10 Classic Mandy Moore Singles

Kicking things off with a bit of TRL truth, we all know how it went back in the Carson Daly day…Godney, Xtina, Jessica SimpsonMandy Moore

However, looking at how Ms. Simpson is still stuck in the Macy’s shoe department (although they are quite fabulous) and Ms. X decided to continue her “career” on The Voice, it’s safe to say that Ms. Moore is now a runner-up to the legendary Ms. Spears..and it’s about god damn time. 

Of course, the “Candy” coated girlfriend has rightfully earned that spot with her solid wig snatching portrayal as “The Mom” on the NBC ratings blockbuster/life destroying show, This Is Us, in which coincidentally sales for Kleenex have gone way up because this show will make you feel all kinds of it

So, while we patiently clutch our pearls in anticipation for next Tuesday’s episode, let’s celebrate Ms. Moore’s well deserved time to shine in the spotlight by remembering all of those singles that became her path to own all of Us and the world. 

“Candy” Let the games begin with a fond remembrance of all of those Abercrombie & Fitch outfits and one shiny lime green VW Bug that you know you wanted to cruise around in and pick up boys with Mandy…and most likely still do. 

“Walk Me Home”  The first of two offerings from the 2000 dance flick, Center Stage. If you don’t remember the movie, this video will definitely jog your ballet’ lovin’ memory. 

“So Real”  Like, it’s just so real we can’t f#$king take it. Oh, wait, yes we can because those late ’90s teeny boppers synths still own our lives. 

“I Wanna Be With You”  Sigh…just went you thought it was safe to put down the Kleenex..

“In My Pocket” One of the most delicious and most underrated tracks to ever hit radio airwaves. And no no, Ms. Hathaway, that certainly wasn’t a question. 

“Cry” You might as well grab that second box of Kleenex and press play on A Walk to Remember because…life. 

“Crush” When it comes to this light and frothy tune, we’ll meet Ms. Moore by the water fountain after study hall any day of the week. 

“I Could Break Your Heart Any Day of the Week” Her name is Amanda Leigh and she’s coming to break your heart into a million tiny pieces…and you’ll indeed love every single moment of it. 

This…. No explanation needed. 



20 Tracks You Should Get Down to Before 2016 Ends

Okay, let’s talk about 2016, shall we? 

Now, that that’s over with, let’s spill about that dear sweet music and how it kept us all from going all Britney-in’07 this year.  

Well, most of us.

By the way, Brit Brit is on this list as well as delicious offerings from Demi Lovato, The Knocks, JoJo, Miguel Migs, Lisa Shaw, Lion Babe and a handful of other fabulous music artists who’ve got tracks you should absolutely get down to right about…now. 


Demi Lovato/”Body Say”  Without a doubt, the best pop song the former Camp Rock diva has ever recorded…and of the year. It’s too bad she, like, quit the biz. Those high notes from “Heart Attack” must have put her over the edge. 

The Knocks/”Dreaming”/”The Feeling” Although this pair of gummy grooves by NYC’s The Knocks came out a few years back, they’re still delightful as ever and will get you more than ready for when the gentlemen take over The Foundry on March 4th. 

JoJo/”Honest” That ’90s flavored beat, though. Prepare to vogue and serve….for your life. You’ve been warned, queen. 

Gwen Stefani/”Send Me A Picture” Because who wouldn’t want to fantasize about sexting Blake Shelton. Oh, Ms Stefani…you lucky bish. 

Skizzy Mars/JoJo/”Recognize” Go on, Ms. JoJo, for being the only music artist to be up on this list twice. And once you dive in and recognize, you’ll certainly understand why. 

Rihanna/”Kiss it Better” The best sex jam of 2016. Bedroom door locked. 

Britney Spears/”Just Luv Me” Just….listen. 

Rationale/”Something for Nothing”  These guitars mixed with those blinding synths mixed with that pop hook equals…sigh…

Pascal Junior/”Overdose” What happens when you take elements of Ciara’s irresistible (and oh, so highly underrated) pop groove and mix it with a lil’ deep house action? You get…this. 

Mya/”Elevator”  Looking to keep straight up elevatin’ all life long? Play this Mya groove on repeat. And yes, she’s still around. 

Miguel Migs/Lisa Shaw/”I Can See It” Because you can never, ever, ever go wrong with a deeply layered Miguel Migs/Ms. Shaw collaboration. Ever. 

Lion Babe/”Jump Hi”  For those of you planning to join the gym for that first week in January, this track’s for you. It might even get you going for the whole entire year. 

Chairlift/Moth to the Flame Another one of the best pop singles of the year is right here. And no, no, that certainly wasn’t a question. 

Nite Funk/”Let Me Be Me”  This delicious deep house groove is guaranteed to hit that music “G” spot in all of the right places. Just turn it up and..enjoy. 

Zayn/”She” Go on, Mr. Malik, and your shirtless album cover, too.

Drake/Rihanna/”Too Good”  Because another red-hot collaboration between Dreezy and RiRi always deserves another listen. 

