Table Talk w/Shelley Segal

Great company…...Mom’s house……lots of great music…your best friend’s house when their parents were out of town….and of course, the legendary comedy stylings of the one-and-only, Kid-N-Play

Yes, these are all of the delightful (and most nostalgic!!) elements that spring to mind whenever we hear the phrase, House Party.

Isn’t that right, every guy in the ’90s who had the classic Kid haircut? You know you did. 

However, since we all know that history has a fancy way of repeating itself (minus that ‘do), the term house party has actually come quite to reinvented life as of late and can now be reveled in as a rising live music genre that isn’t so much keg stands… it is more an intimate gathering of friends and fam who just want to hang out and vibe along to some really groovy jams.

Plus, there’s snacks involved! See? Just like Mom’s house. 

Tonight, sassy, spunky Aussie diva Shelley Segal (you must go here) are about to take over the spotlight, err, living room at a private house soiree right here in Philly with her dreamy, folk-ed up music vibes (it’s top secret, but Ms. Shelley might have you covered if you click this), but before she takes a seat to wow twenty-to-thirty of her closest friends, she stopped by to spill with Philly Mixtape about her background, why live music is just so damn important in her life and our lives, and also why we ( should ALL be paying attention to the private “house party” scene not just in Philly, but all over because a tremendous talent might be taking over right next door to you…and we all need to be ready. 

But for right now, this tremendous talent is about to spill all of the music tea, so, please, break those live music mugs for the fabulous, Shelley Segal

First, spill for everyone a little bit about your sauce-y musical background…. I grew up in a musical family, so I was surrounded by music from an early age. I used to do my homework at my dad’s band rehearsals. He is a singer and violin player and he had a Jewish function band that would play at weddings, bar-mitzvahs, anniversaries, parties. So, basically my dad was Adam Sandler! I always loved singing – there is a video of me singing Phil Collins’ Gwoovy Kind of Wuv at 2 and half years old. I started writing songs at 11 – the same year I started singing in my Dad’s band. I played piano and guitar and I started performing my original material when I was 15 around venues in my hometown of Melbourne as well as regular cover gigs. Life is good! 

Who are some of your favorite musicians you’ve looked up to for inspiration along your path? My favorite artists growing up were fierce female songwriters like Alanis Morissette and Ani Difranco, Sarah Mclachlan. I also loved rootsy sounds like Ben Harper and I was always most inspired by artists that had something to say. Katie Noonan from Aussie band George. I also loved singers with huge powerful voices like Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston. During college, I got into singing jazz standards at gigs and fell in love with greats –Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone. I was also very inspired by Frank Zappa – another artist with so much to say. Nowadays, I still look to folk artists for my inspiration. Prolific song writers like Mark Kozelek and stunning soundscapes from Tiny Ruins and Brighter Later.
Now, let’s dish about the house party scene in Philly…..many may not know actually know that it’s actually quite alive and thriving. In your own fierce words, how would you best describe it? House parties are really one of the most amazing ways to share music. It’s intimate, audiences are open as are the artists and it’s a very special connection that can be made. You can sit closer than at any venue and hang out with the artists afterwards. My host for this upcoming event has held concerts at his house before so it can become a regular stop on your tour. Folks bring food, take photos, I’ve even had a post gig jam at a house concert before! 
Live music is SUCH a key ingredient in surviving damn life itself. What was the first concert you ever went to and what did it do to help direct your music path? I used to go see live music with my parents from a very young age but the first concert I went to that was for an artist I really wanted to see was when a friend took me to see Jewel. She was all by herself, just singing with her guitar at the Palais Theatre – one of my favorite venues and she absolutely owned the stage. It was powerful to see what was possible in that regard. I love going to see shows and getting lost in the stories and songs. When I hear a good artist it makes me feel like it was exactly what I needed. Sometimes I feel so inspired I have to run outside to record something on my phone because it gives me so many ideas for songs when I hear things done perfectly.

What’s on your agenda for the rest of this year or maybe the next couple of years? This year is absolutely crazy! I am releasing my 6th original project HOLY‘ this month and am currently in the middle of a 25 date US tour! I’ll be traveling soon to London to perform a new anthem that I created for Ex-Muslims. In May, I’ll be doing a West Coast Tour for HOLY, then traveling to Australia to tour the record and see friends and family. I’m also working hard on my patron account – a subscription service where I share new content each week with my subscribers. I’ve also started running group song writing sessions with my fans/subscribers which has been really amazing. I’ll be touring and releasing each year growing bigger! I also want to release more home recordings and activist music such as The Watershed – a conservation EP I’ve written with biologist Dan Lombardo. Lots of cool collaborations coming!
What can Philly fans expect from your upcoming show tonight??! Fans can expect to see an old school folk experience mixed with a rocky edge. Lots of story-telling, acoustic guitars, protest songs that meld into heavier mercurial moments, belting, growling over fast paced strumming. Songs that will challenge you, make you think, express and elicit a love of life and also make you feel beautiful! 
And there you have it, kids. For much more with the fabulous Ms. Shelley Segal, you should absolutely check this out..right now


Are you a local or legendary entertainer who’s simply slaying it in your craft? Well, don’t ever be shy about any of it and take a fabulous seat at the table with Philly Mixtape right here and here and let’s spill about it…all. Sound good? Always. 

