells Fargo Center tomorrow night? 

That’s like saying she isn’t the baddest bish in the music game. 

Yes, this time tomorrow night, thousands of fans will be tailgating and getting those parties started in anticipation to see just what the fuck P!nk’s going to bring to that beloved WFC stage. And if you throw in this glorious weather that’s headed our way, it’ll make for the perfect Philly music celebration…and we all need to be ready. 

While there are seriously 8,675 ways to prepare for the one-and-only Ms. Alecia Moore, Philly Mixtape has five that’ll no doubt help you get your trapezes spinning in preparation for it all

See you in the parking lot! 

1.Listen to ‘Beautiful Trauma’ on repeat……   Since the acrobatic diva is embarking on the road in support of her fabulous seventh studio album, it’s time to be well versed and ready to sing along with our beloved Bucks County rock pop goddess. Whether on the politically charged lead single, “What About Us” to the acoustic thunder of “Barbies” to the Eminem co-starring “Revenge,” P!nk’s about to bring all of these traumatic tracks (and no doubt…lots of tricks!) front-and-center at the Wells Fargo Center tomorrow night. Ready? 

However, if there’s one track that might hit us all in a soft place, it’s the album’s powerful title anthem. Not only does it come with a red-hot choreo equipped accompanying music video, but…sigh…it can’t help us be like……Channing and Jenna Dewan 4 lyfe

2.Relive everything that “There You Go” has to offer…..   The hair! That sass! The ‘tude! Those moves! It’s always here and so much more in Mizz Moore‘s debut ditty. Sigh, those certainly were the TRL days, weren’t they? Yes..and we’ll forever be grateful for all of it. 

Plus, there’s this classic remix. Now, “There You Go” indeed. 

3.Watch this performance of “Glitter in the Air” over and over again……   There’s Grammy performances and there’s P!nk’s Grammy performances, which should somehow be captured and put in the god damn Smithsonian because they’re fucking legendary. Case in point, this daring and ultimately spectacular, spinning take on Funhouse piano ballad, “Glitter in the Air.” Now, while we don’t know if she’ll transform into a human sprinkler once again a top the Wells Fargo Center tomorrow night (please?), but what we can do is try not to clutch our pearls during what will always be one of the greatest awards show performances of all fucking time. And that certainly isn’t a question…just watch and revel in it all over again. And then…get ready….because she closes out with this one. 

4.Watch this performance of “Lady Marmalade” over and over again….    If we’re really, really good boys and girls, maybe P!nk we’ll give us a heavenly slice of “Marmalade” tomorrow night. But if we’re really, really, really good boys and gurls, maybe Mya, Xtina, Lil’ Kim and Ms. Patti (!!) will join our girl on stage and give it to us like they did on the Grammy stage in 2002 with this performance. Hey, this is P!nk’s hometown territory so anything is possible! But in the meantime….watch. 

5.Figure the last one all on your own…..   Since there’s just too many ways to throw down a proper P!nk party, use your imagination and get it started. Perhaps the choreo from “Most Girls?” Repeat viewings of the LiLo/Paris/Mary Kate/Jessica inspired video for “Stupid Girls?” Anything and everything she put out over her now nearly two-decade career? In a word, yes. Because she’s about to bring it all to us tomorrow night, and all of her Philly phans should no doubt do the same for her. 

Now, who’s ready for P!nk? The entire god damn tri-state area. 

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Rewerk Wednesday/LOSH

So, what’s going to happen when Philly based DJ LOSH takes over NOTO on Saturday night? 

In a word….one of the best f@cking dance parties of the season is about to go down. So, let’s get rewerked and ready for that dance floor. 

Venezuelan born, LOSH (real name….Salomon Muci), got his music start at the age of nine (as it do), and by the time he was sixteen he had already begun making waves on the local DJ scene.  Along the way, he’s not only made a name for himself nationally (and immersed himself in several instruments, including the acoustic guitar), but across the disco globe as well where he’s become beat buds with fellow DJs Robin Schulz, Victor Porfidio, Free and a buffet of several other top beat maestros in the game.

