5 Reasons Why We Could All Use (A Little) More Kylie Minogue in Our Lives

If you’ve noticed that the fabulous people in your life are feelin’ a bit more fierce and yaaaas this weekend, it’s because Aussie pop disco diva Kylie Minogue just released her country-kissed fourteenth studio album, Golden, yesterday (tap here) to the delight of headphones all across the globe. 

Well, almost all of them.

Because you see when it comes to the exceptional four-decade career of Ms. Kylie, it’s a tricky one.

As much as she’s regarded across the shimmering as a true disco queen, a legend, an unstoppable force that’s owned every music chart she’s danced and pranced on…..


Well, not so much.

With the exception of a pair of breakthrough Billboard Hot 100 singles (we’ll get to them…calm down, kween) and straight ownership of the Billboard dance charts, the mainstream music market hasn’t been so kind to the iconic groove-filled goddess.

And dare we say…she’s a tad bit underrated over here? Yes, it’s very pearl clutching.

But not to worry, because we now get to revel in all things Mizz Minogue and convince not just those who aren’t on board her caboose, but to those who’ve stepped into her world in the late ’80s and have remained there ever since.

Because at the end of the day, we could all use a little more Kylie Minogue in our everyday lives…and here’s 5 reasons why. 

So, let’s do it and then…let’s dance. 

1.That angelic voice…..Whether on a synth-fully delicious banger (“Get Outta My Way,” “Into the Blue”), punch-y disco romp (“Million Miles,” “Sexy Love), bedroom ready beat (“Fever,” “Sexercize”), classic club anthem (“Your Disco Needs You,” “On A Night Like This”)  or reinvented dance craze (“The Locomotion”), Kylie has a voice that’ll just simply give it to ya and make you lose-it-in-the-music in the most delightful way possible.

On or off the dance floor, of course. 

Although her vocals may not be as brass as Madonna’s or a powerhouse like Adele’s, it’s one that will forever remain purr-fect for those days when you’re feeling happy, sad, feisty, a lil’ kinky, or for when you’re just plain…spinning around. 

2.Because you still do “The Loco-motion” and you still can’t get “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” out of your head…..    Speaking of Kylie’s timeless ’80s floor filler…..admit it…you still do it, Mom and everyone else.

And when it comes to the oh, so ooo-ey, goo-ey goodness of Kylie’s early ’00s breakthrough beat? Well, the title speaks for itself because we still fucking can’t get it out of our heads. But then again, why would we want to? Even almost two decades later, the Cathy Dennis (!!) penned tune still plays out as tempting and delish as the day it was rightfully served into our Minogue music hearts. Respect a little more, please. 

3.All of those delicious videos…..  From the delightful free-flowing love on display in “All the Lovers” to the simply stunning choreo (and those red boots!) in “Get Outta My Way,” from the girl-on-girl-on-girl realness  in “Sexercize” to that white outfit in “Can’t Get You Out of My Head.” It’s all here and so, so, so much more in Kylie’s klassic music video vault.  And of course, we just cant’t leave out……any and every look from her late ’80s/early ’90s contributions. Priceless...and they all deserve your attention right….now. 

4.She’s a survivor……    Perhaps the Fever diva’s (go here) biggest feat came in 2007 when she kicked breast cancer’s ass after being diagnosed two years earlier. Although the iconic disco ball destroyer was on a world tour while she received her diagnosis, like a true tour-de-force, she kept on and underwent treatment while on the road.

Although her touring schedule was scaled back a bit, there was no stopping her recovery–and making sure her fans knew she was going to fight this fucking disease. And then it happened….in early 2007, the world rejoiced when it was announced that she was in remission, and soon came her tenth studio album, the dark and daring, X.

Although critics were a bit shady as to why there weren’t more tracks about her cancer battle, but hey, it’s Kylie’s fucking business, right? X not only proved that she didn’t miss a beat while fighting her fight, but that she won the battle and her grooves will go on forever and ever.

Werk, Ms. Minogue, werk. 

5.She’s a fucking legend……  Listen, whether you’re completely obsessed with everything she does, somewhere in the middle, or have no idea who the fuck she even is(let us pray for your music soul..), there’s simply no denying that this pop disco diva is a true legend.