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St. Patrick’s Day Weekend Entertainment Groove

Happy St. Patrick’s Day weekend, Philly! Ugh. Here..we…go. 

Pennsylvania Ballet Presents:Giselle/Academy of Music In what will probably be the most stunning local entertainment event of the weekend, join the always enchanting (and very hardworking!) Pennsylvania Ballet as they hop out an incredible serving of elegance and delightful spring like vibes with their latest dazzling production. This is the final weekend of performances, so grab grandma, grandpa, the kids and go see this local dance firestorm now!! (Tonight through this Sunday, March 17th

Gem of the Ocean/Arden Theatre Company Since we’re all about to emerge from our winter cocoons, there’s never been a better time other than right now to go get lost in a powerful stage show…like this one. Famed playwright August Wilson‘s piercing first installment from his American Century Cycle journey sets the tale in 1904 in Pittsburgh’s Hill District where the audience will no doubt get lost in a pearl clutching tale about freedom, justice and redemption. This life rearranging show (it might just make you think about some..stuff, too) is taking over the Arden in Old City from tonight until Sunday, March 31st, so fly away and click for those tickets right here, right now!! 

Meek Mill/The Met  Since you know you’re still living from the Philly rap superstar’s first performance at The Met from last night, you might as well go see him tonight for the double-header. And for those who haven’t grabbed your tickets yet, there’s still might be one left, so check your “Goin’ Bad” live lovin’ self right here for more info, because if there’s anyone out there who can help us all say “thank u, next” to winter in complete live entertainment fashion, it’s certainly Mr. Meek. Let’s party. (Door/630/Show/8 pm

Sing Your Life Karaoke Calling ALL Philly spring fling karaoke kweens, kids, guys and gals…’s time for all of us to belt out the hits for our warm weathered lives…because those days are certainly on the way! Who’s ready?? Everyone. So, now all you have to do is join the most fabulous Sara Sherr (and respect, y’all) and her always jam-packed Sing Your Life Karaoke collection at any…or all…..of these phabulous Philly locations listed below…..and then get ready to sing as if your name is Barbra…it’s not, but try those vocals out anyway….it’s just that simple. Let’s crack some vases. Sun/9-2@Bob & Barbara’s……Tues/9-2@12 Steps Down……Thursday/9-2 @Milkboy Philly South St…Fri/9-1@Southhouse….Saturday/9-145@ Les & Doreen’s Happy Tap

The Eric Jaffe Show/Tavern on Camac  If you’re in the mood to take a break from that sea of green that’s already taken over the city (really, who isn’t..already??) and get down with some purple lovin’ and so much more, St. Patty’s strut it over upstairs to TOC tonight where the always yas-licious Mr. Jaffe will be parading out another serving of his monthly variety show! Also along for the local talent ride will be the talented likes of Jakeya, Dan Callahan, Jeremy Adam, Keely Siblia, and the ultimate bald singing local drag legend her damn self, The Goddess Isis. This is one not to be missed, kids…so, don’t! And as cover! Now, slay. (730 pm

Kiss Me, I’m Irish & Gay/U Bar Calling ALL Gayborhood Daddies, boys, bears, guys, jocks, gals, kids, kweens, otters, cubs, well, you get it without listing all of the food groups…..the time has come…for U Bar’s annual St. Patrick’s Day smooch-stravaganza! Tomorrow, grab your Destiny’s Child worthy clique (be nice and off those apps for 5 minutes, y’all) and Uber it on over to U Bar where you’ll be greeted by plenty o’guys and lots of leprechaun worthy shenanigans to get into including drink specials, free t-shirts (while they last…go early!!) and a big ol’ pot of gold and gay beats served up by DJ Bobon! But perhaps the luckiest part of this glittery St. Patricia’s Day event is that 100 percent of your ticket price (which you can snatch those right here) or going in support of qFLIX Philadelphia, which serves out the region’s only LGBTQ film festival, so you know only big creative things are about to arrive when it takes over the city from March 25th-31st!! So, now that you already have that green-n-gay lewk ready to strut down the St. Patti’s weekend runway like it’s your job, grab those tickets and go. (Sunday/2 pm-5 pm

Also on the lucky local and legendary entertainment bar tops for your St. Patrick’s Day weekend…….

