• Music Tea w/Lydia Night of The Regrettes

    Oh, that dear sweet young age of sixteen.  A time for mall hopping, hoopty driving, learner’s permits and making sure you have enough cheese and crackers for eight people for that gathering (aka keg party) at Mom‘s house. For most of us this was and is currently that life.  But for sixteen year old Lydia

  • Event Spotlight/Drag Your A** to Brunch

    Just when you thought your Sunday Funday brunch life was safe from the local drag shenanigans of Ms. Brittany Lynn and her phierce Philly Drag Mafia family….you betta werk and gird those green eggs and ham because they’re baaaack….and more than ready for you.  And of course, that indeed means you, spring fling queen, so

  • Weekend Entertainment Mixtape

    Happy first weekend of spring, kids! Since we’re hitting that special time of year where it’s a must to own every tank top H&M has to offer as we all forge ahead into checking our outdoor lives while going into full on closet cleaning (please..don’t go back in..and if you’re in..come out, springtime queen) mode