Throw in that undeniable fighting spirit and the fact that she continues the slay for all of us (and will most likely do so long after we’re gone) there’s no better time to bow down and rightfully insert a little more Kylie Minogue into your everyday life. 

So, do it…like now. 


Forgot About Friday/Iggy Azalea

When it comes to the once thriving music career (just in case you forgot) of one Ms. I-G-G-Y Azalea……where, oh, where the f@ck do we begin? 



That pesky lil’ social media feud with Brit Brit? #youwantapieceofme 

Rita Ora? Who? 

Now, first things first, this isn’t to say that  J.Lo’s “Booty” bestie isn’t still doing her music thing (play last year’s “Switch,” like now), but the days when Ziggy Iggs ruled the music earth have now been seemingly swept waaaaay back into the latter portion of our 2014/most-of-2015 minds.

So, let’s bring them back, shall we?

Yaaas, “Pretty Girls” kween.

Born and raised in Australia as Amethyst Amelia Kelly, Mizz Azalea migrated to the U.S. at the young age of sixteen. The “Mo Bounce” beauty headed straight for Miami to pursue her dreams of spittin’ her, um, one-of-a-kind rhymes in the studio…..but it certainly wasn’t easy along the way. When she first arrived on the scene in the early 2010s, Igs was met with loads of criticism, mostly towards her ability to truly be taken seriously as a rap artist.

However things all changed when a trap-tastic mixtape called Ignorant Art hit headphones across the country and its lead single, “Pu$$y” quickly blew up on YouTube and was quite simply…in ya f$$king face. While gettin’ her groove on in the music scene, the future “Black Widow” temptress also put her feisty stilettos on the runway and in the spring of 2012, she was signed to Wilhelmina Models International and pursued modeling full-time. It was there that she landed a job as the “New Face of Levi’s Jeans.” Yes, it’s true. 

Oh, and did we mention she just began dating A$AP Rocky during this time? There’s that whole thing.

Oh, and hey, T.I… know

Later that year, the name Iggy Azalea truly got some “who dat” recognition when XXL Magazine put her on the cover of its annual Top Ten Freshman issue right next to Roscoe Dash and French Montana. As the first female, non-American rapper to make the list, serious hip-hop fans like Diplo took notice (and haters did as well, naturally) and soon lent his talents to Ariana’s “Problem” co-star and helped her out on the equally successful follow-up Iggy MixtapeTrapGold.

Now, with two successful Mixtapes under her heels (and one kick-ass collabo, “Beat Down” with Steve Aoki), it was now time to serve out that single. And while her freshman record, Reclassified, err, The New Classic‘s first few singles, “Work,” “Change Ya Life” and “Bounce” served out moderate steam for the set, there was one track that plain and simple took it to the next level…..and it took over our fucking lives. 

Yes…picture it…the spring of 2014.

A song called “Fancy” with its Clueless inspired video, krunk-a-fucking-licious beat, and killer hook provided by Ms. Charli XCX owned anything and everything around us…..and spent seven weeks on top of the Billboard Hot 100. If that wasn’t enough (it truly wasn’t), Ms. name-in-bold was also co-starring with Ari on “Problem” right around the same time, which soon put that track at number two right behind “Fancy.” And if you throw in “Black Widow” (hey, Rita) a few months later, Azalea became the only female in Billboard chart history to have three singles in the top 10 at the same time. Like, that’s some fucking shit, gurl. 

But then it wasn’t. 

While Azalea kept the heat up in early 2015 by pairing up with J.Lo, Demi Lovato, Jennifer Hudson and MØ, too…..a little ditty named “Pretty Girls” with the legendary Ms. Britney Spears came along and well, you know. One part, make that, all parts a rehash of “Fancy,” the song and its Earth Girls Are Easy inspired video didn’t do any of the gals justice on the charts…or with each other. Maybe it was that thing that Iggy said about why the song didn’t fare better on the charts? Eek! While we won’t rehash the drama here, you can relive the “Pretty” mess for yourself right here. 

Or wait, maybe it wasn”t such a great track to begin with? Yes, that’s it! Sigh…

Unfortunately, the rest of 2015 didn’t fare so well for Ms. Azalea as there was that canceled concert tour, eventually scrapped second album (which is now rumored to be called Surviving the Summer and is looking to finally be released later this year), loads of record label drama and of course, all of those other feuds.