Saturday/March 16th 

Lots of fabulous dancing @Woody’s, X Bar, Tavern on Camac, Voyeur & TABU(Gayborhood, 10 pm)……..DJ Chris Urban @L’Etage(10 pm)……..Yannick Nezet-Seguin@Verizon Hall@Kimmel Center.…..St. Paddy’s Day@Xfinity Live!(2 pm)……..The Hip Abduction@World Cafe Live(10 pm)…….Soul Sonic Spectrum w/DJ Greg Mungan@Johnny Brenda’s(10 pm)……..The Container @Everybody Hits(9 pm)…….Hooked @Dolphin Tavern(10 pm)…..R5 @Union Transfer(8 pm)….The Movielife @The Foundry(830 pm)…..Stella Donnelly @Johnny Brenda’s(9 pm)……Rich People@The Barbary(745 pm)…Party Favor@Premier AC(10 pm)……Sam Feldt@Ocean Resort Casino(10 pm)……..Dada Life@Hard Rock Hotel & Casino AC(10 pm)

Saturday/March 17th 

Showtunes Sunday @ Tavern on Camac(9 pm)…..DJ Chris Urban@Positano Coast(12 pm)………Little Strike@The Trocadero(630 pm)…….March Fun @Plough & The Stars(7 pm)……..Gogol Bordello@Franklin Music Hall(830 pm)…….Colin Lenox&Friends@The Pharmacy(9 pm)…….St. Patty’s Day Brunch@Second Street Irish Society(9 am)…..Kegs & Eggs @Hard Rock Cafe(10 am)…….St. Patrick’s Day Party Vibe @Mirage Lounge(12 pm)……St. Patrick’s Day Block Party @St. Stephen’s Green(10 am)

For many more colorful activities on the dance floor of this thing called life, get all sorts of krunk with Philly Mixtape right here and here.

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Weekday Entertainment Groove

The time is absolutely right now to let our hair down and party like it’s the last full week of local and legendary entertainment events in winter….oh, wait…’tis. 


Pennsylvania Ballet Presents:Giselle/Academy of Music In what will probably be the most stunning and extraordinary show of the week, join the always incredible (and extremely hard-working!) PA Ballet as they hop out an incredible evening of dance and delightful spring like vibes that we can only dream of as March gets its weather business in gear. So, grab the kids, grab everybody…this is one local dance-stravaganza not to be missed if we really want to be in that groundbreaking floral mood…which we most certainly do this time of year. So, go..and may all of us forever and always support local arts..because we must for the future. Now, dance right here for more glorious info on this spectacular Philly show. (through this Sunday, March 17th

Sing Your Life Karaoke Hey, spring fling karaoke kweens and kids….friends and lovers…the time has come….for all of us to belt out the hits for our think spring singin’ lives! All you have to do is join the most fabulous Sara Sherr (and respect, y’all) and her always jam-packed Sing Your Life Karaoke collection at any…or all…..of these phabulous Philly locations listed below…..and then get ready to sing as if your name is Barbra…it’s not, but try those vocals out anyway….it’s just that simple. Let’s crack some vases. Sun/9-2@Bob & Barbara’s……Tues/9-2@12 Steps Down……Thursday/9-2 @Milkboy Philly South St…Fri/9-1@Southhouse….Saturday/9-145@ Les & Doreen’s Happy Tap

Lords of Acid/TLA Yes, the rabid 90s pop culture rumors are true..we’re just a couple of hours away from these legendary rock misfits’ impending takeover of the TLA tonight! So, if you want to rock out for the rest of those tickets right now…..first, grab that trademark Lords of Acid t-shirt from Hot Topic out of your closet(you know you still flaunt it) and then…go. (630 pm

Ella Mai/The Fillmore In just two(!!) English Breakfast tea sipping evenings from tonight, this recent Best New Artist Grammy nominee and sassy, sauce-y UK songstress will be taking over The Fillmore for an evening that’s guaranteed to put the “baby” in your “makin.” So, if you want whatever may be left of those soon-to-be groove-filled tickets to get down with Ms. Ella’s beats, get “Boo’ed Up” with your boo and grab (8 pm