With his mix of hard hitting romps, trance vibes with just a hint of deep house, LOSH‘s explosive catalog (see playlist below) has also been featured all over BeatPort and owning top online dance music blogs like EDMTunes and LaTropical. So, go ahead and have a few rounds with his destructive hits, “Echoes on Tomorrow,” “Make My Body,” “Freedom,” and his latest fire, “One More Chance,” which is the groove you need as we f@#king finally head into those warmer temps. It’s all yes. 

In fact, we need all of it right now, so go support this tremendous local DJ at NOTO this weekend. 

Your general well-being will thank you. Let’s dance. 

And for much more dance music tea w/Nosh, peep this out

Cover photo courtesy of DJ LOSH & Facebook 


Music Tea w/Jukebox the Ghost

With their bombastic mix of polished vocals, swingin’ piano hooks, killer guitar riffs and shiny, happy melodies, Jukebox the Ghost knows exactly what they’re doing when it comes to pleasing their many, many legions of fans. 

Since linking up at George Washington University in 2003, Ben Thornewill (piano/vocals), Tommy Siegel (vocals/guitar) and Jesse Kristin (vocals/drums) have been working dubiously to make sure they stand out not just in the studio, but on the road as well, having performing over 1,000 shows since their formation. 

Throw in stops along the way on Conan O’Brien and David Letterman and what it all comes down to is……these guys have truly only just begun making their shimmering, one-of-a-kind waves. 

Thanks to their feisty, fiery hot-to-headphones new set, Off to the Races (go here…right now), the fine-tuned Jukebox gentlemen will kick off their biggest headlining tour yet, which will see them taking over stages in Phoenix, Orlando, San Diego and Philly, where it all begins tonight at Union Transfer. Yes. 

So, if you’re looking to truly get down with those grooves as we (finally!!) glide into spring, stream their new set and then go see them reel you in tonight… won’t be disappointed. But as you’re looking to to grab those tickets, one-third of this dynamic trio, Mr. Tommy Siegel, stopped by for a spot of piping hot music tea, where he broke mugs about studio time, life on the road and infinite words of wisdom for all of us tryin’ to make in this crazy entertainment world. 

Spill on below and Jukebox the Ghost will see you on the road this spring!

Hey, Tommy! Thanks for taking the time out of your crazy schedule to chat with Philly Mixtape! Kicking things off, how’s the tour prep going so far leading up to tonight’s big opener?  Going great! This record was a fairly elaborate recording process, so we are still figuring out how to execute the tunes live. For one tune, “Colorful” we only realized we needed a mandolin a week ago. So: we’re ironing out the kinks! But so far the new tunes are sounding great and going over great in a live setting.

How have you guys been feeling now that ‘Off to the Races’ is out for the world to get down to? SO excited to get on the road. We haven’t done a full national tour in a couple of years and we are just over the moon to get to do it again.

Spill for everyone a little bit about the recording process of the new set…. Since we’re independent these days, it was a longer recording process than prior records. Most of it was recorded with some friends in NYC, but some of it was also pieced together from home recordings and some sessions in LA.

What can your Philly fans expect from tonight’s big show at Union Transfer?  It’s the first stop of tour, so it’s gonna be fresh as hell for us! Some song debuts, some oldies…Maybe a surprise cover????

What’s on Jukebox the Ghost’s agenda for the rest of the year? More touring!

Sum up the band’s sound in one word……   Hm… fun? We’re generally fun, except when we aren’t! 

One last sip of tea…..what infinite words of wisdom would you give any aspiring musician right now? Ooh… hm… learn to produce your own music! With less and less money coming from music sales, I think artists are at a huge advantage if they can make music cheaply. Recording your own music is empowering as a songwriter and financially sustainable!

And there you have it, kids. For much more with Jukebox the Ghost, get on down right here. 

Cover photo courtesy of Jukebox the Ghost