Isn’t that right, Mizz Banks? 

But whatever the music case may be, this isn’t a time to figure out just what the fuck happened or blame Cardi B, it’s a time to rejoice in–and never forget–the not-so-long ago music ride of Ms Iggy Azalea

Because it truly was just so fucking “Fancy” wasn’t it?  

May we never forget. Keep on, boo, keep on…..








Weekend Entertainment Groove

Hey, weekend. 

Let’s do it. 

Sing Your Life Karaoke Now, what could be better to celebrate spring (maybe it’ll be here someday like Mariah…) than belting out your favorite tune? Absolutely nothing. So, join Sing Your Life Karaoke goddess Sara Sherr all weekend (and week!) at any one of these fabulous Philly locations listed below and sing your little heart out. Sun/9-2 Bob and Barbara’s, 1509 South Street Tues/9-2 12 Steps Down, 9th and Christian Thurs/9-2 Milkboy South Street/401 South St. Fri/9-1 Southhouse, 2535 S. 13th St. Saturday/9-1:45 Les & Doreen’s Happy Tap,1301 E Susquehanna Ave

Capitol Steps:Orange is the New Barack With songs like “Hey, Mr. Tangerine Man” and “Oops, I Tweeted Again,” you know exactly what you’re in for when you go see this nationally critically acclaimed comedy troupe get all political and stuff at the Academy of Music this weekend. And yes, the White House approves. Tonight&tomorrow/Perelman Theater/various prices & showtimes/300 S. Broad St.

Noises Off! A critically acclaimed show about a dress rehearsal gone awry, this Broadway darling has strutted into Philly for a fabulous spring run! But since this is the one that everyone will be buzzing about as we hop along with spring, get those good seats now and find out why The New York Times hails Noises Off! as a show that “voyages to the outer limits of hilarity!” Go right here for much more fabulous info now!! Tonight through April 29th/Walnut Street Theatre/825 Walnut St.

James Bay Because all of that voice and all of that heartbreak equals…bliss.  Tonight/TLA/8 pm/334 South St. 

Cabaret Sauvignon  With the ultra-talented and always yaaas Philly drag diva Lili St. Queer at the helm of this brand spankin’ new event, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t sashay over to Franky Bradley’s tonight to watch it all, um, go down. Get ready as Ms. Lili bravely takes on an entire cabaret show……by her damn self. However, chances are she’ll slay it and be a big ol’ sexy mess by the end, but of course, it’s all while she amazes the absolute shit out of you. Don’t miss it, kween!  Tonight/7 pm/Franky Bradley’s/1320 Chancellor St.

Bearlesque presents Sex Sells Because it does and because you should absolutely go see what Philadelphia’s reigning Bearlesque troupe is up to–or taking off–these days. You won’t be disappointed. Tonight/9 pm/Tabu Lounge & Sports Bar/200 South 12th St/No cover 

Jerry Seinfeld  Yes, that Jerry Seinfeld is taking over the City of Brotherly Love this weekend. There still may be one or two tickets left, so grab them right here if you can. Wonder what he’ll be dishing about…chances are...all of it.  Get tix here.  Saturday/Kimmel Center for Performing Arts/1420 Locust St. 

Ja Rule/Method Man  No, you’re not hallucinating. Okay, maybe a little. So, pass it to the left, to the left and get those tickets. Oh, and “Livin’ it Up” and “Breakups 2 Makeups” 4 lyfe. Saturday/Electric Factory/730 pm/421 N. 7th St. 

Sex Dwarf has The Cure Because there ain’t no party like a Sex Dwarf party ’cause the Sex Dwarf party don’t stop…….especially when it’s DJ Robert Drake on the front lines serving up the cure for it all as we celebrate legendary Cure front man Robert Smith’s 59th birthday! Prepare to fall in love all over again and then get ready dance the night away at Club Mousai tomorrow night. Saturday/10 pm/Club Mousai/1227 Walnut St. 

DJ Mike Shaffer Since we must always respect and support the DJ, head out this Sunday night to show your love to the incredible Mike Shaffer as he makes his dashing debut at Concourse Dance Bar! Oh, yes, there’s going to be lots and lots of tasty grooves involved, too. Now, there’s nothing left to do but..go.  Sunday/9 pm/Concourse Dance Bar/1635 Market St. 