So You Think You’re a Headliner/Franky Bradley’s This hump day evening, join your esteemed hostess (and DJ!!), legendary Gayborhood drag diva Fanci Dismount Stratton, as she serves up a new talent competition showcasing a buffet of talented local entertainers who’ll be dishing out drag, burlesque, live vocalists, Cosplay and lots more! These fierce guys, gals, kids and kweens will not only be judged for their performance abilities, but for their hosting skills as well. It also doesn’t hurt (well, maybe a little) that a fabulous panel of judges including live singing drag superstar, The Goddess Isis, burlesque diva Miss V, and stunning drag artist Aloe Vera will be mentoring along the way, so don’t miss a moment of it! Now, go here for tickets and then…go. (9 pm

Cosmic Gate/NOTO If you’re looking to get a bit spaced out and plugged in as we head into St. Patrick’s Day (really, who isn’t it before those basic Irish crowds arrive..eek!!) weekend, then this amplified event this Thursday night from one of dance music’s most iconic duos is just the explosive show for…all of us. Hit the floor right here for those tickets and also be sure to ice and train those fists because thy will be pumped all night long when it comes to these guys. (10 pm

Tritonal/Disco Fries/Franklin Music Hall While the beats and treats served up at this show won’t be nearly as insane as the ones heaved out from Cosmic Gate the night before, but if you’re looking to pump those fists and build those beats in a more lighter (but just as fun!!) way, waste no time in grabbing that access to dive into the floor of yes life that these two fine-tuned music acts will be dishing out this Friday night. Ready, set, party like it’s almost spring…oh, wait, ’tis. (830 pm

Also for your almost spring local and legendary entertainment pleasure on…..

Monday/March 11th Virtual Swing @Kimmel Center(through March 24th, 12 pm, 5 pm)…….The Gem of the Ocean @Arden Theatre Company(through March 31st) Tigerbeats Indie Dance Party@The Barbary(10 pm)…….Dan Mangan@Johnny Brenda’s(8 pm)……..Irish Quizzo w/JDT@The Bourse Philly(6 pm)……Girl Germs@Johnny Brenda’s Downstairs(8 pm)

Tuesday/March 12th Trippie Redd@TLA(almost sold out!, 8 pm)…….Acid Bird w/DJ Rory Connell@Johnny Brenda’s(8 pm)……Last Minute Comedy Showcase @Silk City Diner & Lounge(830 pm)……..Drag Bingo@Southhouse(8 pm)…….Smallpools@Union Transfer(830 pm)……Mother Mother@The Foundry(8 pm)……West Philadelphia Orchestra@Franky Bradley’s(9 pm)…….

Wednesday/March 13th Garrick Ohlsson@Perelman Theater(730 pm)…….Songbird Opening Night@L’Etage(8 pm)………..Hump Day Hoe Down@Tavern on Camac(8 pm)…..We Three@World Cafe Live(8 pm)…….L……Reignforest@The Barbary(10 pm)…..Yoke Lore@The Foundry(8 pm)……A Fragile Tomorrow@Bourbon & Branch(7 pm) 

Thursday/March 14th  Martha Graham Cracker in Lashed But Not Leashed @SEI Innovation Studio(sold out, 8 pm)…….Whiskey Myers@TLA(8 pm)……..Masked Intruder@The Foundry(8 pm)……..Mark Morton@Underground Arts(830 pm)……..Andy Frasco&The U.N.@Johnny Brenda’s(830 pm)…….Rabbits to Riches@Boot&Saddle(7 pm)……..Jersey Corn Pickers@Kung Fu Necktie(8 pm)…….Mary Ann Redmond@South Jazz Club(9 pm)…..The 21Soul Sessions@World Cafe Live(7 pm)…….RuPaul’s Drag Race Viewing Party w/Eric Jaffe@Destination Dogs(8 pm)…….AS If Presents Whatevs@TABU(10 pm)…….DJ Chris Wilson@Johnny Brenda’s(8 pm).

Friday/March 15th  Philly Drag Wars (upstairs) followed by DJ KRK‘s Underground downstairs@Voyeur(730 pm, 10 pm)………Teenage Fanclub@Union Transfer(730 pm)………Shaun Frank@Franklin Music Hall(730 pm)……..All That ’90s Party @Voltage Lounge(930 pm)……….foxtrot/the get down@Milkboy Philly(830 pm)……..PENTHAUS@TABU(10 pm)……..Moneybagg Yo @TLA(8 pm)………Chantate Cann @South Jazz Club(7 pm)……Secret Dance Party@Connie’s Ric Rac(10 pm)……Joe Grushecky@World Cafe Live(8 pm)………DJ Rocdaspot@Johnny Brenda’s(10 pm)…….Miami Vice Tropical Night@The Barbary(10 pm) 

To think spring grooves along with Philly Mixtape, shimmy, shimmy right here and here 

Cover photo courtesy of Philadelphia Magazine