Conrad Sewell/’Who You Lovin'” One of the biggest pop songs of the year….that nobody cared about. 

A Tribe Called Quest/”The Donald” Pure early ’90s/futuristic political music truth.

Zendaya/Chris Brown/”Something New” That classic TLC “Creep” sample, though…ooh. 


10 Summer Olympics Entertainment Moments We’ll Never Forget

The Summer Olympics always contain many elements –extraordinary opening and closing ceremonies, incredible athleticism, tight speedos, stunning synchronized werk and ways for us to figure out just what the f#$k champion swimmer Ryan Lochte is talking about. 

One thing the “Greatest Sports Show on Earth” is also never short on is a supply of Gold Medal worthy entertainment spectacles, and we’ve gotten served like Venus and Serena from the dazzling (sigh..Whitney) to the “wtf?”(Ms. Bjork) to the Fierce Five (Phillip Phillips) to the legendary…that moment when Spice Girls slayed the closing ceremony of the 2012 games in London. 

They’re all here and so much more (hey, Celine), so with all puns and analogies intended, dive into the Summer Olympics entertainment pool like Michael Phelps (that face!), because a new batch of incredible moments are well underway from Rio….and we all need to prepare ourselves to make room 

Plus, who doesn’t want to relive that glorious Spice Girls moment in Olympics time? Well, maybe Posh. 

John Williams/”Olympic Fanfare” Perhaps the most well-known soaring sonnet on the list, Mr. Williams’ Grammy Award winning instrumental is thar tune that get all of us more than ready for the next two weeks of our summer Olympics lives. Plus, we’ll no doubt hear it during every…single…commercial break in Rio….that’s a Gold medal guarantee. Get ready. 

Katy Perry/”Rise” Although Ms. Perry’s powerful anthem for this year’s games (and last week’s DNC) takes a few listens to grow on you (no Orlando Bloom pun intended, I swear), once its intertwined with this inspirational video that showcases more Olympic athletes than your box of Wheaties can handle, you’ll be striving for the Gold in no time at all. 

Phillip Phillips/”Home”/London 2012 While season eleven American Idol winner Mr. Phillips’ acoustic driven ballad wasn’t supposed to be involved with the games that year, that all changed once it became the anthem for the U.S. Women’s Gymnastics Team that year-or as we liked to call them, The Fierce Five. If you’ll remember, the limber ladies took home pretty much every medal they rightfully could in 2012, and this inspiring tune certainly helped get them there.

Madonna/”This Used to be My Playground”/Barcelona 1992 Although Madge’s Shep Pettibone produced ballad (that piano though..) served as the theme song to the box office hit A League of Their Own that same summer, it also appeared on the Olympics inspired compilation Barcelona Gold (admit it, you know you still have the tape), which is also home to such early ’90s gems such as Freddy Mercury’s “Barcelona,” En Vogue’s “Free Your Mind,” Eric Clapton’s “Wonderful Tonight” and many, many more classics from the beautifully bizarre decade. 

While any of the aforementioned tracks could have made this list, “Playground” is special for the fact that besides an appearance in this compilation as well as the Material Girl’s Something to Remember ballads collection, she’s never shown it any love since then, which makes it that much more simple and quite frankly one of the most underrated tracks of her career. Pass the recess memories, please. 

Spice Girls/2012 London Closing Ceremony That moment when the Spice Girls owned our lives in London by performing a stand out medley of all of their biggest hits…complete with bedazzled Mini Coopers and all. It’s no wonder that we’re still living that zig-a-zig-ah life two decades later…whatever it means. Do you know? Really, who cares, especially when it comes to this performance.

Bjork/”Oceania”/Athens 2004 Just shhhhh and relive what a gloriously weird performance this truly was and always will be…that is imply all. 

Celine Dion/”The Power of the Dream”/Atlanta 1996 Whether you prefer the legendary diva slaying this incredible number during the opening ceremony or the version that three-hundred adorable children took on during the closing spectacle, either way, what chest pounding bliss. Go on, Ms. Celine. 

Liu Hahn/Sarah Brightman/”You and Me”/Beijing 2008 While the world might not have been aware of the extraordinary talents of Chinese singer Hahn and English Breakfast tea sipping soprano Ms. Brightman, they certainly became quickly aware once the delightful duo took the helm for this earth shattering number while being backed by a booming choir. And with lyrics, “Come on my friend, give me your hand. You and me, from one world, we are family,” it’s relevance still boldly shines through in these crazy times we live in today. Chills. 

Survivor/”Eye of the Tiger” Okay, so while Survivor’s classic ’80s fire might not have been featured in any of the games (it was in Rocky 3, so that counts, right?), you just have to wonder how many U.S. athletes will be listening to it before they go for the Gold. We like to think…all of them. 

Whitney Houston/”One Moment in Time” Sigh….and a big ol’ double sigh once you revel in the dearly departed Ms. Houston’s live take on the greatest Olympics song ever recorded (no, no, that wasn’t a question) at a special event for her former mentor, Clive Davis. She’ll take all of the Gold medals…right now, please.