“Not Your Basic” Brunch 2 Year Anniversary! It’s baaaaaack! Plus, all of the ping pongin’ fun and truckloads of bubbly you won’t be able to handle come Monday morning. So, dress up in your fiercest gear and get ready to celebrate the terrible twos in complete Philly Sunday Phunday style! By gettin’ a lil’ krunk, of course. Sunday/SPiN Philadelphia/2pm-8pm/211 South 15th St. 

For your dancin’ and prancin’ pleasure this weekend……..the legendary Paul Oakenfold will be destroying NOTO tonight (10 pm/1209 Vine St.) with what’s sure to be an electrifying set……..there’s also……DJ Chris Urban @Everywhere(Friday/10 pm/Franky Bradley’s/1320 Chancellor St./Saturday/L’Etage/10 pm/624 S. 6th St./Sunday/Positano Coast 12pm-4pm212 Walnut St.) lots of fabulous dancing @Woody’s (Friday&Saturday/10 pm/202 S. 13th St.)………DJ Jimmy DePre @Tavern on Camac (Friday & Saturday/10 pm/243 S. Camac St.)………….Claptone @Coda(Friday/11 pm/1712 Walnut St.)…………Tigerlily @Premier AC(7 pm/1 Borgata Way)………..DJ Flufftronix @Time Philadelphia (Friday/10 pm/1315 Sansom St.)………..DJs Mohammed & Luke @Time Philadelphia (Saturday/10 pm/1315 Sansom St.)…………….Cedric Gervais @Premier AC(Saturday/10 pm/1 Borgata Way)……….Chachi @Haven Nightclub (Saturday/10 pm/1 Castle Blvd.)………….Nathan Scott@NOTO (Saturday/10 pm/1209 Vine St.) 

Also on the local and legendary entertainment decks for your Friday……….

Game of Thrones Quizzo @Tabu Lounge & Sports Bar Brit Floyd @Kimmel Center(sold out!)……………So Far Gone @The Fillmore (9 pm/29 East Allen St.)…………EDEN @ Union Transfer(8 pm/1024 Spring Garden St.)……….Rit Mo Collective @Time Philadelphia (10 pm/1315 Sansom St.)…………….Sizzla@ElectricFactory(9 pm/421 N. 7th St.)……………Fozzy @The Foundry(730 pm/1000 Frankford Ave)………..Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds@World Cafe Live(830 pm/3025 Walnut St.)…………The Weather Station @Johnny Brenda’s(9 pm/1201 Frankford Ave)…………….L.A. Salami@Boot & Saddle(830 pm/1131 S. Broad St.)………….Liz Bills @The Barbary(8 pm/951 Frankford Ave) 


Yo La Tengo @Union Transfer (sold out!)………….Khruangbin@Underground Arts(9 pm/1200 Callowhill St.)…………..Anderson East@TLA(9 pm/334 South St.)…………Hop Along @Johnny Brenda’s (915 pm, 1201 Frankford Ave)………….Cub Sport @The Foundry(9 pm/1000 Frankford Ave)………..Mike Stern @South(8 pm/600 N. Broad St.)…………..Bonny Doon@Boot & Saddle(830 pm/1131 S. Broad St.)………Tetra @Ortlieb’s (8 pm/847 N. 3rd St.)……….Adam Travis and The Soul @Bourbon & Branch(8 pm/705 N. 2nd St.).


Black Lips @Union Transfer(830 pm/1024 Spring Garden St.)…………..Moneybagg Yo @The Foundry (sold out!)……….The Lawrence Arms @TLA(8 pm/334 South St.)…….Sinful Sundays w/The Godess Isis @Tabu Lounge & Sports Bar (10 pm/200 South 12th St.)……..Showtunes Sundays @Tavern on Camac(9 pm/243 S. Camac St.)………Dirkschneider@The Trocadero(730 pm/1003 Arch St.)………Prince Jay @Voltage Lounge (8 pm/421 N. 7th St.)…………crookedcoast@The Fire(8 pm/412 W. Girard Ave)……….Gibbous Moon @Connie’s Ric Rac(4 pm/1132 South 9th St.)…….

Cover photo courtesy of Pinterest